Master Fu’s Ace Wife


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The young daughter of the Mu family in Ningzhou City who had been missing for 15 years had been found. When Xiao Qianjin was brought back, rumors say that she had a rather ugly appearance.

The moment Wenli was brought back to the Mu family, she received warnings from all directions.

Madam Mu: Remember your identity. Don’t ever think to compete with your elder sister, you are no match for her.

Eldest Young Master Mu: I only have Nuanxi as my younger sister.

Youngest Young Master Mu: Bumpkin, it is embarrassing to say that you are my sister.

All the newspapers and magazines are mocking her. All the children of the Mu family are excellent, but the newly found daughter is really hard to describe.

Two months after Wenli packed her bags and moved out of the Mu family, the World Technology Competition was held in Ningzhou City and the street where she lived are filled with luxury cars.

People who once satirized her were in an uproar. Who said that this girl is raised in a poor backwater village? Which poor village can provide such a buddha?

During the two months, news broke out and a picture of the Nan family’s adopted son and the Mu family’s newly found daughter are cuddling together and is very intimate with each other.

Everyone mocked her saying that she wanted to fly up the branch and become a Phoenix, but she hooked up with the wrong person.

Who does not know that the adopted son of the Nan family is a dragged oil bottle that is good for nothing?

At the Nan family’s banquet, the head of the Nan family personally opened a car door and the person who got off the car had a delicate face and billowing lips, fascinating all women.

A girl in a luxurious dress also got out of the car and is half-hugged by him.

“Let’s go, dragged oil bottle…”

“Dragged oil bottle” is a derogatory phrase that refers to unwanted children by either stepmothers/stepfathers.

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kawaii12345 rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: c50
This one will definitely raise your blood pressure. The characters are thoroughly despicable. The plot is heavy on the dog blood. But, it's mostly rather well done. So If you like Chinese dogblood Drama this one might be for you. There are some problems in the writing that may kill it for you. First the author forgets background info and detail. You get events coming out of nowhere without any foundation being set. Second some of the antagonists are a little too insane (at least by western standards). The writing... more>> can also be a little elliptic. Total deduction one star, still a fun read.

P.S. A very good translation, it's definitely worth reading on the translator's site. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s full of twists and turn and keep you on the edge. There is a bit of clichés but the big reveal is really unexpected. Loved the FL smart poised cold blooded but warm hearted at the same time. The ML is also great and their romance is a slow burn. The plot started quite like other novel of the same type but then novel transitioned into another genre. Was quite surprising but not non sensical.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 2, 2022
Status: Completed
i liked the conspiracies regarding parents' death as basically the whole novel trails that path... the complex family relationships and how they unfold are truly great.

the most interesting arc for me though was the Li family arc... it was refreshing to see how these oldies make one bad decision and how it snowballs for years.

the romance is very cute and fluffy, typical 'cold but hot for MC only' nothing new but nonetheless very sweet. I would have appreciated more emotional and well written physical scenes though just for the deeper... more>> attachment.

honestly, a lot of characters had a realistic ending of being unable to escape the shackles of their birth and status and thus have to learn and adapt. The most interesting couple for me was going to be Li Li and her husband... there could be a whole story just dedicated to them actually!

In concluding this I'm extremely satisfied with the characters mostly the latter half as their involvement and feelings really are written well but the world and character background are very poor albeit some few characters who were explained well. The whole story is a cliche in terms of MC's identity reveals etc but I will admit they haven't been as exciting as other similar novels as she doesn't get to truly fight or display power much (i like to assume that this is due to her being retired and behind the scenes)

the last arc that involved fantasy was hard to read and enjoy thru MTL but I felt that bit was really unnecessary, it doesn't ruin the novel either so it's okay...i wish she got more family warmth tho and even her being revealed as a princess with high status would be fun with a grand wedding so people are awed by her abilities and prowess...a pity

overall it's a good read, plot to uncover the mu*der mystery and see how things are so intertwined is fun. The ability to show off is always fun and the couple's romance is cute.

for about 500 chapters it's written well. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 26, 2023
Status: c47
So far, FL is clear headed, some kind of big shot who is playing with the mu family for fun.

ML is a sickly beauty with power, it should be enjoyable with its face slapping moments, but instead it just irritate me, that each and every chapter all kinds of persons verbally attack the heroine, from her so called family members to random passerby, and the FL just go with the flow when the family members attacks her, she just stay calm, and let them do it.

There is only one person... more>> in the whole family stand by her, eventhough he seems to have ulterior motives. He knows all kinds of things but choose to watch over it silently or asks the heroine to accept the family.

Let's see if I change my opinion after reading further, until then my rating would be 3.0 <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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