Me and Ojou-sama


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Kotono, the only daughter of Harukawa Group, lost her sight at the age of nine years old because of an accident. Even though a peerless beauty, she who was also really selfish and strange had Nukui Sasuke, a sole classmate who she opened up to and was appointed as her servant as she ruled over his life. Eight years later. Sasuke who was aroused by Kotono beautifully grown-up body was somehow able to preserve his reasoning by masturbating on her bed.

But Kotono who hid in the closet finds it out and made him confesses what he did. Then she heartlessly ordered Sasuke.「Do what you did in front of me, and make it easy for me to understand」. Super high-spec, selfish, and tsundere Ojou-sama and actually closet ‘S’ servant, pure love story.

Associated Names
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Geboku no Ore ga Moumoku no Chou Wagamama Ojousama no Seidorei na ken
The Servant Me Who Became the Super Selfish Blind Ojou-sama's Sex Slave
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02/04/17 Poor Man translations v1c3
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Aisyl rated it
August 2, 2017
Status: c89
Quite the sweet story IMO. The focus is on the MC and the blind girl. It's kind of funny how things develop though like how the girl made him read his stash of 'collections'. Most of the chapters are told from the MC's point of view. Story introduces some themes like divorce, cheating etc on his friends' side but not that developed.

There's another love interest but she had no chance from the beginning, but there's a what if story at the end

As said story is mostly about the two although the ending was rather abrupt I think, a 10 year jump and some comments on what happened during those years.
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OneEyedLich rated it
January 26, 2017
Status: c2
Too bad the translator dropped it : (

The story is scary, yet so adorable lol

Male MC is à normal boy who happen to sit at the side of the female MC when they were in elementary school. She is associable, but she seems to be attracted to him.. Hurhur
... more>>

She at first say she forgot her books to be near him. Then, for multiple days, she says she didn't brought her pencils so she borrows them from the MC. At the school trip, she holds the hands of our MC, since he's the only one Who she interracts with. She then say

「If you try to hold hands with another girl other than me then I’ll murder you Zaske-kun」



By the way, MC feels half bad and half good to be in this situation with her. <<less
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