Matsurika Kanriden


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Matsurika, a female officer in the Inner Palace, had a little special skill, and that was “a better memory” than others. One day, she accepted a request to become a practice partner for a marriage meeting of a certain son of a distinguished family.
However, the one who appeared was the Emperor, Hakuyou, who wanted to try having a marriage meeting?! And interested in Matsurika’s special skill, Hakuyou even said, “For now, go and pass the civil exam”…?!
A Chinese-style Cinderella story between an emperor and a girl!

Associated Names
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The Legend of Bureaucrat Matsurika
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Date Group Release
05/31/19 Blanca’s Blogging... v1c1 part3
05/18/19 Blanca’s Blogging... v1c1 part2
05/01/19 Blanca’s Blogging... v1c1 part1
04/25/19 Blanca’s Blogging... v1 prologue
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