Married to the Male Lead’s Brother


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Ning Zhi transmigrated into a female supporting character who ran away from her wedding.

The original novel was a fluffy book on the love between the male and female leads.

The cannon fodder female supporting character, who had also married into a prestigious family, was caught while trying to escape her marriage which had led to her difficult days in the prestigious family.

In addition, her husband was autistic and, for the sake of pursing true love, she made a tragedy out of her own life.

Recalling the awful ending of the female supporting character in the novel, Ning Zhi expressed that she would never try to run away from her marriage. What was wrong with having globs of money? Or was her husband not cute enough?

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Married the Male Lead's Brother
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girrlit rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This one is actually relatively easy to read mtl..

In all honesty, it is a very simple tale, with some problematic plot points that reviewers have mentioned. But for all that it was sweet, silly, and kind of fun.

While there were some diff paths I would've preferred the heroine to take, I also found her pragmatic, just enough ways, also interesting.

... more>> Basically I recommend, if you just want something to quickly churn through, especially if you need a partial break from the dogsblood.. Just don't have too many expectations.

ps. Can you not change your rating once done?? Mine should probably be a 3 or 3.5, just an enjoyable read. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: --
Mediocre novel with bare minimum of sweet moments.

Novel is mostly borderline passable up to ... more>>

chapter 109 when the idiot MC lets herself be stabbed to death, spontaneously is saved and wakes up with a fever and never having married ML, and then BS plot armor helps MC have a perfect life after and ML gets his memories back. This part just ruins all the sweeter earlier bits. Also there was that weird bit about how Wei’s Gf was drunk and then going to be r*ped or assaulted by random evil Chinese scumbag professor (disgusting side part) and how she died in a car crash but now MC saves her.


Novel doesn’t give a good explanation for everything, but eh, it’s the regular system BS trope.

By the way: Novel uses kisses as filler and the MC is a repeater (just says what MC says).

My main issue is that this brain dead MC should have saved tons of legwork by taking out

The evil adoptive brother who clearly wanted to kill MLand also killed the Ml’s grandmother.


MC fails to do anything. Sigh.

-30/10 MC is really, really slow here. <<less
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Unknoewy rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I would rate the story as 3.5, but 4 star as it have good translation.

I think the author do not do a thorough research about autism. One thing that tick me off is that ... more>>

how author keep mentioning that because he have autism, he cannot feel pain. Well in fact not every autism have that same exact problem. Autism does make someone have lower sensitivity to pain but it diverse, different for each autism patient. So the way author wrote it makes it fell like a generalization for all autism patient out there.


Despite that, author did mention about autism spectrum disorder (ASD), so it is acceptable to me. It can also be that author actually do not do generalization but it was the character herself that is thinking like that. I don't know, hahaha. Though, when you are reading this, please do not take it as fact for all autism patient.

But if I disregard that one fact, I do love this story. Mainly because:

- it has lot of fluffy moments

- easily handled conflict

- have tension where it needed

- have comedic moment

- HE of course

- Face slapping moment

with OP MC background


Kudos for the translator for the update frequencies. Thank you!

Though I cannot wait and read the mtl, will continue reading the translation version later when it is completed. <<less
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September 14, 2022
Status: Completed
My version of this novel summary: The female lead is curing and pampering her cute autistic husband while discovering her husband erogeneous spots to take advantage of *cough* ML is f*cking adorable and puppy-like till the end. This story is very good for older sis who enjoys adorable young male lead to tease around.

Sweet and fluffy! Ahhhh so damn cute! Even though there might be plot holes a bit here and there, but the MC ML chemistry just go through the roof that it can be ignored. The drama is... more>> not intense, but there were touching moments that I like. <<less
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Aika_23 rated it
July 1, 2022
Status: c70
The portrayal of autism is not at all medically accurate, so if that makes you uncomfy you should probably steer clear of this. It also made me very uncomfy when the author would refer to the ML as a tool or something for the FL to use. They would also refer to him as a naive child or pet that had no common sense and couldn't take care of himself which was uncomfy and weird since... more>>

he's the CEO of his family's company and used to get top marks on everything and a grown adult

That wasn't too bad for me but I know some people wouldn't like that.

The FL was ok, she was funny but it never felt she cared for the ml.

She placed more value on her own beauty rather than him and treated him as a sun dispenser to get beauty back

The ML is absolutely adorably, I love him so much. Basically, the only reason I kept reading. The antagonists are the same s*upid af Chinese villains that share a brain cell and The other side characters aren't really worth mentioning either.

All and all not a very good novel medically wise but very cute. A 3 star cause I like this type of stuff and enjoyed it but a 1 star otherwise. <<less
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April 28, 2022
Status: Completed
First off, plot holes... plot holes everywhere. But it's honestly a light read with a splash of tear jerker moments but mostly sweet candy sweetness.

A little bit hard to mtl since some names were getting mixed up and translated but as long as you notice it, it won't be a problem in the long run.

If you like reasonable plots, this is not for you. There's so many plot holes, inconsistencies that I just turn a blind eye on so I can read it to completion.

It's an okay read. Smooth sailing... more>> for the FL. Villains get their just dessert. HE to all except the villains. <<less
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January 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I've just finished reading this one in the MTL version so there might be some parts that aren't correct

Despite the lack of correct information about autism, I still enjoyed this story. The MC (Ning Zhi) and ML (Lu Jue) were so adorable!

... more>>

The MC was shameless and narcissistic while the ML was such a precious big bun. I enjoyed reading how they got closer. At first, the MC tried hard to complete the task because she wanted to get back her beauty then, she grew feelings for the ML.

As one of the reviewers mentioned about why the MC didn't reclaim her identity before meeting the ML after he got cured, I think she might get so anxious.

The MC had a bad fever after the task that led to the curing of the ML and found that she hadn't married the ML nor did the ML know her because the system erased his memories of her, leaving blurred fragments. She rushed to Lu's house in her feverish state.


About the extra task in the end


The MC went to another timeline, the one where the oriMC ran away and left the ML whose condition worsened. The ML was so pitiful because, in this timeline, MC wasn't there with him. He was so suicidal. The MC and ML's conversation was filled with promises for him to not harm himself even after she disappeared.

I actually wanted to know the content of the letter that the ML's mother found after the MC left (if the author has ever published it, maybe in the side stories)


All in all, read this story for fluff! It might not be the best yet, you might enjoy it ;) <<less
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ricachuu rated it
October 30, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was too cute for me to handle >~< The ML was a literal milk dog who followed FL everywhere and clung to her all the time.

The FL really was the MVP of this novel. She was patient, understanding, and kind towards ML from the start. Though in the beginning, it seemed like she only got close to ML to earn golden suns for her to use to get her appearance and aura back, and for her to save ML by traveling to the past. She was a veritable... more>> rich lady in her original world so she wasn't fazed with the scheming of the OGFL and OGML and was able to easily woo her parents-in-law. She eventually had a soft spot for the ML and did her best to save him, protect him, and guide him. She wholeheartedly treated him as her husband and fell for his cute personality and sincere heart.

ML was a tragic character that had autism since he was young. He encountered a lot of terrible events in his life due to his illness and it caused his autism to worsen. He was very closed off from the outside world and preferred to stay in his room. He was slightly awkward towards FL at first since he wasn't used to having someone stay by his side all the time. With FL's persistent efforts, he opened up to FL and grew attached to her. He especially liked being touched by her and touching her. The more intimate he and FL was, the happier he was as evidenced from the golden suns that would show up. He actually is a lonely wolf disguised as a milk dog towards FL. He is especially very attentive in bed activities and being intimate with FL lol.

The plot might seem confusing to read to some readers since FL saving ML meant that she had to travel to the past and change the present during that time. This means that some initial situations would change and that change also helped ML become more normal. I was honestly dissatisfied at the ending of the OGML and OGFL since they were dealt with so easily. Still, overall, this novel is cute, wholesome, and a bit... hot. <<less
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chrissy987 rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c1
Cute story. A bit repetitive. A bit of an inaccurate take on autism. The final boss was taken down in one swoop at the last bit, when there could have been opportunities to swipe back earlier.
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ReadBhell rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: Completed
When I read this novel, my intention was to cry, but throughout the whole plot the relationship of both protagonists made me very pleasant, as everything centers around the condition of Lu Jue and the fact that Ning Zhi I tried to heal him, but the part that really made me cry the most was the last mission, I felt very sorry for the Lu Thurs of that future, according to the author he has extras that talk about what happened to him, unfortunately I did not find them, I... more>> hope some day to be able to read the extras. My score is 4.0, I would give 5 stars but I think the author did not play well with the antagonists, she could exploit more and use them in a more intelligent way, in the end love triumph <<less
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Adira rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: Completed
  1. This is actually very good story, both the character of ML and MC have been portrayed beautifully. ML is shy and very submissive to our MC, while our MC is very poisonous tongue and very protective of ML. I especially like MC, when she's so straightforward with love rivals, whether it comes from her side or ML's sides. However, I took two star because of several reasons, which I will reveal in gist without trying to expose all the plots. #I have seen several scenes that somehow resembles my husband with scholar syndrome

    #Sometimes both ML and MC actions and interactions that irritated me. You will know when reading, especially when MC use ML to squirt out suns (Although, it gets better, after MC started feeling for ML) or when ML gets continuously bullied/ get stuck in situations, even stays quiet after MC ask him to complain or do something, yet he does not comply with such wishes but definitely comply when MC drags him or kiss him.

    # The author also loosed one point due to loosely execution of autism through ML, because it cannot be cured ever. However, the author has delved a system which interpret through MC and was able to cure that but still you will find lackness of autism characteristics.

    #Even though both MC and ML has HE, but for me its not satisfying level. As mentioned already due to MC certain irritating action, like getting stabbed but I guess the author like this way to lead.

    All in all good story with okay-ish (because again the novel is sending negative message that everyone likes beautiful people and ugly people are brainless and becomes villains, which is not my cup of tea. But I read it because of autism and some dog food scenes, which is also not heavy, but you can expect some heavy petting) plot lines, there are some faceslapping but it's not heavy because our MC's tongue is enough to cure brainless characters. I also love how MC and MC interacts and communicate (except that certain irritating parts) with each other and stuff us with fluffiness but not with heavy dog food.

    Definitely recommend to give it a try.
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Eliza993 rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: c82
Cute story. The female is quite smart.

... more>>

To be honest, this author cares about look a lot. Every characters keep saying how beautiful the FL and ML are.

The FL has to kiss the ML a lot, like few hundred times to collect sun points/happy points. She need that point to go back the past and fix the ML's past.

I don't understand how FL could get intimate to ML that easily, she only know him for about 2 weeks until they started to kiss constantly. And the author keep saying how good looking FL and ML are.

I have to think, if the ML or FL were ugly, where would the story go?


The author keep repeatedly saying how FL has white, small face, long legs over and over again, it made me uncomfortable.

It is extremely lookism. <<less
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September 1, 2022
Status: Completed
A very nice read.

Those who comments earlier didn't do wrong in their views.

Although its romance meter is kinda slow to move on, like 1step forward, 2steps back, this novel can still DELIVER.

I like it. Every scene is very touching, my fav is the grandma scene. Very memorable.

The bad people, face slap scene is very nicely done, except for the 'hero', where his retribution is very late, and he got very hard cover-up.

Kudos to the author. Its a good read.
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NovelCraze rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: --
To be honest it feels very shallow and the author tried too hard to make it original and interesting. I think someone mentioned it but I think my bar was set a the level of My Husband with Scholar Syndrome and reading this was disappointing at best. Probably an entertaining enough read though if you don’t think too much.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Freyalily rated it
December 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Warning, the MC are very narssacist lol

There are actually not much plot, villain kinda dumb

Although I doubt autism can be cured, but for the sake of fiction romance novel, im just gonna let it slide.

The ML in both world are very pitiful, but they each will have their own HE.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 2, 2021
Status: c112
The basic plot was a little meh but I did like the interactions between the MC and ML. Once she finished "curing" him it got boring and reading the ending felt like a chore.

Overall not a great story, I wouldn't bother reading this when there are so many good stories out there. Maybe if you're really bored and can't find anything else.
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Kirara Reiya
Kirara Reiya rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I meant to rate it 3/5 but my fat thumb betrayed me.... more>>

well, as I finished ranting here, 2/5 doesn't feel that bad


If you plan to start reading this novel, please throw logic out of the window. This novel isn't bad but it isn't that good either. I enjoyed reading it until the memory loss part..

ML: He is adorable. I want to protect him. So fluffy. Totally enjoyed the chapters when he was still having autism.

FL: I'm not really fond of her but I don't hate her. Sometimes I really questioned her action.

The ending was very meh and doesn't give me any satisfaction. It felt very rush. Especially oriML's ending. The whole story showed how he was so vicious (since he was a kid) without any bg as to why he was like that. I kid you not, his end was so abrupt that it took me a while to process.

beginning: he is so evil, he plot to kill x

end: he go to jail

it ended literally like that. He didn't get any time to shine as an antagonist in the current timeline at all 😂😂 eventho he seems so vicious compared to oriFL.

The part after ML's memory was wiped out, it just feels so meh. Everything felt so rush. The plot armor is so strong that FL's sadness just doesn't give me any emotion at all. Her life is just so smooth sailing and they live happily ever after. How meh was it for me? I read every chapters word by word before the memory wiped part and after that I just skimmed through (I did read properly the future ML part and then skimmed through again).

Like one of the reviewer pointed out,

she could probably save so much leg work by taking out Lu Shenyuan early on. I mean, she could write a letter to let Mother Lu found out about the bull, why can't she write another letter telling the truth about Shenyuan every time? Sure, it probably won't work the first time because of how much trust he gained from Father Lu and Mother Lu but like she said in the later part, she could still planted some doubt instead of keep building him as vicious villain and suddenly the end.


The author keep repeating the kisses filler (as another reviewer mentioned) and it was so repetitive almost word by word feels like copy paste from previous chapters but... change some words. Even the description for ML's body is the same every time.

I couldn't find the extra chapters, and especially curious of future ML part. My rating is only for the main story. <<less
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jungwonandjake rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: Completed
it's a very fluffy story. Though, I don't like how the author portrayed autism in this book. But I enjoyed it nevertheless. Also, the mtl is easy to comprehend.
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Hippopotamus rated it
November 27, 2022
Status: Completed
In my opinion, the storyline is a little bit confusing. When MC went back to the past to help ML, when she came back to the present, it effected what had actually happened at the present time. In fact, this concept is very interesting, but sometimes it makes me confused... Especially in the middle of the story. It's hard to describe, I think you should try to read by yourself? 🤔

But overall, this story is pretty decent. Well, as light reading, I think it's okay?
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Foolish Mysteries
Foolish Mysteries
April 23, 2022
Status: c1

I'm just gonna rant cause I felt pissed at how they bullied the ML and I'm also pissed by how the ML can't even bother to protect himself. There might be some hurtful words but yeah let me rant.

I know that the ML had some problems and is sick and needs help, however, how could they know if he wouldn't speak up? It feels frustrating seeing him just let everyone treat him like a punch bag yet he wouldn't say anything. He was described to be 'smart' yet he just feels like a f*cking fool to me. Look here, it's not like there are many bullies on Earth, it's just some people won't stand up against bullying and won't do anything just why they get more audacious. It was fortunate that the FL can go back in time and rescue him, but tf is wrong with saying something? At this point, all the FL's effort feels nothing cause he wasn't listening to her advice. Like will it kill him to speak and not let himself get hurt? It was okay for verbal abuse, yet he won't even speak up even when he was physically hurt and the FL's efforts were treated like an air. I know he had 'autism', but he looks more like an empty doll for me.

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