Master of Untold Daos


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Follow Chen Ming as he accepts disciples, establishes a sect, and fights his way in a world that deems him as cannon fodder.

He goes against any common sense using his wits and novel know-how to finish missions and arm himself against his cruel fate.

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hawlol rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c33
Too random and fast paced. The Author doesn't know if this is a comedy/parody or a standard action xuanhuan.

A guy transmigrates into a cultivation novel as a mob and it's trying to become the MC's master to protect his own ass. The beginning was funny and I loved it. He mocks the cliches while taking advantage of them to remove his death flags.

It would be an amazing novel it kept following this formula. A dumb but funny comedy about xuanhuan. Yet, the real MC suddenly turns into a General/God of... more>> War and kills a hundred thousand soldiers in a war. He's in the sect, suddenly assassins, suddenly again he has 30 thousands troops and boom, large scale war. It's a serious and gory war that doesn't has a drop of comedy and I got myself thinking I was reading another novel entirely. Then he comes back to the sect and there's a skit with a classical competition where there's a little comedy, but then, suddenly, AGAIN, beasts starts attacking the sect from nowhere and a serious saga where he pretends to be a transformed crow starts.

It's absolutely random, with no hook between these plot points, and this was only until chapter 25, so you can imagine how fast paced it is. Every power he has seems a little too convenient and smells like plot armor. He found a power to fake being a transformed beast right before this random attack began where he needed such a power to stop the attack and infiltrate the beasts. All attackers are exactly 1 level bellow or at his level of cultivation, etc. Okay for comedy, not okay for a serious plot. Wrap all this up with a System that gives him all the powers and missions he has, but nothing is said or explained of why this System exists in the first place, and now you know what this novel is all about.

If this was a pure comedy, it would be good. If it was a serious action novel without the absurdity and plot holes the comedy part brings, it might also have been good. But mixing both made things bad. It feels like eating ice cream with ketchup, or something like that.

Maybe if the comedy aspect was lighter and brought less absurdity, this could also be better, similar to Library of Heaven's Path. There's comedy there but it not to the point of absurdity or slapstick comedy.

Here the first disciple has a 'Falling from Cliffs' skill and the MC lets her fall from a cliff because characters always level up after falling from cliffs. That's funny in a dumb way, but if there's a serious plot where she uses the powers from falling from 100 cliffs in a dramatic and gory way, it becomes s*upid, not in a funny way. <<less
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Buffalo_QJ rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: c498
I'm witing this as a thanks to the novel and translator.

This was, and is one of my all time favorite wuxia novels. The dynamic between the MC and his disciples were hilarious, the fights were well paced, the subtle hints of romance made me grin like a fool, the plot was great and different from the usual, the MC was a well liked character, the chapters were long, etc etc.

I remember this was the novel that kept me logging onto NU everyday to check for updates, and the blessed daily... more>> uploads were amazing. It is truly extremely unfortunate that Starreader, the translator, lost the legal battle to the translating rights. I don't think enough people realize how great of a job they did translating this novel. Daily uploads for so long is something I've never seen before during my years on this site, esp considering how long the chapters were.

Overall, this novel is truly amazing and something refreshing after reading so many cliche and similar wuxia and xianxia novels, but the translations that were great and consistent made this many times more enjoyable.

Many thanks, Starreader <<less
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SlowPro rated it
August 21, 2019
Status: c16
Better than what most people give it credit for.

I like the main character's personality as well, though he does change kind of from a scholar to some form of God of War as hawlol has stated rather quickly.

Though it doesn't seem as weird to me, strangely it fits all together.

Well, it's just my opinion, but, I feel like this novel is something I could probably read for several hundred chapters.
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Yuzu rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: c275
Was good while it lasted. Though it was quite obvious the direction the novel was taking the moment he took in his first disciple, a female.

Dropped due to the love interest the disciple has in her master. Yandere level and potentially marrying uhhg
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Ryantm rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: 252
Main Character has what should be a crazy powerful physique were he can cultivate all techniques without any clashing between them then we have his first disicple with a powerful physique, however the author is clearly limiting the main characters strength gain comprared to her. The main character has broken through the 1/9 3rd stage with 88 techniques and has 2222 danger rating. His first disicple has cultivate to the 3/9 second stage with a single technique and has a danger rating of 1400. Also the main character has cultivated... more>> the same technique as his disciple to the same stage as her. The excuse is that the technique fits her her Physique better but the main character has literally 88 more dao seeds then her all of which are at a higher cultivation stage... Literally he raised his disicple cultivation from first stage 9/9 to second stage 3/9 usage a drop of false dragon blood which increased his disicple danger rating by 600+ points. In comparison him breaking through to the 3rd stage 1/9 in 88 techniques gave him an increase of only 472 points. Even worse is the the main character has already said his Second disicple if he enters the 3rd stage and the MC is in the third stage still he will surpass him on the power ranking board. This is ridiculous because his second disicple does not have any special physique or any sort of special connection with his cultivation method and the MC cultivates the same method along with 87 more. His second disicple isn't a heavenly talent in anything just extremely lucky but he never leaves the sect because the main character provides him with endless resources. The technique he cultivates is the hardest but the only reason he can cultivate it a a decent speed is the main character literally gives him a cheat sheet so he doesn't need to comprehend it himself. At this point it doesn't matter what the main character cultivates because the author has decided to have every technique give him a extremely low gain in power, in truth this seems like a method to prevent him from cultivating to fast forcing him due to his physique to cultivate 3000 techniques to transcend. It also starting to look like all of his techniques are incomplete. His disciples get also sorts of crazy abilities from cultivating these special methods but the main character for some reason doesn't. One might think it's because he is learning them from the system but that still doesn't make sense because what he learns form the system is what he teaches his disciples. At 252 chapters the author has given up on any sort of balance his first disicple has 4000 danger points at peak second stage and she still hasn't reached her peak. She literally skipping two major realms if your looking for a story with any good fights to expect to find it here all enemys are outclassed and easily dealt with. The main character is continuously getting less danger points from each technique cultivated even though his cultivation realm is higher. Each technique he cultivates give a small fraction of what it would give to someone else. Power gains are are joke for his first disicple as well just give her a drop of false divine beast blood and she gain 1/3 of all its strength. The MC and her a at the same stage of cultivation now her strength is slightly lower than his bust hasn't capped for her level. The problem with this his he has almost cultivated 300 techniques she has cultivated 1. Think of it like 300 dantians (In novel it's dao palace) full of energy compared to 1 at the same stage. It's kinda hard to understand why the author thought this made sense. <<less
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Hikicarl rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: c870
Regardless the plotholes and flaws the novel has.. It is the most emotion provoking novel I've read till now. The battles are intense, the schemes are cunning, the upgrades are OP, the mysteries are deep.

He really is the master of untold daos.

Read it and you'll be hooked. It is cliched but executed in a unique way.
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moneng85 rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: c92
I can say that this is not a masterpiece, but not the copy paste woman-goes-wet-every-step-i-take, i-vow-to-be-the-strongest-under-the-heavens, i-will-curse-the-heavens-and-take-revenge MC (but I don't deny the MC have luck and overwhelming strength though, but not as "plot-armory" like other Chinese novels (come on man, you didn't need me to say which ones are those) and not too sudden of a plot armor (every novel HAVE plot-armor) (not like "Hey whats this key on the ground?", next chapter "Holy shit!, the world will be destroyed and luckily I just have the key that will... more>> save the world!"). Just take it as a pretty casual comedy where MC is in a cultivation world with a game system and is blessed by it, not too genius but lucky and also lucky enough not to make mistakes too <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: c40
Quite similar to and Library of Heaven's path, so if you liked those, chances are you will like this too. It is half humor (parody), half action/cultivation with the protagonist seeking disciples with MC aura and helping them improve results in him become stronger (with the help of his system). I enjoyed it up to c40 where I am at.
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Noveladdiction rated it
February 14, 2020
Status: c349
Novel is basically MC thinks his disciples are mc’s but he obviously the MC and he want to change his fate of getting killed anyways he doesn’t train he takes in disciples and every time they become stronger he gets merits to upgrade his techniques and spiritual knowledge to upgrade cultivation btw he has like 4000+ disciples and there’s no real objective in the story except for MC wanting to live but his cultivation is so low but he can defeat powerful immortals story full of bullsh*t but I still... more>> read it cuz I got nothing else to read someone recommend me something cuz I’m just bored fml <<less
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RamHam rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: c116
It started off pretty good until the part where he took in his first female disciple.


I don't mind master x disciple relations usually but this one felt so sudden. She turns really yandere, and theres no reason for her love or possessiveness. Just gave off bad vibes. Besides that, the novel also gets boring after awhile because its the same process over and over again.

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Absolute-Melody rated it
November 28, 2019
Status: c203
Definitely a great novel for what it sets out to do. I've only read the first 75 chapters, but the story hasn't degraded yet, and hasn't lost sight of its goal: to be a parody (of a parody) novel. I'll edit my review if the story's quality shifts into a more humdrum and overdone route, otherwise it deserves its rating.
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Cute Potato
Cute Potato rated it
October 31, 2019
Status: c146
I liked this. Probably in the top 5 cultivation/xuanhuan novels I've ever read (should be noted, I've probably only read 20 or so. I'm a wuxia fan). However, this is by no means a "good" novel. This is a parody, the pacing is absurdly fast, scenes jump around like a h**ny rabbit, and the plot armor is at god level (since it's a parody the armor is part of the gag). This is what History's Strongest Senior Brother was supposed to be before the author decided to discard the parody... more>> aspect of the story and turned it into a regular cultivation novel.


So the MC is a transmigrant who became a canon fodder in a cultivation world with a game system. He was "destined" to die within a few years, so to avoid it, he tried to rewrite the script and change his fodder status with the help of the system.

He is a future master of a sect, and pretty strong from the start. So he tried to game the system by identifying the possible main character of the story and taking them as his disciples. They are, of course, parodies of your standard xuanhuan/xianxia MCs. The first one is the beauty with rare body constitution. Then we have the super lucky MC with his own ancient soul super guide. The strong cultivator who went back in time and became weak/young again. And finally, a girl with multiple souls inside of her.

It's full of action, sometimes it's funny, most of the time it doesn't make any sense, but nonetheless fun. There's nothing new here, but hey, it's a parody, it's not supposed to be a groundbreaker.

It only has 146 chapters so far, so it probably has about 300 or so more chapters until it goes down hill and becomes another tr*sh / predictable novel that this novel so gleefully makes fun of. But for now, I give this a 4 stars

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dstroar rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: c498
The journey was amazing, hope someone else picks it up... I don't remember much since I was actively following around a year and a half back, but I do remember that it was a system novel and the guy had disciples who were all quite strong. I also remember that the translator, StarReader, was very consistent and that this was one of the very few novels I looked forward to reading everyday. Such a shame that the story couldn;t be translated aymore by StarReader due to legal issues... and whoever... more>> stopped StarReader also didn't continue to translate...

Thanks StarReader for the amazing translation, hopefully you are succeeding in whatever you are doing now. <<less
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jpmrblood rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: c272
This LN is a spoof. You'll get the references if you are reading many Chinese LN. The story warrants laughter here and there.

The translation is great and easy to follow. We can read the story clear without trying to figure out. I think the translator have done great job at translating this.
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Pixeldrum rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: c30
You can't possibly enjoy this novel with how everything is stacked against it. First of all, and I don't really like to use this as a measuring tool if possible, but I have to for this one: translation. Translation is subpar, and it's even difficult to understand what's going on. Lots of grammatical errors and complex concepts are just jumbled.

This novel also lacks and sort of depth at all. The whole point of the story is for the MC to gather disciples, but everyone except the MC acts like NPCs.... more>> I understand that the MC refers to them as "NPCs, " but they literally are robotic in their personality and dialogue. His first disciple is extremely lacking in any sort of characterization. One moment she's taken in as a disciple, falls in love in another few sentences, and then gets OP within the next few chapters. Again, I get that the entire point of the novel is for the MC to develop "protagonist" characters, but this is done in such a badly executed fashion that I had to comment on how bad it was.

Plus, his first battle was so s*upid and one sided. One simple tactic, and apparently he wins a 100, 000 man war. I get that the author is referencing the three kingdoms, but it's not done in a subtle or clever way, and comes off as instead, a terribly lacking replica scene.

I could go on, but everything is fast paced, nothing is explained, and characters are also all kind of s*upid. I love these types of novels, like History's number 1 founder and Library of Heaven's path, but I just couldn't really get through any of these chapters. <<less
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theevilfish rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c464
Pros: Easily one of the most enjoyable stories. Give it a few chapters the author seemed to find his groove after the first big battle and then kept the quality coming every chapter after. 5/5

Cons: Editing is a bit messy, names will get repeated (like dude1 was talking to dude1 instead of dude1 was talking to dude2) and consistent spelling mistakes and incorrect words. POV shifts are also handled poorly and could use some sort of indicator, it's very jarring to be thrown from one side of the world to... more>> the other without anything but context clues a paragraph or two in. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c305
Honestly, it's a kind of bland novel overall, it sorely lacks something special, something to make it interesting to read. Rather, it's written in a way where you just can't get immersed. The first 50-80 chapters was pretty good but it just leaves a feeling of being very lacking overall.

First of all, there is no clear frame or direction for the story, things are just random all the time. While I do love random comedies where nothing makes much sense, it falls flat in novel format, too much text and... more>> padding for that format to work well, it grows tiresome rather than fun because the pace isn't high enough. He's just going doing whatever the author thought of the very day the author wrote the chapter. It's way too simplistic.

The cultivation doesn't make much sense, but that's not because the system itself is bad but because there are no decent explanations for anything. Honestly, it wouldn't matter much if I could feel any attachment to any of the characters, but the author managed to make sure that I simply couldn't care about a single one of them, not even the protagonist, they're all too unexceptional and soulless, feeling like shells instead of people.

It's one of those novels where nothing makes much sense and nothing matters. The comedy made me laugh a select few times, mainly early on, but most novels I've read are funnier, even those that aren't tagged with comedy tends to have some great comedic relief every once in a while, this one is just a soulless husk of a novel.

Its one, single reedeming future is actually that it's so bland and half-a*sed that you can't even feel annoyed or pissed off. You won't HATE it, but you won't like it either, it will just make you feel like "meh, kinda dull but I guess I can read a few more chapters". Sadly, I ended up feeling that it simply wasn't worth to read more, not because I got annoyed or pissed off, but because I just felt that I received little to no enjoyment while reading anymore and it was a worthless waste of time that I'd rather use for something else.

This isn't the first time I've stumbled upon a novel giving me a feeling like this. It's kind of hard to explain, but suffice it to say that novels like these just lack spirit, they lack soul, they're husks with nothing much going on, it looks like it's fast paced with lots of so-so humor thrown in but it's really just randomly chaotic with no regard for actual storytelling. The author has completely and utterly failed with the basic task of conveying emotions with his story, there is no joy, there is no fun, there is nothing interesting, there is no drama or anything else, it's just empty, one can't help but feel completely uninterested in all characters after a mere few dozen chapters. That I made it to around 300 chapters is because I gave it one too many chances and the chapters are relatively short compared to many other novels.

I can't recommend this at all. I feel that in order to actually enjoy this, one would need to have little to no experience with other novels and preferably be around the age of a teenager. I find it hard to believe that most adults with some experience with novels would enjoy this a lot. Not that they'd hate it, but beyond a few dozen chapters, it will just grown increasingly bland for most. At least novels like ultimate scheming system, despite being tr*sh, was amusing tr*sh because you could feel a bit immersed, root for the protagonist, feel the energy of the novel and it's true high-pace with clear goals and a spirit of adventure. This one lacks all of that, be it comedy or spirit, it's just boring and tiresome to read because it's not really going anywhere even if the author pretends it does. <<less
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thecursedone rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: c498
A beautiful comedy... you don't need to think about complicated stuff like why would things happen when they need to happen and stuff like that... you just need to enjoy the comedy.
edit: sadly no one is translating this anymore and if it's u know who chinese website that steals webnovels then damn be them
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Momo199 rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: --
Is this novel a parody? Because it seems like it. This is the first time that I have so many complaints with a book.

The very first thing that put me off was the interest the disciple shows towards her master. But well can't judge the book just because of that so kept on going but oh boyyyy. I didn't even realize when we went from being a grand elder to being a fiend. The story is so fast paced that it just doesn't sit well.

Second, no character building. Its just,... more>> she is the disciple, she needs revenge, gone and took revenge.

Third, the fight scenes left me soooooo disappointed. The MC starts the battle. Oh his danger value is so and so. Let me cast my array. Let me take some pills. Let me call out my swords. End of battle. I mean like whaaattt?

Please someone tell me this is a parody, only then I can say that I didn't waste my time reading this book. <<less
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bbctheory84 rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c121
Not bad but not that good either. No real sense of true direction. MC never really cultivates its all the system. Random threats show up. Comedy is meh, very genre trope heavy too. Grows bland and tasteless eventually.

Is good for people who don't have high standards. But if you have read hundreds or thousands of these novels, it doesn't make any lasting impression
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