Maou Reijou no Kyouiku Gakari


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Frey has been fired from the academy after being set up by his colleague.

He receives a job offer from a mysterious maid.

The job offer is to be a tutor to the five daughters of the Demon King!

At first, they didn’t trust him to be taught by a human, but as he demonstrates his abilities, he begins to gain the trust of the Demon King’s daughters.

Frey’s new life as an educator under one roof with five cute girls who are different in personality, but problematic girls begins!

Associated Names
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The Demon King's Educator -The common teacher who has been exiled from the Brave Academy becomes a private teacher for the Devil's daughters-
魔王令嬢の教育係 ~勇者学院を追放された平民教師は魔王の娘たちの家庭教師となる~
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AzukaMin rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: v2c10
It's as good as I thought, maybe even better. MC is, well he's fine. He's a completely normal human being, but for some people, he may ends up as your typical dense protagonist, romance-ly speaking. But not really, he has a clear line of a Teacher and Student, which I'm not gonna lie, we wouldn't like it that much lol. I mean, what kind of degenerate wouldn't want to see an immoral relationship of a Teacher and Student? Lmao. No other else in the story to judge anyway, only the... more>> teacher, his pupils, some maids of the Demon King, Demon King himself and his wives after all which I'm sure most of you knows where are they going. Except only for the Demon King. Poor old man lol.

Anyway, I just hope the author makes more good progress on their relationships. I just love the second sister. She's very defensive towards MC at first, and she's full of shipping flags at this point.

MC has a mysterious background which where I'm also intrigued at.

It's just beginning to be uncovered by the time I'm writing this. His family seems to be involved with the demons at the war of human and demon and no one knows except for himself and some upper-ranks in the demon branch.

The author also recently get back at this novel after leaving it for about a year, which is a delightful news for sure. Also he said that he rewrite older chapters (mainly right before v2) to better match the new story he has in mind. <<less
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