Master of Science and Technology


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The flicker and a lonely soul named Ye Zan came to the world that seeks immortality through civilization progress. He thought that he could enlighten everybody, but nowadays people are neglecting it.

The remnant soul even named itself “The lonely soul of Dao Zu’- but still could not find the body that was ready to incarnate it. “Well’ it thought, “ I still have technologies!”.

Do I need to master anything? SO EASY! I could just surf it on the internet.

Do I want to be a genius? SO EASY! I Just need to get some genes of genius.

Do I want to go around the world? SO EASY! I just need to launch my own satellite!

Everything is SO EASY here! -Alchemy, refining, magic symbols, different lifestyles- with the help of technology, they are SO EASY!

Technologies are not a panacea, but technologies can make life better, so Ye Zan decided to put down his roots in this weird place. Science and technology can strengthen the country, science and technology can also strengthen the spirit, Watch the journey of a lonely wandering soul under Ye Zan’s control and witness- what it takes to become a real master of science and technology.

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The Great Sect of Science and Technology
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kanaud rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: c550
TILL Chapter 20: Rating 5/5

Interesting concept of bring technology in Cultivation world. Using technology to solve cultivation problem.

MC is trying to help sect grow stronger, more like sect development novel.

... more>> Feels like MC is going to be OP with technology.

Its Good Read till Chapter 20 will give 5, I will update Rating later if quality decreases

UPDATE : 150+ Chapters 3/5

Though I like the Idea of Using Technology in cultivation world, AI that MC has is just too OP that it feels like its completely overshadowing cultivation world. It feels like MC has to put no effort at all.


It also feels like MC is making same mistakes what he did in past life (1st chapter is confusing I don't know if MC died in last life or just transmigrated alive) but his clan was destroyed because he had advanced technology and other coveted it. He seems to be doing that again like introducing random technology in mortal world and virtual reality. I don't know if strong Sects will covet in this world.

I would have liked if MC used AI to become stronger himself first or finding blood essence of sect founder so that he can reincarnate, as that old guy seems OP.

though I dont dislike OP system like that in God Level Demon as MC these also goes on adventure and cultivates well to get stronger. Here Its starting to feel like system will do everything for MC and he does not need to put effort.

its still too early too completely judge novel but I have dropped it for now, I will try to read later if I have nothing else to read.

UPDATE : 550+ Chapters 1/5 (dropped)

Its been disappointing, I did liked the premise on which this novel was build on, but what pisses me off about the novel was too much explanation plus repetition of that explanation. For example MC hides the Advantages that he has like AI and scientific knowledge and explains how it can bring trouble to him and sect, but he keep doing the explanation at-least 7-8 times in different chapters with exact same words, its fine to explain ones but many time is annoying. Later it become worse after 400 chapter every chapter will probably have 5-6 lines of story and other is just explanation. I dont like giving bad reviews to any novel as it takes lot of work from author to write novel. But this novel has been a big disappointment, good idea but poor execution. <<less
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sinner0 rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: c1096
The story premise is good but the author love to drag things too long. For example, a single conversation can take 2-3 chapters to finish.

Author love to explain one thing in deep details over and over again, which is a minus point in my opinion. I understand that author did it for word counts but when every single chapters was like this, it was just plain ridiculous. It was especially bad in later chapters.

All in all, the story is somewhat acceptable and if you can get past the author's obsession... more>> to explain one small thing in deep details, it's not a bad read. But it's not for me. <<less
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madghost rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: c2
What is this mess.

I don't know if the translation is a mess or the author is not good at writing.

The first chapter was barely understandable. The second chapter straight up got into such a messy point, where I cant even understand what is happening. Who is who or where are they talking. Every thing is a mess.

I dont know if this novel is good or bad. But for now it's a mess. I recommend staying away from it.
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Mitoh rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: c487
it's a story about the science and technology master who goes into the cultivation world

it is a funny and interesting series with many different theories and a lot of fun I bet a very original cultivation path.

There is only one thing that I really regret and that hurts my stomach when I read. When a phrase is quoted "in the old age of the earth"That might say that they are the only boring part of the story due to the author's existence in keeping that sentence.
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