Master of Exotic Planting


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In this world, being a farmer is a noble profession.

To obtain the Zhang Xiaofan super ability, have no matter all sorts of grass, raise flower, you ‘ll became one big guy unconsciously.

At a dying grass, give it 60 points of life, and will live.

Villain holding a 100 years of Lingcao in front of Zhang Xiaofan show off in an ostentatious manner, conveniently give it a year. As a result of the tragedy, it degenerates into a ten rank grass, the villain be crying faint in the toilet.

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Date Group Release
11/08/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c20
11/06/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c19
11/04/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c18
11/04/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c17
11/03/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c16
11/02/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c15
11/02/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c14
11/02/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c13
11/02/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c12
11/01/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c11
10/31/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c10
10/30/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c9
10/29/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c8
10/29/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c7
10/28/19 Xuanhuan – Good... c6
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