Marrying a Cool Cousin


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Jiang Si originally thought that she would marry her childhood sweetheart, her third cousin, and live in harmony with him. Unexpectedly, they were separated forever.

With her crippled legs, she married her strange eldest cousin under the sympathetic eyes of everyone.

It is said that Pei Jue, the Pei Mansion’s eldest son, is frigid, arrogant, lonely, and attractive. He must have felt sorry for her to accept the marriage.

Jiang Si agreed with it and did not want to be a shackle dragging down others, so she intentionally composed a divorce letter and pressed her handprint, waiting for the ideal moment to pack up and depart.

One day she finally saw the eldest son, who was rumored to be respectable and dignified, arrive at her door late at night. He pulled out the rumpled divorce letter and called her with a raspy voice: cousin —

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