Marriage Under the Heavens


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She was cruel and spicy, cold and pitiless, a notorious witch. It was said that she used her virginity as a way to cultivate evil spirits. Everyone wanted to kill her, and everyone hated her.

Facing people’s slander, injustice, and disgust, she smiled charmingly, she smiled enchantingly.

She was dressed in ravishing red with rosy red lips teasing young men, seducing the royal uncle, playing the imperial court, bringing down the imperial concubines, bullying royal women….

She was a poppy watered with blood in the soil of intrigue.

The world said she was too cruel to cry, but who knew that the red mole under her eye was a drop of dried blood tears!

Who knew that under this seductive skin, was the world’s purest and cleanest soul!

When love was betrayed, when loyalty was slain, just watch as she cuts through the dark clouds with her sharp edges. With her bare hands, she overcame the world.

When everything fell apart, who was here watching her act against the world? Destroying lives, only to give her a marriage under the heavens?

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rainydayromantic rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Well, this story is painful and tragic. For the most part this is a very sad story. The ending is ... more>>

a happy one in the extras, but there's not much sweetness in the main text.


The author's style includes a lot of flowery prose and they spend an awful lot of words describing the atmosphere and people of every scene in poetic terms, that ultimately ends up bogging down the story. It's a very slow story, only picks up in the last 40-50 chapters (out of ~200) so be prepared for a lot of set-up and a verrry complicated backstory before the action ever starts.

Complaints aside, the plot is compelling and the characters are well-constructed. I enjoyed seeing all the major players' character development as the reasons for their actions are revealed. I can tell the author is talented, but this one was a miss for me. <<less
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