Mandarin Orange, Kotatsu, And A Found Cat


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It was winter.
On the way home from work with chilly winds, I found an abandoned cat in a back alley.
The distance between the cat and me which I unexpectedly picked up slowly grows closer as spring comes.
One day, however, she suddenly becomes a “she”…

“Good morning. Breakfast is ready.”
“Welcome home. I’ve heated the bath for you.”
“Good night. Can I hold your hand and sleep with you today?”

When I came home, I lived with a cat. Before I knew it, my days had turned into days of being pampered by her.
This is the story of an ordinary, kind man and a cat that he found. The warm daily life of a man who never changes and a cat who is worthy of his time.
A sweet and gentle love comedy about the two.

Associated Names
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Mikan to Kotatsu, Soreto Hiroi Neko-sama
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mfssir rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: c18
the synopsis quite interisting, so I decide to give it a read. I check the raw from syosetsu because I cant wait ok

Here my spoiler after read 18 chapter, I dont really serious when read it because I just want to know about story continuation

... more>>

so he named his cat mashiro, and the romcom will start around chapter 16 because mashiro will turn into a girl, here some from ch16

"Welcome back, Mr. Sato"

"Oh, I'm fine now."

Reaching for Mashiro's head, who greeted me on my way home today as well.

And, with a feeling of gratitude to the fullest, gently stroke the silky hair ──

"......... e?"

The one I reached out to was not a cat with pure white coat that was comfortable to the touch.

──It was a cute silver-haired girl in a shirt, sitting on the floor and staring at me.

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Faceless1 rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c45
This is a really sweet story from what I've read so far.

What starts off as a very wholesome story about a tired salaryman picking up an abandoned cat. The first 20 or so chapters are essentially focused on the happy times he has looking after his new cat Mashiro and how both of their lives improve due to the other being in them.

It turns out that Mashiro is actually a catgirl and had taken the kitten form until she could trust the MC. What follows is more wholesome and fluffy... more>> scenes as they spend fun times together and improving their relationship as they go. They both end up helping each other to a more healthy point in their lives.

It's a wonderfully sweet story that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. <<less
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Anggi17 rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: c20
If I have to be honest, this story is beyond what I expected.

Have you ever imagined that your empty life ended up feeling really good just because of something you were really looking forward to at home? Or have you ever felt tired and exhausted from work, it disappeared as soon as you got home and was greeted very well?

That's how this story is, a very simple and full of what we all normally experience as tired and weary working adults but it becomes different after a pet that is... more>> picked up becomes a reason why a person's life can change for the better. Believe it or not this story has a little bit of reality in everyday life, and you need to know that animals also have feelings just like humans. What is described at the beginning of the chapter to chapter 17 more or less tells how someone becomes very cheerful just because of the cat he picked up, to some people this story may sound very boring, and it has a point. I may be a little biased just because the story tells about real life, but for me this is very important because this story is not just about a dry romance story. At the beginning of the chapter about meeting, at first I thought it would be like a romance story that always exists in novels, but what I didn't expect was a trivial thing that sometimes happened, and that's the strong point of this story, taking a human instinct towards something we didn't expect and making it the beginning of character development is very crucial. However, I'm still a bit skeptical about how this transformation will work given that there isn't a single sufficient explanation

Overall, the story so far is still interesting enough to invest your time and how this heartwarming theme works very well in this story

One thing I can learn from this story is, "No matter how small or how much kindness you give to animals, They have feelings that will definitely understand you and will do anything to return the favor to you"

GG for the author <<less
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