Maou ~ Sou da, Yuusha wo Yome ni shiyou ~


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In this world, there existed a demon king. Inside one of the two major nations, the king of the Athena Empire invited a hero to go subjugate the demon king.

Sensing the movement of the hero’s party, the demon king got a little angry.

Even though I’m diligently managing my country, why do I have to be subjugated? I don’t understand the reasoning.

And also I got a question for the Hero and his party. Why is the hero the commander for the Athena royal army? Why didn’t the top brass come? And also why is everyone, other than the hero, female? is it a harem? – So absurd.

And so, the demon king made a decision.

If the hero comes, I’m going to harass the heck out of him –

For the gallant hero headed to subjugate the demon king, and the dissatisfied demon king who lied in wait for the hero, soon their fated (love) will begin.

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Demon King ~That's It, Let's Marry the Hero~
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11/22/18 Sukinanokanaa c3 part1
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09/20/18 Sukinanokanaa c2 part2
12/28/17 Pretty Princess... c2 part1
04/09/17 Pretty Princess... c1 part4
04/09/17 Pretty Princess... c1 part3
03/24/17 Pretty Princess... c1 part2
03/11/17 Pretty Princess... c1 part1
03/11/17 Pretty Princess... prologue
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Charon the Seer
Charon the Seer rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: v1c4
The translation is well done, the characters, with what little has been given, are fleshed out and interesting.

Though the 'demons' seem to be just another race of humans, except they're dark mages rather than light mages.

Five stars because there isn't enough written to give a more precise rating. I look forward to reading more.
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