Master Is Pregnant


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In Chen Kingdom, money is everything. Male or female, you can have as many partners as you want as long as you got the money. The true sense of equality between the sexes.

However, I don’t really like being called Master. Though having marrying several childes with fames and being addressed as “Master” I enjoy such a poor position that is only a little bit higher than the stone lions guarding in front of Li Mansion.

The first Childe is pleasing to the eye but I the Master never get the chance to lay a finger on him…

The second Childe forbids my every chance of squandering…

The third Childe and fourth Childe takes delight in fighting and quarrelling…

The fifth Childe forces me to drink decoction, all types of it and all day long…

Even the servant girl Lian’er can give me a cold shoulder. “Get out of the way, Master. You block out the sunshine.” She would say.

Gloomy, upset…In fact, I just want to live a simple life with greasy chicken to eat every day, handsome guys to flirt with…but even a dream life insignificant as this takes time and quite some efforts.

Alas! Life is tough on me, a master about to get pregnant!

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