Married to the Mermen King


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She had never counted on being married to the last cannibal merperson in the Amazon when visiting her parents on summer vacation!
Danjinos: “You bit me. You have to marry me!”
Her parents: “Did you hear that our daughter Mengmeng will be the wife of the last cannibal merperson in the Amazon? She’ll have the honor of populating the species!”

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human rated it
November 29, 2018
Status: v1c3
So the plot is looking worse than I thought, ML is kinda triggering with his I-am-better-than-you-pathetic-mortal attitude and obviously the fact that ... more>>

he tries to eat MC

, as well as the whole arranged marriage thing... but damn MC's parents suck. They are the actual worst.


Who basically leaves their child to fend for herself by the age of three??? That's WAY too young. I don't know much about law but they should be arrested for child neglect. I could understand if they were dead, or if she had been old enough to support herself, or maybe they had given her to someone else to raise (which would negate the child neglect). However, these kinds of events cause enormous mental and emotional damage to a child. They might grow up thinking they are unworthy of love and spiral into depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. That is probably one of the worst things a parent can do to a child- leave them with mental and emotional scars from neglect and abandonment.

They used protecting and saving endangered and magical species as an excuse to do that, and I would say that is a very important cause, but that is no excuse to just "leave her alone" at the age of three. When MC falls into the river and nearly drowns they are apparently too busy photographing a boa to even care. They don't even show a reaction when the fact that she would have been eaten is mentioned. Instead they are too busy getting excited over her marriage to ML and the fact that she will be helping to continue his species. They feel remorse for a brief second when they mention leaving her at three, and then dismiss it right after. Maybe they will be redeemed later in the story but right now I am just so pissed at the way they treat MC. Like she's nothing but a tool to further the species. Like she's worthless, or at least worth less that all the rare species of the world. Sorry for the rant. I'm done now.

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wintia_blue08 rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c6
It's not bad... I mean, it certainly was interesting. But...

... more>>

I dislike her parents. They don't care about her, or her thoughts at all.


when their daughter nearly died, all they cared about was that they managed to meet a merman, and because of her near death experience, she got engaged to him. Not that she was about to die due to their neglect, or that the very merman they adore was supposed to eat their daughter.


And while I do understand her pain and her troubles,


I didn't like that she acted selfishly. I get why, but she was so mean to him (I know, I know, he was mean, too, but she did the same thing, disregarding his feelings and she also kind of took him for granted, esp. When he saved her, until the matter of him sacrificing himself to save her was brought to light, but even then she still didn't think much of him.) I guess I just felt bad for him.


Like what one reader had pointed out, I don't know when or how exactly did the merman fall for her. He didn't like her even when they first got engaged, and then bam: complete turn around when he got to her house.

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OmnisNihil rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c10
Lol, even after I read past the meeting part with the disgusting parents, it was super cringey.

A basketball game: the best man takes the girl home.

And when did the merman dude start to like her so much?




Or is it just bad translation or something?
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