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A cute editor and his handsome, domineering boss are transported to a faithfully recreated Mary Sue universe by the collective resentment of the Mary Sue authors he had rejected. It is a world where the protagonist poops rainbow pellets, sleeps on beds the size of football fields and mood-signalling flower petals constantly fall out of his hair like dandruff.

In order to return to the real world, the protagonist must team up with his stony-faced boss and act out the ridiculous plot of a Mary Sue novel in a cat-and-mouse chase between the lightning-storm wielding jealous fiancé and the skittish runaway groom. There is also a cornucopia of ridiculously good-looking male NPCs that the protagonist must seduce in order to escape this world.

This is a fast-paced, hilarious Mary Sue parody where acting skills are challenged, secret crushes revealed and kinky fantasies are put on repeat until every detail is fulfilled according to the stringent requirements set out by the AU’s operating system.

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New rorowingaway
March 12, 2023
Status: c49
  • chtrs: 9/10
  • setting: 8/10
  • storyline: 9/10
  • summary: so the MC & ML work in same company nd ML is CEO nd MC is an editor then durin a dinin event cos MC gets drunk then he do sumn then ML falls for him like tht anyways they have direct boss-subcordinate relationship but they get transmigrated into a book were they both rejected cos like its a publishing company anyways yeah and it happens to be a BL novel then with the system tasks MC falls for the ML too and then boom happy ending~
  • comments: its a short and sweet novel def worth it to read and very humorous too
  • MC = funny, chaotic, cute, foodie, gamer
  • he originally proclaimed himself to be the straightest man on earth when he is so oblivious to the feelings he had for the ML but then he eventually discovers it anyways he is very crafty and funny
  • ML = cold hearted, smart, prodigy, funny
  • like he is oni cold hearted whateve infront of other people with the MC he is very chaotic and funny LOLLL this duo make me laugh so much
  • loved it.
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New Ran_Kudo rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: Completed
The story was quite amusing and lovely. It was a bit slow at the start (for me) but later on I really enjoyed it a lot!❤️

I really enjoyed reading it, especially the extras!!!😍😍😍 They were the best!!!!😘❤️😘

The translation was wonderful. Thank you for translating the story!!!😘
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Efu-sama rated it
February 14, 2021
Status: Completed
There are several points that I found it interesting in this novel. Let me say it one by one.
  • When the novel say it's a parody, then it's truly is a parody. A parody of a Mary Sue and Gary Sue characters. Or actually after reading this novel, the one that got parodied is actually the Classic Shoujo Manga around 90' till 2000, where Harem is a must, secret identity is a must, a prince identity for the Main Lead is a must, the heir of corporation A to corporation X that were able to control global economy is a must (lol), and the fated lover is a must.
  • I think the author here really is venting out the frustration for many readers towards the classic BL or Shoujo romance past decades, where as the logic was thrown out the window, the IQ of the characters were below average, and non-con or abusive relationship (hate to love) was worshipped by a certain if not most of the mass. And the MC here, is the editor who was also scolding the author of such writers, telling them honest reviews of their work, and tell them rather than writing off such an illogical work wildly it's better to think calmly and create a better quality work, lmao.
  • The ML here, I found some readers are a bit dissatisfied with how he was slightly manipulative and scheming towards the MC. That's true. But, something that makes me forgive the ML and like him instead is because he's HONEST. He admit that he's petty, he admit that he's a pervert, he admit that he's not pure and amazing. I think he successfully pulled my heartstring by admitting those qualities rather than pretending to be the cool Male God persona a seme/gong usually portrayed as.
  • The ML is not the type of Overbearing President like many other novel has. In reality he's just a helpless and a coward in love. In the outside he looked like a president who is always punctual and always catch the slackers in his company every morning. And yet in reality he's someone who woke up later than anyone, but his place was just 3 minutes walk from the office, thus he still can come early compared to others (that's a blatant cheating, LOL). He's catching slackers in his company, earning the title of the scary and disciplined CEO, and yet in reality the reason he caught those slackers was just because he wanted to catch and spent more times with the MC whose home was far from the office and always come late despite waking up early. But, because the ML is an awkward and a coward in love, he ended up never make a good use in those time he caught the MC being late, and in the end always failed to get close to the MC, lmao. Instead of the super perfect ML that most Gary Sue novel has, the ML is really just, someone with a good looks and a good fortune in money, but still is a human and a lame one at that, lmao.
The writing is fresh and engaging. It's a comedy, with a sprinkle of sugar for Fujoshi (lots of kisses, hugs, sex, and fluffy scenes at the later chapters) but mostly a parody. It's really suitable to read when you're going to relax and spend time doing nothing (lol).
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: c37
Talk about exaggerating and cliche plot, this is the prime example.

The description of this novel really says everything!! A house that is soo H U G E that you could easily lost yourself just by going at the bathroom. A butler that have a salary of $1 billion that could easily destroy your self-esteem. A lightning dragon c*ck and a rainbow of piss. A sly and loving vinegar drinker ML, and also a scumbag (you will know why 😂😂) and a dense MC will give you a ride in this... more>> strange and comedic world.

There is no common sense in this novel and also the law of physics was bend. If you want to read for laughs, you better read this!!! <<less
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periperi rated it
November 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Short funny, exaggerated story.

Major plot spoiler about ML: ... more>>

he actually liked MC since before the story starts, so he ends up drinking A LOT of vinegar throughout the story. Poor thing!


One thing I disliked about the story, mentioned in the summary, is MC "seducing" many NPCs. Not a lot but a handful and

it happens even after knowing ML's feelings. Though MC reasons it as the NPC are not real. And it's for the sake of farming points so that they can go back to the real world sooner. But from a certain perspective, makes MC look like a slag man haha.


One interesting thing about the extras:

Two stories about the NPCs getting their own happy end! I wasn't interested in the second story but I really liked the first one! MAJOR spoiler but it's the doctor and the assassin.


Overall, the relationship does quickly become sweet and it's a neat concept of team mates acting out scenarios together in a script. Not a long read so a bonus too (I didn't want to read MC "seducing" more NPC). <<less
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amichan rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is funny, adorable and well paced, with a good sprinkle of smut dispersed throughout the novel - a fun read.

I'm here to address some people's complaints about the ML's scheming and manipulation.

... more>>

Once the ML confesses his feelings for MC, their relationship becomes extremely honest, they tell each other the truth even if the truth is awkward and uncomfortable. This honesty underpins the MC's attraction to the ML and makes the gorgeous but virtual NPCs pale in comparison.

The ML does not abuse or gaslight the MC. He respects the MC and carefully checks the MC's comfort level before pushing his sexual boundaries each time, but never does anything that would actually make the MC feel violated. It's the same trust and psychological power-play for people who enjoy bondage and S&M.

In contrast, the MC is probably more manipulative and hurtful towards the NPCs than the ML is with him.


The power dynamics in the novel is done well and is incredibly sexy. It may not be for everyone, but I'd like to clarify that the scenes described are consensual and enjoyable to all parties involved. If you feel uncomfortable reading it, please respect that nothing untoward is happening here. <<less
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kaiden rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: c37
Love the premise, the MC is hella cute and his comments are the best, and the translation is top-notch. However! I do not like the ML at all - just gave me a very gross feeling. He alters and lies about the tasks several times to suit his desires, for example: ... more>>

one of the tasks require that they make out passionately. The MC just has to struggle and then get an erection, the ML is supposed to kiss and then bite his tongue. However, he doesn't tell the MC the latter part and so they're forced to make out several times. This was especially gross cause at that time the MC thought he was 100% straight, had no interest in guys or the ML, and was scared of him (in a he's my boss way). So he knew this wasn't something he wanted to do but still did it..... ew.


Even worse,

when they're sleeping in bed together (just sleeping), he'll pump the gun and do his thing while hugging the MC. This was all before the confession. So. Yeah. He also used the threat of losing MC's bonus to coerce him, asked administration to remove a tent during a work trip so that he'd be forced to room with him (though MC ended up not going), and transferred him to the BL department w/o asking cause he wanted him to get used to the idea of a gay relationship. Really just a power play smh.


Yes, later the ML admits that he's in love with the MC and that he's a pervert but it really doesn't make up for his previous actions. It's just forceful and dubcon at parts. And the MC then falls in love so quickly it's ridic: I wasn't sure if it was cause of the ML or due to the suspension effect cause the MC showed absolutely no previous hints of liking him before and got goosebumps reading BL. But the MC and story is really good so I struggled through until the last translated chapter but I'm def not gonna read the updates. Nonetheless, is a really cool concept so if you don't mind reading a fic with a kinda shitty ML then go ahead!! <<less
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Melange rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Hahahahahaha ohhh my god. This novel is a riot. When the summary says he needs to enact a ridiculous novel, it is truly, truly ridiculous.

MC has to walk 10 minutes to get out of bed, and 30 minutes to get to the bathroom. He has 20+ personalities. He sheds flower petals depending on his mood. And he can only eat flower petals... but not the ones from his head. Oh, and he also pees rainbows.

On the other hand, ML... ML pees electricity. Yeah, you read that right.

Even though the setting... more>> might seem kinda corny, it absolutely hilarious. The circumstances that MC and ML are forced into, as well as ML's secret debauchery, really make this one of the funniest novels I have ever read.

Although this is mostly comedy, there is also a good amount of romance, something that romcoms often fail to accomplish. If you're looking to exercise your abs, go ahead and read this novel, cause I know I sure got a good workout by laughing. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all, I was about to be put off by a person's review even though they only read 1 chapter and I think they just saw the tag 'Transported to Another World' as 'World Hopping' cause they thought this would have multiple worlds and they were put off by the mention of 6..? hectare bed so they definitely didn't read the summary cause it's clearly stated what kind of world it's gonna be. Seriously, read the summary and tags first before diving into the story. Moreover, giving a review... more>> when you only read 1 chapter, read at least 10.. ok... 5 for those who have short tempter, before writing a review, please!!

This novel is a parody with the kind of world where everything unrealistic is forcefully made realistic. For eg. Hectare-wide beds (and waking in the middle of them), single bathroom in the entire mansion (that spans nearly 10 hecatres or more). It's all following absurd discriptions to the point.

And I tell you I have unfortunately read stories with that wide bed and about people who can change the global economy with just 'one finger'. And I have to absolutely ignore these partially cause the plot was good.

This parody kind of satisfied my dissatisfaction with that.

Now about the MC and ML. They faithfully depict romcom.

They get their brainwaves transferred into one of the novels rejected by the MC.

MC is your typical office worker at start. Just how you are yourself and expect someone to be an ordinary person in a novel. He's an editor in the BL section, though he was stuffed into this section unwillingly. He's dense or rather, he appears to be dense but is in denial all the time.

ML at start seems to be a typical cold CEO but then you realise... He's just a lazy, deceptive and hardworking boss albeit a bit perverse towards his crush. He's already fallen in love with MC (it ain't much of a spoiler cause you know it as early as nearly 5 chapters). He also loves taking advantage though he doesn't ignore MC's feelings.

Now, on to side characters, the 'male extras'. They are walking extra points for MC and ML becomes vinegar-addict due to this. Due to plot armor of the rejected novel, they fall in love with MC at a drop of a hat due to low IQ towards MC's chara. Albeit this, they're quite nice too except some such as the lustful doctor Xuanyuan (?) X, the corrupted burglar Tuoba X and the green tea Nangong X. The butler was so-so.

I really liked the assassin, the admiral and the prince.

Their affection toward the protagonist couple vanish afterwards the main quests are all completed. So they get their own happy endings afterwards.

TL, DR: A parody depicting unrealistic world along with romcom of an ordinary boss and an ordinary editor. It's all fun, no angst. <<less
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Realvnv rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: c31
I read comments saying "ROFL, THIS IS HILARIOUS JAJAJJAJAJ", "DEFINITELY MUST READ SO f*ckING FUNNY 😄", THE HUMOR IS KILLING ME FROM LAUGHING 🤣"... No. I don't know if my expectations were too high, but I have yet to see anything that'd crack me up so much that I would feel the need to comment on it like those above.

I'm not that hard to please either tho, but I swear I laughed much more at my sister's elementary grade jokes. Does it have a light-hearted atmosphere? Sure. Does it make... more>> me smile? Yes. But I gotta admit I forced myself to laugh at some points just because I thought like "I gotta laugh here ig" lol.

MC is your average straight (?) bottom with below-average EQ.

Have no comment on ML's black-bellied design, if he wasn't the way he was, that denser than a neutron star MC could never hope to get the ball rolling.

Translation quality is excellent, writing and characters are consistent with no sudden IQ drops, but that's it.

Giving 3 for the concept 'cause I personally didn't enjoy it that much. <<less
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penguintime rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: c26
The only good thing about this is the hilarious ridiculousness of the world (s). Granted I didn't make it through the first, and now decided to drop it. The gong might seem innocent and charming but he's manipulative, repeatedly mol*sts and lies to the shou. His puppy dog "apology" including the phrase "I couldn't help it" was the straw that broke the camel's back. You can always help manipulating and mol*sting someone.
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Hayd rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: Completed
LOL this is NOT and I repeat NOT to be taken srly. The author did a great job mocking the mary sue settings.

And I loved that most of the extra male leads found love with each other


Extra kudos to the translator, you did an excellent job.
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Nyaa.23 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Omg this is such a parody. Kinda reminiscent of japanese manga bl, with the ridiculously wide bed and hands, the extravagant houses and luxuries. And the usual premise of a cold!seme with billions dollar and soft!weak!uke that needs to be protected. Good ol' time.

Pros :

Funny, each chapter is so much fun, I didn't get bored at all. The MC inner monologue is enjoyable. Also, the reason why he got transmigrated is sooo funny.

The MC, this is kinda rare to me, he is straight at the beginning of the novel. Hard... more>> to find this kind of character considering this is a modern novel with comedic undertone.

The ML, gosh he's the cherry on top. Things wrap up nicely, the tension betweem him and MC is great. Sometimes MC could be dense but ML know how to handle that very well.

I can't think of a con, I don't find anything to talk bad about it, would definitely re read this again. <<less
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Yangkxin rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked this one at first. I read laughing so hard at the initial chapters and the comedy was top-tier. But I had to persevere just to finish it. This won't be a detailed review covering everything, I'll just be saying a few thoughts I had while reading.

  1. The ML's personality was lacking
  2. All those other capture targets appearing annoyed me but that's just because the story was already starting to stale and I'm not a fan of an MC having to attract other people plotline. But if you don't mind that, then forget what I said.
  3. Lastly, the comedy faded as I read further and eventually the plot just... wasn't that refreshing. All the novel left in me as a reader was that the comedy didn't last through the whole novel as I hoped it would. And the plot didn't live up to the lively, thought-inducing expectation I had of it.
But the translator did well! And all in all, these are just my own preferences, maybe you'd enjoy it better. At the very least, give the first few chapters a chance and figure out if you'd like the rest of the novel too.
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Shrike1978 rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: Completed
So I really really liked this story!

Maybe it's because when I was younger I read way too many Mary Sue/Gary Sue stories, especially with ridiculous dog blood plots. And they were all the same. Perfect CEO gorgeous, brooding falls for delicate innocent who 'defiantly' stands up to them while falling under their feet like a door mat. And running away, getting caught, begging to come back, can't get over....I believe that's called stalking these days.

Anyway, to have it pushed to the extreme then have these two, normal guys have to... more>> navigate the absurdity was hilarious. Getting stuck eating flower petals, the MC totally oblivious to the thunderbolts of jealousy that keep showing up. The brain dead system, locking them into absurd tasks. I agree with another commenter. For the ML, he's not perfect and doesn't pretend to be. He's honest about being jealous, perverted, shy awkward and in love with the MC from the beginning. The MC is far from perfect but he's not s*upid (except when it comes to love), thinks quickly on his feet and just wants to see an author who can actually write!! (I couldn't stand to read all those garbage submissions either :D)

The chapter 'where's my tail' had me shrieking with laughter, MC didn't even know he started the whole relationship!! <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Humorous parody, excellent translation.

The romance is very unoriginal, the characters have very predictable personalities (tsundere/innocent/"straight preson" MC) but the setting and writing style make up for it.

Imagine beds the size of football fields, MC only surviving on flower petals and dew, etc.


Great fluffy novel to pass the time with.
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Geroker rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: --
This was very cute and fun in how over the top ridiculous the world was. Its a lighthearted read, short and easy.

Other reviews made me concerned there would be serious non-con elements or extended manipulation or other darker themes.

This is not really the case, at least not for the majority of the story. It is true that one time ML manipulates MC into a much longer series of kisses than would have otherwise happened, but that's it in terms of lies - shortly thereafter the ML admits his feelings, and... more>> the MC works out he lied about the kisses and the ML admits as much.

Afterwards, however, they do maintain a dynamic of the MC pretending to not be into it because he's still adjusting to not being straight. This dynamic is written as something understood by both sides, ie the MC actively choosing to pretend to not be into it (multiple times, when considering if he should just admit it already) and the ML tolerating this (in fairness they're in a world where the MC literally sheds rose petals any time he's happy so, uh. It's fairly obvious he's happy).

.... also, the tagged tentacle p*rn happens with a side couple extra, not the main couple or main story text. <<less
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caicaicat rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is a riot of gentle chaos that will have you laughing non-stop.

Our MC and ML are trapped in a novel rejected for being too ridiculously over the top. No big ups, no big downs, just exaggerated settings for everything.

Our MC has flower petals falling from his head everywhere but they are mood flowers. The bed is the size of 4 footbal fields and he will wake up in the dead center every morning. There is only one bathroom.

One incredibly hilarious comment from out MC (which spoiler because it's... more>> smutty)

when they have s*x in the real world for the first time, he is like WHAT A NORMAL SIZED PENIS?!!! Because idk I guess he got used to a baby arm sized one????!!!!!

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PiperParker rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: --
A must read - it's quick and absolutely hilarious. The characters could have been more fleshed out but this was meant to be a parody of cliches and it sticks to those like a rom-com from the early 2000's, so maybe don't take it to seriously. No angst, just fluff. The main story finishes at around chap 48 or so, and the extras aren't too bad either.
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Mins Cat
Mins Cat rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: Completed
It's good light novel, which is very funny. Story doesn't really has any major up & down and it's relatively very simple and sweet. Though I kind of started to get bored but it didn't last long since they cleverly ended story rather than dragging it any further. Nice short novel which will give you diabetes from all the fluff and sweetness. (ꈍᴗꈍ)
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Ritsuka rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: Completed
My rating was originally 3 stars but since this novel had a super unique concept with good comedy to make me laugh out loud quite some times, I think its fair that I give it 4 stars.

First lets talk about plot, I actually had thoughts that it would be like some other novels in which the two leads get transmigrated and they gotta make the Mary Sue of that world fall from heaven and point out how ridiculous the plot is or stuff.I thought that would be all.But oh boi!... more>> I was so glad to know that I was utterly wrong! So this novel is really a parody of Mary Sue. Our two leads get transmigrated as the main couple of the novel and it was so hilarious to see that their character setting was really as depicted by the author like “Whenever he was happy, rose petals would fall from his head, whenever he cried, he cried diamonds and whenever he was angry, the clouds bellowed and storm came” it really happened my bruh it really did xDDD. They had a nine hectare bed to sleep. The bathroom was 20-30 min jog away. Their familes had the whole world’s economy in their hands. And the MC was the only one who could get everyone’s hearts. Actually, the thing is that not only crappy mary sue novels, even the novels we love use phrases and character setting like “he was as fragile as porcelain, his eyes seemed to reflect the whole world and his tears were as beautiful as diamonds” I always think they are really over exaggerating and then these points being brought to light and shown how ridiculous and hilarious they were, really made my day xDDD. Tho its such a pity that there was only one world, it would have been so much better if it was a QT with each world being a parody of different kinds of Mary Sue. But anyway, this parody part was the main theme and the best part of the novel that earned these 4 stars.

I don’t have much thoughts about the MC except that this cutie really was hilarious and dense. But I gotta say a lot of things about the ML. So before reading, I read some reviews complaining about the ML and the way they used their words, I had already imagined the ML as a rapist who was manipulating the MC even tho the MC was on the verge of tears due to disgust. But when I read it, bruh really? Aren’t you guys too over the top? The ML dared to change only a lil bit of the task because wasn’t it obvious from MC’s rose petals that he was enjoying it? And when even was the MC unwilling? And whats more, not much later the MC discovered the ML’s changes and ML admitted it and started being honest. Yeah, we all love Gentle and nice MLs. But I don’t think this ML is much bad tho?

These two were really cute as a couple. Fluff, fluff and fluff!! There wasn’t any smut but some scenes were really good *cough* spanking play *cough*.

It was such a treat to see that the extras were all about the CPs formed by the additional capture targets. The admiral and the Burglar short story was really kinky, if you know what I mean (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Anyway it was nice short light read, why hasn’t more people read it? Y’all give it a try! You’ll love this parody novel! <<less
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BanniNotBunny rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c48
System world setting is really unique.

The whole novel is supposed to be funny because of it. But I only find a few chapters are worth LOL.

MC : 'I am a straight guy'. So dense. Cute and adorable

... more>> ML : He is is mentioned as a typical CEO but I didn't find him as such. He is good to MC. He already had crush on the MC which was quite visible but the MC is so dense.

The relationship development is good. They just complete their tasks. Fluff is very limited.

ML extras : Typical ML character setting of BL novels.

Smex Scenes : Nothing is explicit or detailed; brushed over.

I didn't read the extras.

Main text is only 48 chapters so it can be read.

Recommended for a short read. <<less
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