Mawaru Gakuen, Senpai to Boku: Simple Life


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This is a romantic comedy and sometimes serious school life of Nachi (1st grade), a new student with a cute face but a reckless streak, and Tsukasa (3rd grade), a senior who is rumored to be the most beautiful girl in school.
 Nachi is constantly being pushed around by the senior he admires. In fact, Tsukasa is extremely jealous. It’s not easy to be around these two.

Associated Names
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Mawaru Gakuen to, Senpai to Boku: Simple Life
廻る学園と、先輩と僕 Simple Life
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
04/14/22 Impatient MTL Reader v4c1 part3
03/04/22 Impatient MTL Reader v4c1 part2
01/20/22 Impatient MTL Reader v4c1 part1
12/27/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c5 part3
11/04/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c5 part2
10/17/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c5 part1
09/22/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c4 part3
09/19/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c4 part2
08/17/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c4 part1
08/12/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3 ss 5
08/06/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c3 part3
07/30/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3 ss 4
07/28/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3 ss 3
07/07/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c3 part2
07/05/21 Impatient MTL Reader v3c3 part1
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EUGA rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: c10
Ehhh tbh it’s your generic beta whimp MC. Like idk for once can we get a romance with a male MC where the MC and every other guy isn’t a dog in heat all lusting after 1 girl. I read the reviews and ppl said he’s not a beta lmao that’s a lie. When the whole school is basically bowing at this chicks feet he’s just like gasp an angel im a simp senpai step on me!!!

and then for the translation well it’s mtl so it’s soso. But the author... more>> sucks it’s like he thinks it’s a manga so none of the conversations are complete sentences and inner thoughts don’t match a single action the MC takes so he comes off as not only a narcissistic hypocrite, but also a coward. And sure he might fight some bully’s. But if you are incapable of correcting a female when she is clearly in the wrong or acting a fool then your a coward afraid of v*gina.

every time I see this stuff I wonder how Japan had any children in these days and age. I mean why in novels with female MCs are the male MCs usually badasses with this dgaf attitude. It clearly shows that for their society at least women want strong opinionated men not weak willed pushovers. But then it’s like all the men just want to do is well idk because the most common theme of Japan novels with male MCs these days is I want to sit on my ass all day and do nothing at all which is cancerous way of thinking.

all in all its reallly not worth the read <<less
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Namaewa_ARV rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: V4
The story talks about a popular senior girl and a reckless junior boy, and their interactions. I have high hopes for this story as it is slow progressing one with proper buildups.
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Gladiator02 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: V3c1
It's really good. It kinda avoids most of the cliches we usually dislike.

Progress isn't slow.

Male lead isn't really dull. The more author introduces his past and his personality you like him more.

Side characters are not boring
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Z3Z rated it
July 19, 2023
Status: v2c1
Well for the starter, it's quite good because the MC is not a mainstream "gloomy anti social introvert". Besides that, the MC is a extrovert, he can interact with many person regardless of their gender and looks. He's also quite popular around the school. For the fMC, I don't have any comment for her since I didn't read so much. Overall it's good because I already sick of introvert anti social MC that so many LN had. (Sorry if my english is bad)
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