Marrying The Villain


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In her last life, Yu Lingxi fell from a myriad of stars that surrounded the moon into the dust, and was forced to sacrifice herself to the regent, Ning Yin. The regent was born handsome and beautiful, but unfortunately he has a crippled leg. He was a twisted and cruel madman who killed his brothers and father. What Yu Lingxi was most afraid of was that while wiping the fresh blood on his hands, he smiled and said to her: “Lingxi, come here.”

After only two years of marriage, Yu Lingxi passed away suddenly. After her death, Ning Yin did not set up a mourning hall, did not make funeral arrangements and buried her, and became even more insane, slaughtering the city with blood.

Then she was reborn at fifteen years old, when she was still a high-ranking noble daughter of the general’s mansion, and Ning Yin was not yet the regent who covered the sky with one hand. Unable to swallow this anger, Yu Lingxi took the guards to find Ning Yin, who was living on the street, and intended to beat him anonymously to avenge the resentment in her previous life.

Unexpectedly, when she rushed to the scene in anger, she saw the thin boy curled up and was being pressed to the ground, and his left leg was about to be broken. The muddy water was covered with blood and trickled down, soaking his dark and resentful eyes red…

Only then did she realize what a pitiful past Ning Yin had. Yu Lingxi made a mistake due to a strange combination of circumstances, and instead of going to beat someone, she went to save him. She had no choice but to take in the little poor boy and try her best to teach him to be an upright young man with a healthy body and mind. To her surprise, as she taught and taught, the little poor boy looked at her with more gloomy and strange eyes.

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New jenagreen rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: v1c1
Boring. This wasn't an engaging read, which is a bummer, since I loved the plot idea. I found the writing very dry, draggy and slow. I ended up dropping it half way. DNF Chapter 55/page 130.

- This book doesnt have smut. At the time I quit at least, love scenes were all implied only. Even kisses were fade to black and ridiculously subtle.
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New ragingmisandrist rated it
May 25, 2024
Status: --
I love everything about this story. From the way the MC was up in arms to vent her anger to the way she became soft hearted after seeing the ml's pitiful state, she is a very relatable and funny person.

I also adore how much this madman truly loves her. There were many times I couldn't help but tear up knowing someone could be devoted so wholly. He cares for her much more than himself and is a helplessly cruel yet tragically beautiful character.

If you're like me who is a huge... more>> fan of sinister but devoted male lead and funny cute female lead pairings then I definitely recommend reading this! <<less
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aLIcESpade rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: Completed
A solid book with a nice and well tied up ending.

All the characters were very enjoyable to read and unqiue. My only frustration was on the "2nd Male Lead" and the Crown Prince, but we don't talk about him. 2nd ML is the childhood friend of FL, and the renowned 2nd son of a well established family that also has close ties to FL's family. I get that he was written to be a pure and naive character who doesn't understand the dark politics behind the empire, but I'd never... more>> liked the parts when he appeared.


Every single time he appeared, which was quite alot, the author never fails to mention his love for FL.

It's not bad thing per say, but when FL already explained that she never liked him in that way and only saw him as a brother/sister childhood friend relationship, he just can't seem to understand nor move on.

Even when he saw ML and FL together and acting intimate, the only thoughts he had was that ML tricked the 'pure' FL or threatened her. Everytime he sees the ML acting alone, he always thinks "Oh, I'm going to catch the ML in the act of doing something bad and then tell MC, so she knows who she's hanging out with."

Boy, come on.


I pity him, his only use was to allow the author to write jealousy scenes for the ML, and I hated that.

Speaking of ML, he's just the run of mill yandere out there that's a bit more intense than average.

Like on a scale of 1-10:

1: Bark no bite

10: Girl if you don't leave, imma call 911 so they can drag you away.

He was like a 7/8.


Depending on the lifetime.

1st would be 8.

2nd would be 7.


I like his decisiveness and bloodlust when the FL was involved.


Background info:

ML took refuge in FL's residence after she saved him from losing his leg. In order to do that, he acted pitiful by limping after her carriage after she left him by himself once she made sure he was OK from the attack.

FL wanted to cut ties with him in this lifetime, that's why she was so cold-hearted.

After a while, she saw that ML stopped following her carriage, she thought he had gave up, but in the middle of the night, when she had already returned to her residence, the gate keeper made a commotion saying a begger wouldn't leave their main entrance no matter what he did. At first she thought it was nothing, until she remembered the ML, so she rushed out and lo and behold, the ML was there, huddling in the snow holding a cat. The only reason he didn't catch up was because he saw a cat while following them, and saved it from the cold.

So she took the cat and the ML inside after seeing their appearance.

Later on, when ML asked the FL who was her most important person in order to confirm whether she had any feelings for the 2nd ML, the FL first said her family, then the cat, then him.

ML couldn't even be happy that there was no spot for the 2nd ML because his place was lower than the cat. He was about to leave when FL stopped him and asked what he was doing.

He replied "I'm going to kill the cat, so I can move up one spot."


It's kind of cliche though how everything always goes according to ML's plans. Like EVERYTHING. He enjoys releasing hints and manipulate people's thoughts and plans, so he's always 1 step ahead at gathering and knowing information. I feel the like only time he was ever suprised at something was because the FL had help from her past life memories. So it was refreshing and very exciting when it happened.


ML was hiding his identity from everyone including FL, as the presumed dead 7th prince, in order to do stuff behind the scenes. He swore that he would kill anyone that would get in the way of his revenge, as well as anyone that knew of his embarrassing past back when he was a s*ave of the arena as well as in the palace. So when FL mumbled his real name "Ning Yin", - when he was using a pesudo name "Wei Qi"', while in a trance, he was very quick to force out answers from her.


There was alot, too much even (for me) of politics involved, but it tied in nicely with ML' s revenge plot, so I'm not too fussed on that.

I just felt that FL was too powerless in doing anything even though she came from such a powerful background, but I liked the way she tried her best in her own way. What I didn't like about her is that the author mentioned she had photographic memory, but that was only mentioned 3 times in the whole novel. The author could have made other reasons why she had good memories, maybe by commenting on how she had emotions attached to that particular memory that's why she could remember it so well and not because she can memorise stuff. The author missed a lot of opportunities to write FL more in depth, for the sake of convenience.

Overall book is a nice read but I wouldn't say it's reread worthy. There is a decent plot with decent twists, and a very nice ending, with excellent side stories. Side stories would be the best thing in my opinion.


Side stories include:

    • FL and ML's son
    • FL's brother and her SIL
    • FL's sister and her BIL
    • FL's friend and her scholar lover


    • 1st lifetime FL and 2nd lifetime ML
    • 1st lifetime ML and 2nd lifetime FL

This side story was a rollarcoster ride, and I loved how all lifetimes they get their own happy endings.

Both ML were willing to kill each other in order to make FL or themselves happy and I just love that angst.

2ndL ML wanted to kill 1stL ML because of the way he treated FL and how she was so scared of him.

1stL ML wanted to kill 2ndL ML because he wanted this perfect timeline where he has a healthy body with a still alive and loving FL, omg I can't.

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haruhi91 rated it
December 8, 2022
Status: Completed
3/5: a nice novel for those who like reading novels with the yandere tag with nothing particularly memorable.

The female lead is very likeable, I like her personality. In her past life, she had to live as a mistress of Ning Yin for two years and she was smart and adaptable in accepting a difficult life of keeping her head low while trying to please the moody and fear-inducing Ning Yin.

When she is born again, she understandably feels resentment towards the male lead and would like to vent against him but... more>> confronting a weak a pitiful man, she gets soft and ends up helping him out. The more she tries to send him away, the more she feels guilty and hopeful for him to become a better person. Ning Yin is cunning and good at playing with her soft side until the moment Yu Lingxi realizes she is being tricked but it's too late to cut off their relationship. She is right in saying that "it's difficult to steel your heart and be a villain".

Ning Yin is a typical yandere: a genius evil strategist and incredible fighter with a tragic past which lead him to having no emotion or empathy and a thirst for blood. At the beginning, he plans to only use Yu Lingxi's family for his political schemes but, as he has lived in the darkness for so long, he gets slowly obsessed by her "light" and gentle spirit.

I am not completely sold on the romance. I feel that Yu Lingxi falls in love with him mostly because she realizes that in her first life he treated her fine and because he saved her a couple of times in her new life. I would have liked more flashbacks of the first life.

One thing I disliked a lot, it's the use of aphrodisiac poison as a cheap plot device for the author to create steamy scenes between the leads. Everytime I read about aphrodisiac that kills a person if he/she doesn't have s*x, I can't help but roll my eyes, it's too unbelievable. <<less
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Shortk rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: c64
The entire time I was reading this, I was thinking, "I cannot believe this was written in 2022, it has the taste of dogblood romantic logic of 2016 but just a bit updated." Is it enjoyable? Yea bc I'm sure crack is enjoyable too when you start it, so you can't stop. Like me rn. It's not the worse thing I've read and depending on your taste for yandereish mls, you might like this a lot. But no matter how you dress it up, it has the small taste of... more>> a classic white lotus FL and remorseless yandere-like ml.

The logic in here is so old. Like this kind of romance is so old to me.
    • Like when she realizes her death was bc she was a vassel to poison him via s*x (before knowing why he never gave her a burial), she full on goes white lotus crying about how his life is so pitiful despite him treating her well overall other than leaving her dead body in a dark room (which supposedly she was upset by but she doesn't really seem that upset lol)
    • Her affection for him is basically imo the remnants of Stockholm syndrome from her past life trying to always be on his good side so she wouldn't die as she lived in absolute fear of him the entire time..
    • Not to mention the author made the EXECUTIVE literary decision to FORCE her to have s*x with him the GOOD OLD CLICHE CLASSIC ancient china "must bone someone or be in pain" powder, not once but like a disease that flares up 3 times... Like the author did that in 2022. Huh. That's some old taste in writing if you liked that. Imo. I am judging you. It's one thing if the powder happened, but it's another to see the author obviously lead the FL to force her to have that s*x with the ML in this life using that powder.
    • And then the super classic white lotus moment I just read? She saw the ML be confronted with his enemies who were going to capture his closest confidants as "thieves" and so the ML just killed them as "thieves" in front of them to show no weakness nor let his secrets get out by keeping them alive. The FL sees this and the first thing she does when she sees him? Cries and feels so sorry for him that he has to sacrifice the people around him to stay alive. Mhmm. They kiss too. So cute /s ok. The white lotus doesn't really care about other people. I guess shes not really a white lotus then huh... What's the word for her. I swear there's a category for this.... Love-"I can change HIM he's good inside" girl? Idk. I mean he did not end up killing them but I don't think she knows that!!! But she still had her first reaction be like : I FEEL SO SORRY FOR Him (???) Girl please. They got stabbed in the chest for him.
    • This bloody braindead logic in f*cking 2022 from the mc: the first thing she thinks to do after realizing the ML suffers a lot of assassinations and she's using him but not do anything for him is her plan: 1. Initially wanted to sneak away (?) Huh wtf to leave to return to her family to get married to protect both him and her family WITHOUT A NOTE.... 2. When confronted by him bc ofc she can't sneak away (he's a master NO sh*t U WERE MARRIED TO HIM EXPLAIN YOUR BRAINDEADNESS AUTHOR) she pretends she's "happy" to return to go get married for low taste dogblood conflict. Smh SHE SUPPOSED TO KNOW HIS PERSONALITY. HOW DOES THIS HELP?? WHERE IS COMMUNICATION IN NOVELS IN 2022. I DONT CATE IF THIS IS ANCIENT CHINA. THIS PLOT IS OLD AND CRUSTY.
I'm still reading it though, so obviously even if it feels so old, some things are cliche classics for a reason. Bc they work for readers eh... I'm about to dnf, the FL is so DUMB:


Before the great cause is accomplished, if the relationship between the Yu family and Ning Yin is brought to light, it will be a catastrophe for both families.

The only thing she can do now is to keep her father and brother in a low profile and send Ning Yin back to his proper track."

So she thinks lying to him, breaking her promises to him, and leaving him to return to his carefree ruthless self and become king after SHES ALREADY forced him to help her & her family and falling into affection for her at this point. IS THE BEST FREEING IDEA FOR HIM...... Smh spits*first of all, if everything was supposed to be on the right track, her family isn't even supposed to be alive. Her point is completely bonkers. This novels logic is dogblood and dumb. SHE COULD HAVE JUST TOLD HIM THE TRUTH THAT SHE CARES FOR Him BUT ITS BEST FOR BOTH OF THEM IF SHE RETURNS HOME AND MAYBE THEY CAN BOTH WORK OUT A PLAN TO AVOID HER ASSIGNED MARRIAGE..... IDK COMMUNICATION??? f*cking wtf. I think you have to turn off your brain to read this and honestly not for me but I'll give it another couple chapters...

Honestly what has her family even done. They're only a bit wholesome too, as in we don't even get a lot of fun scenes with them either. They're just useless baggage no joke bc the author hasn't let them do anything but run around and be matchmakers. They can't protect shit

the ML is doing all the work and our FL spit him out while quietly waiting. Smh.


Nope. I gave up. I don't understand how she can be this dumb. She knows how smart he is yet she thinks... And the things she does... The author cannot write 3d real characters for the life of them. This reeks of drama, events, or personality quirks for the sake of entertainment. But no real character or interesting plot. This plot and characters are so old and poorly written in the genre of rebirth ancient china - Not even in an enjoyable way personally. <<less
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Avelyn rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: Completed
I’m not even gonna lie I was enjoying this novel in the beginning, but at some point it jus started grating my nerves.
Fiest of all I loved how the MC wasn’t op and jus did the best she could as a powerless youngest child, but great heavens she was absolutely moronic 50% of the time.

She kept getting poisoned over and over again, and each time the person would act sus asf while tryna get her to consume the food/drink, and wanna know what she’d do? “Eh, whatever. Lemme jus get this over with”. It got on my nerves, like bro after everything u’d think she’d maybe be scared of eating food from others casually? But noooo, lemme keep up w my idiotic ways.

The ML was well... an absolute psycho. Don’t get me wrong, I liked him. He was acc the only character I was invested in from beginning to the end but like sometimes he got too much, bro casually killing ppl that work for him jus cause he’s in a bad mood and they made a mistake? Like? Who wants that typa leader?

The Xu Chen son of a b*tch. I swear I hated that guy so much, each time he showed up I wanted to enter the novel w a gun and do what the rest of them were too lenient to do, I strongly believe that w/o him the novel would have 45 chapters instead of 97.

towards the end it got boring too, all the side characters were bland creatures that had their whole lives revolve around either their love interest or the fl.

also I got tired of hearing them describe her beauty lol. “Her feet as small as my pinkie finger, was as white as the whitest snow from the whites country from the whitest universe. Her rouge red lips that make the reddest of apples blush in shame puckered up begging to be ravaged. Her very very very immensely fine paper white ankles peeked thru her long dress provocatively.” Each time they went on a rant about her beauty this is all my eyes saw.
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tears of manhwa
tears of manhwa rated it
March 1, 2024
Status: Completed
The story is sweet. But, to feel the sweetness, you have to turn off logic. I have read countless scheming and rebirth novels as well as Ancient ones. My questions are:

  1. ML was a madman in the previous life, while FL thinks ML is not a madman now in the present world as he looks harmless. Knowing he was a man who's a top notch schemer, why didn't FL think that maybe he's faking it?
  2. She tried to test him by giving him spicy food. Is that a test or a child's play?
  3. A general's daughter, our FL is sooo kind that she changed her mind for revenge to no need for taking the revenge seeing that ML didn't get angry after eating spicy food!! Can't he pretend?
  4. FL even sew a boot for ML after that. Which noble daughter would sew something for a servant? A male servant? She never thought about rumors?
It's sweet seeing FL making shoes for ML. Logic is why did she sew shoes? To show sincerity. Is there no other way to show sincerity?

Same there were a little bit like these descriptions everywhere, where FL is doing something illogical and author showing it as a dog food.

Turning off logic, I enjoyed reading it. I like schemes and intrigue novels. But, to read this novel, I didn't even have to... more>> use my brain.

Just kick your logic and brain outside and read this novel, you'll love it. As it's my preference to not liking dumb scheming novels, I gave it 4*. One star deducted as a consolation fees for my brain, which I couldn't use here.

Try it once. Dog food is there. Yandere ML is sweet, though kinda Mary-sue.

Cold, emotionally detach, tragic past, without being loved BOY x Sweet, kind, soft, beautiful, lovely GIRL

To be a Yandere, tragic past is a must? Idk <<less
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Thisesya rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Is good. Believe me. If you want yandere ML and some sweet little rabbit FL this one is perfect for you..

five stars because this novel give me impression so much than any other novel.


FL is not fool or someone who does’nt know anything, she is really balance, she do what she can do but not op like she is invisible/powerful because she is reborn.

ML is not hypocrite he is really a ‘villain’

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Mytrumpet143 rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Loved the novel. Really scratches your Ancient China + Yandere combo itch. ML is more on the unstable rather than the black belly kind.

MC's line really puts it best: "in their past life they have their shortcoming so things didn't end well". This life, things are different. I love reading how they got closer together and really understand each other. Add in some palace intrigue and you've got yourself a nice read.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wethairdampskin rated it
January 31, 2023
Status: Completed
Good romance. The ML's yandere character is good too. Recommended for a light and sweet (a lil bit steamy too) read.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sslsdm rated it
April 9, 2024
Status: Completed
I did not expect i'll like it this much. Long ago I read this one but drop it at certain early chaps bc I thought 'ah this is kinda boring~' then drop it, pick it up again and dropping it again and again unti today.

I did not expect I will drawn into the main character so much, dont get me wrong this is ur typical Yandere with sobs sobs backstory ML x Reborn perfect FL, but I just cant really put into words how I love this one better.

I read... more>> it rather slow, im just so immersed with the story so ion mind the cliche. It's kinda leaving me satisfication and unsatisfication too lol

And for her to sew his boots, ig yes. It's to show him her sincerety and It's alrdy bcm a habbit for her, past tl— she literally sew anything to please ML so at last her life could be spared and she will life a bit comfortable, so yes without her knowing herself, It's alrdy a way for her to show sincerety and to please ML even in the current tl, yk habbits die hard 🤔

For yall curious how the past life will resolved


It's literally the end of the ch two ch before the end 😭 past life will get 100% exposure and pas tl main chara— dw they will have their own happy ending.

Anw bit sips abt their past tl


ML indeed Love her sm, that the thought of burying her not come to his mind bc if he burried her, that mean he cant never see her ever again. He's so denial that she died, but deep down he realize that she indeed dead. His love is twisted, we all know abt it. The culpirt izz...


FL childhood sweetheart older brother (i forgot this entire chara names (excpt the leads)) anw this man got some issues abt his position and all just want to show how much of a big guy he is 😑


Anw later ML 1st tl will go to this current tl, and ML 2nd tl will experience past tl but at that time, FL 1st tl still alive. Later ML 2nd tl will tell everything to FL 1st tl, and basically said "do you want me to kill him (ML 1st tl that basically him lol) but well she didnt want to and still want ML (1st tl ofc) 🥹 anw everyone is happy and im happy.


4.8/5 will recomended if u like yandere story but with short chapters. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
April 26, 2024
Status: Completed
This started when the leads were married in past life with FL (Yu Lingxi) dying and being regressed.

When FL turned back time, many questions were answered especially political schemes... also, both her and ML's feelings for each other were recognized. FL had a big heart, wherein able to accept, accept and love psycho ML. Meanwhile, ML (Ning Yi) was manipulative and initially cold/unfeeling wood, but when he fell in love... he really fell deeper. He got Yandere-tendencies and obssessed.

... more>>

He locked her dead body in a secret room in the first life... in current life, he tend to be masochist to proved love to FL (like tatooing her name on his chest using needle, cutting his hair for her brush, etc.)

Also, both lives he kept all things/keepsakes that involved memories with FL.


Honestly, there were times that I questioned FL's actions specifically to Ning Yin (ML) bc I think she'll have a more peaceful life away from crazy ML instead of treating him good... however, coming from powerful General family can't escape schemes and she just chose the better option, likewise, her feelings for ML in both lives were understandable. Despite being creepy Regent before, he cared and treated her well in his own way making her have conflicted feelings to him.

For con, as said... this involved political schemes so many became canon-fodders and some scenes can be violent. Sometimes, I felt some scenes being dragged and repetitive like FL being subjected to schemes against ML and her family. <<less
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Pristine Xia
Pristine Xia rated it
April 4, 2024
Status: Completed
I really enjoy binge-reading this story.

Ning Yin saw a quick and hazy scene in his dream about Suisui's death in the previous life, but too bad not the full story. Still, their interaction in this lifetime is quite fun to read.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zakepref2 rated it
May 24, 2023
Status: c10
I dropped this, because I didn't really like the female lead's personality.

... more>>

I feel like she is a little bit love brain, and too considerate considering she was the one who died in her previous life so why does she all of a sudden pity the male lead? Like did you forget that you were the one who suffered in your last life? I also did not really like how the romance (S**) developed so fast and I felt like it was genuine, and I felt like that doesn't fit the image a FL and ML should have.

Im not saying its written badly, but not my type of psycho ML type of novel.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
iriswoohoo rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: Completed
This was SO FREAKING GOOD!! I love me an unhinged, ride or die ML. He's obsessed, possessive, hostile to everyone else except our FL -- and he would rip his heart out and serve it on a platter for FL. He utterly adores FL. Love love love, wish I could reread it all over again with fresh eyes
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