Married Life with Major General [Interstellar]


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Major General Moore Houston was successfully matched in marriage by the main system. The entire planet was stunned.

Everyone knew what kind of prestigious existence he was: The Imperial Marshal’s son, the empire’s youngest Major General, the planet’s most handsome ger, the planet’s goddess in the eyes of the male population……

However, he unexpectedly got matched to an unknown nobody: A 30-year-old poor teacher with nothing.

Everyone was not calm anymore.

Regarding this, a certain Ji person’s slender brows twitched indistinctly. He had just transmigrated over and they already gave him a bride. This world was really way too good.

One cold, one indifferent, who exactly fell first.

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Roro97 rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I like it! So cute ^_^. It's just as the Summary. I like the fact that both characters have "kinda" same characters. Usually I read novel one person is Cold and the other is shameless/easygoing/flirty. But this one they kinda have same temperament, which was a little new for me and exciting !

What I didn't like is just what the previous reviewer said, "their first time " I didn't like how it happened either.

And personally I was kinda scared of MC (the gong) . Cause people like him are very... more>> DANGEROUS. He is very sweet, doting, calm and all these characteristics of Healthy Lover but at the same time he can be very unhealthy. I can't begin to imagine what would happen if ML (the shou) didn't actually like him, uhn uhn I can't imagine what he will do! He is the type of lover who will cover you of honey but you don't know if the honey is for sweets or to trap you in a sticky cocoon (I'm very bad at analogy, I hope you kinda get what I'm saying, if not just skip it hahaha).
Anyway I recommend, cute novel and a change from all these heavy novel I'm reading now.. <<less
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Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a great slice of life actually, worth giving a try. I really enjoyed the role-reversal of MC being the top and ML the bottom. Though I wasn't expecting them to come together, but the cultivation theme in a modern Interstellar world really did work well. MC (gong) is a cultivator (pill refiner) who gets transmigrated to ML's (shou) world. The initial chapters might seem a bit abrupt, since the ML and MC were matched together in an arranged marriage (and the ML starts living with MC) but the... more>> later chapters show how gradually a Tsun ML opens up to our indifferent 300-year-old man MC. MC is really gentle on the surface and maintains a cordial yet alienated relationship with everyone. He treats everyone with the same perspective because of the age difference (and also being a cultivator). Later he starts opening up to ML, though subtle and not noticeable initially, but gradually he falls for ML. There are a lot of stuff I like in this one. For instance:

    1. MC truly 'respects' ML. He gives him the necessary 'spce' when the other person needs to think things out, hugs, cuddles and pays at times to appease him, but he doesn't cross the line. He always asks ML's permission. Unless ML doesn't want it, he won't force him, whether it be a simple hug, kiss or s*x.
    1. MC respects and prides himself in his partner's strengths. He isn't jealous nor overbearing or possessive. He doesn't try to show his strengths off to his partner to show his sense of superiority (but... it might as well be attributed to his indifferent personality).
    1. Both the protagonists have a tacit understanding and work out well. ML has a 'cold' personality, with a hint of arrogance due to MC's previous frugal identity and lifestyle but that doesn't mean he isn't welcome to change. MC's care changes ML, he comes to realise the importance of the others' existence, so he is later able to be intimate with him.
    1. I like the fact how they didn't 'abandon' minor characters set to be cannon fodder. Like, dad Moore and Gal (G). G was ML's third brother (his dad's current wife's lover's child) and due to the acts of the previous generation he was equally implicated.

      Well, G has good character and cares deeply for his family. Not to mention despite not having any blood relations to ML's dad, he raises him well and gives him equal status+ treatment as his own sons. Long story short he is led astray by his biological father but later on learns of the truth and repents his actions. His family doesn't blame him.

    1. Though the bun got less screen time but I enjoyed him too. I especially liked the family dynamics on this one rather than the romance.
    1. Overall it's pretty great. There are others' with the same theme but they mainly focus on face-slapping whereas this one has everything packed in it. (Though being slice-of-life it does have a much softer undertone as compared to the others, like in case of action.)
Final opinion, it's a good one. <<less
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takame rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a Ger universe set up in interstellar with a genuinely overly strong ger that has an aloof personality. Read this after craving for another interstellar OP military shou. One unique feature is adding up a #cultivation tag via #transmigration. And oh, the MC here is the top, and his ML is the all-popular, perfect, and most sought after ger of the whole insterstellar. Major Gen's fans must have been super upset about the marriage matching lol. MC is a case of #hiddenstrength. I'm such a sucker for seeming week... more>> character that turn out super kickass. Quite novel to feel the same cultivation/wuxia excitement in an interstellar backdrop. Slap 'em judgemental futuristic mobs, MC!

I like this couple's dynamics. ML is an ice beauty that turns into an awkward tsundere whenever he is with the MC and the Mc-gong, an originally detached guy behind a smiley face discovered the fun of teasing this new husband that fell from the sky. I don't mind the first time tho... the gong asks the shou his opinion all the time. Their relationship has proper growth until they became lovers for real (from being a mere marriage transaction at the start).

It sidelines as a family story as well. It's good that despite being a high standing powerful military family, the Houstons are tightly-knit, did not put on airs and is very nice. There is also relationship development between the family members that makes you feel warm.

Also, I wanted to appreciate the part that in this story, it is normal for gers to be in important/high positions in the country. Older ger-verse were never fixated on social standing but lately, I've encountered ger-verse stories that had gers as the lowest in social caste, or is treated like a woman/mere additional servant w/c a bit similar to omegas in omegaverse so this story is a fresh air for me. <<less
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HellaCe rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c85
The general story is ok, well I didn't finish it so I don't know if the secret plot will make sense... The details were less credible. The author created intelligent and powerfull characters but they don't really investigate, just wait for the disaster to happen, then wait again. Then they think about complicated conspiracy theories and wait again.

What disappointed me the most is that the MC is supposed to be a refiner, so he makes some artifacts on the first chapters and then nothing. The author promised us that he'll... more>> tinker with mecha, but no, the refining stops really early on.

Then we have the description of the world where the MC transmigrates and it's subpar. No other word. I'm near the end and I don't even know if there are skyscrapers of forests on it. It was as vague as the description of the interstellar period. All descriptions are nonexistent, the worlds, the technology, the culture, the food, even the face of people (well some have hair or eye color)... And please explain to me how they can survive in space without a suit of some kind? So the author unfold the story but never set the stage nor sweat the details.

I'll stop the criticism at the MC and ML, but I could write way more...

So MC is indifferent, like said in the summary. He's the wait and see character, he's OP and doesn't care about anything. Of course, he doesn't communicate, he just smiles. He thinks the ML is a cute child and takes advantage of him while drunk. Kinda disgusting, yes.

The ML is cold and doesn't communicate either. When ML speaks to him, he never answers and turns his head or his eyes... Sooo annoying!! But at least his personnality is better developped. The author does explain his thoughts, his needs and his doubts. A pity only the ML has a shape and everything else is up to your imagination. <<less
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Xienatzhu rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: --
World of Ger and Men (Mpreg) ~ do give it a shot!! Translation can be found on foxaholic 🤍 it's a feel good OP kind of story with an exciting plot!
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June 28, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a lovely story with couple growth.


I didn't like the way their firsttimehappened I think it would have been much better if Moor couldrememberor at least consent clearly

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thebadgirl05 rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: c41
It's a good story to pass the time and quite a light read. MC's steadfastness is quite commendable. Usually, in most BL stories, the seme is the one with the cold personality paired with another who's either shameless or just lively.

Here, ML (uke) can be at best described as a tsundere. MC (seme) is detached and has a sense of alienation to the new world.

Also, the mix of cultivation in an interstellar story isn't that common and I'd say this is just the second or third one I'm reading or... more>> have read with this genre. <<less
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AdalSaira rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Me: searching for extra chapter frantically looking for more fluff.

Also me: first time feeling like slapped by a mouthful of dog food by fluff. Life of single is really... miserable~ 🙂

(It is fundamentally different between 'slapped' and 'voluntarily eating' dog food which I have been doing for so many years. This feel of singleness if unfathomable)

... more>> Only read this once this time so I can't give accurate review as I am usually read at least two or three times before I can grasp the whole point of a story.

But, oh well, so be it 😁

Ok, so seriously 🤨 I think this story is too short🤷

The ranking of cultivation not explained so well but it seem this not revolve in cultivation so whatever. I already read enough cultivation story to know it all.

The couple is cute. Their first time of course not commendable but fortunately at that time both of them already like each other so I am trying to let it go.

The MTL is quite easy to read too.

After this if I say too much it will become a spoiler but I am too lazy to put a warning so let you guys read this first.

I am going. Bye bye~ 🙏 <<less
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eredffe rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: Completed
i give it a solid 4.5

its a well written story with a little angst. I like the leads very much. Tho I failed to understand a few parts beacause I mtled. I will wait for it to be translated then read it again.
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Common_people rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: Completed
4, 5 stars

It's good. The POV from gong perspective isn't my favorite. But this one is good. I kinda feel weird about this mix cultivation Interstellar genre at first. But everything is well written. Just.. I feel the main couple is too OP until I feel somewhat unreal.
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caicaicat rated it
January 6, 2023
Status: c77
I will update my review when I finish for real, just leaving my thoughts so I don't forget my first impression.

I read all the translated chapters, idk why I thought it was actually complete bc it's not yet. I tried the MTL bc it was like high stakes when I finished the translated chaps and I didn't want to cliffhanger like that but I'll probably wait to read the translation over finishing with the MTL.

... more>>

Password for the project can be found on the translator's coffee page


it's not bad. Seems like sky beyond sky, plots beyond plots style of story. So I don't know how the mystery reveals yet but I'm enjoying it so far.

It seems that ML has his reasons for why he became shut off from others and uncomfortable with intimacy. MC is similar, he spent so many years focus on one thing in the cultivation world that it's like his connection with people slowly dried up and died off. I think both characters are surprised at how they connect with the other and it's nice for them that they have a reason to try people again.

I think it's funny how this guy who looks 30 but has lived for over 300something years keeps calling everyone including like 100something old men oh these wacky kids what haven't I seen before.

I hope that the secret plot doesn't let me down in the end. <<less
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November 3, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a good read, and a reverse one, the gong Ji Feng is the sunny and calm transmigrator to Interstellar world and Moore Houston is the cold shou. Not omegaverse but empreg.
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erialolita rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: Completed
The beginning until about chapter 55 was a solid 4 for me, then until chapter about 97, the plot became tiring, predictable and boring. The last 10 chapters were really cute and I'm always a sucker for a happy ending.

As another pointed out, I did absolutely love and apprciate how the author made it normal for gers to have their own careers, be strong, hold high positions etc, hard to find in mpreg novels. One thing I didn't get is the pregnancy though ... more>>

the author says the father has to be around the dad frequently while a ger is pregnant or things could go bad but when the MC meet the original body's first love he was divorced and without the father so..... how does that work. Also doesn't make sense that they have to be around each other all the time. It was a weird plot point that felt unnecessary, especially since the MC was clingy anyway.


I had conflicting feelings for our MC, in the beginning I loved him, but then his character just started to get on my nerves, then when they had their first time I was even more disappointed. He does get a bit better as the novel goes on, but for someone who has lived for 300 years he was kind of dumb. Another user complained about his mecha refining being forgotten about and for the most of the novel it is, but it does make a cameo at the end. I do wish the author did more with the refining aspect though, it was a very interesting idea. Also MC looks up everything he wants to know but never looks up how gers have babies, just awkwardly stares at MC's stomach.

ML was a tsundere but there is a reason for it and he grows through the novel. I was impressed with his characterization. Not a big fan of easily shy shous, but liked him a lot by the end of the novel.

What I did love is their relationship progression felt more natural than most danmei novels. The author showed them slowly warming up to each other and falling for each other, now if the author just rewrote their first time it would be perfect.

MC gets ML drunk and has s*x with him. Didn't fit the MC's character set up, he was all for not doing anything the ML didn't want but then does goes for the questionable consent route? I'm not usually someone who gets upset at drunk s*x in novels, not that I like it either, but if it fits in the plot okay. This though, just was so ooc for MC and it felt uncomfortable.


The side characters were ok. The mini villain was gross and not sure why we had to deal with him as long as we did. The main villain was obvious but kind of anticlimactic. The one I wish had it better was poor Gal. I could see a whole novel of Gal rebirthing and doing things different, I want better for him

also his outburst at the end was a little WTF, he admired his brothers and even admitted that he wasn't close with his dad, but then, after his dad died all of a sudden he was close with him? I mean I know that the big baddie was behind his blackening but it was too quick. I would have liked to see more grievances from him earlier in the novel to show that he had black spots already, to show a progression. After everything is said and done he of course sees the error of his ways and runaway in shame in an exchange program, never to be heard from again.


The ML family's was a good touch, I enjoyed them especially the cheesy ending

ML's dad who they all thought died in the blackhole was saved by the MC in the end. This of course comes after saving the brother who is MIA for 90% of the novel lol. So in the end the family is complete, minus Gal 😥, so yay (mostly) happy ending!


Translation was good, MTL is mostly readable. Reading the authors notes I think the author was having a hard time in real life so maybe that is the drop in quality in the middle? <<less
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Katielicious rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: --
It's a rant people.

As others have said, the beginning is good. The tension between the couple is appealing. There is a lot of political intrigue to be unpacked. But somewhere along the line, the plot starts lagging. It's no longer about power struggles but a mysterious transmigrator destroying the world.

Marshal, Moore's father, was my least favorite character the whole book. I strongly dislike characters that deny others their autonomy in the name of protecting them. Not only did the Marshal hide the truth for 20yrs, he perpetuated Moore's trauma over... more>> his dad's death. Furthermore, even with all the Marshal's knowledge of the insidious king & cultivators, his cautious & indecisive nature affected all 3 of his children. He was an incompetent politician and father. <<less
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