Marriage in Corrosive Love


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If Shen Qingkong knew that Mu Linxuan married her just for her face similar to his first love, she wouldn’t marry him no matter how much she loved him!
This might be a wrong marriage, but how could she just give up her love for him so easily?
Who would be the final winner in this corrosive love?…

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New Crazy_memo rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: c36
If you are thinking to read this novel then don't read it except if you are masoshes it's not a simple novel with lovely dovy the male lead excessively yandere

The ML is selfish bastard and doesn't afraid of low at all
Spoiler :
he did cruel heartless things to FL as raping her, And after she almost lost her life together with the fetus, that moment he accepted to divorce her, her dad died out of anger because of ML old sl*t sweetheart and although the ML seems to... more>> know he didn't avenge her. There is dirty scene the ML having s*x with his mistress infront FL dad greave but maybe it's the FL imagination but I don't believe it's imagination

after 5 years He is back and making horrible ways and threaten her with innocent people life (he make her fiancée and a doctor almost eaten by shark) just to make her get back to him

oh I forgot to mention that she tried to adopt a pitiful 5 year boy but he snatched him and adopted him

if I were her I would rather kill myself than being with bastard like him

i can forgive every thing except what he did infront her father grave I cant take it out of my mind it made me sick <<less
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