Male God is Mine!!


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“Drip – sensing a strong will to survive,”

“Drip – reading brain waves -”

“Drip – checking to see if it meets the requirements -”

“Drip – requirements are met, invading brain waves -”

“5—4—3—2—1 successful invasion”

“Host Hello! I am the upgraded version of the Raiders System No. 0051, I am very happy to serve you, then we will get along for a long, long time~ I hope we get along!”

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midnightfantasy rated it
October 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay so I finished MTLed this long ago and I still like to re-read some of the arcs sometimes.

I have to say, it comes out as bland at first, since MC is lacking in interpersonal skill, but after some time she turns out to be decent.

What I like most about MC is, she's consistent and not easily get swayed. She has her own principles and morale. Her sole goal is to have a second life, but that doesn't make her throw away her moral or whatsoever. There are also times... more>> when she didn't end up with the oriML since she despised their action.

The MLs are different on each arc and our MC doesn't easily falls for them. But she's not that heartless either, she still holds affection for some and even falls in love with sone of the ML if I remember correctly (i think she has her memories blurred or erased after her mission so she can manage to go through). Actually after some time, you can find that she always attracted with pure ML (or man, since she sometimes ends up with someone other than ML) and she has special soft spot for children. This is one of her consistent style that I like XD

MLs are different on each arc. But

she'll eventually end up with one of them when she finished all of her mission. Apparently he was a demon lord and the ONLY ML that can sense that she doesn't really love him and can distinguish her from her copy (when a mission is completed, she will leave immidiately leaving a copy to continue her life). He exhausted thousands years of his cultivation to find the real her, and finally they met on her 'real' life <3


System is not bad, honestly the only problem is maybe the clumsiness. And MC also have quite a bond with her system. And also, there's actually a book about the system too in which she became a human and transmigrates as well. She even met MC in her transmigration adventures! (Idk why I sound like I'm promoting this book)

Anyway, this one is a decent read and it doesn't have much chapters as well. Pretty much one of a good QT! <<less
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dekadai rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTL'd this story. The stories were relatively simple and short. Only one of the stories was 30+ chapters, most were around 15-20 chapters. Not a lot of suspense about how the FL would get the ML. I liked the variety of worlds. The FL was pretty simple but wasn't a mary sue or too OP, the MLs were interesting for the most part. I was kinda surprised about who ended up being the main ML though. The one thing I wish had been covered was more of the FL's... more>> background and why she was "special" and experimented on in her original world. Overall, it was a fun and short read. <<less
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Bears111 rated it
September 22, 2020
Status: c5
The first arc ended within 5/6 chapters so it was hard to tell who the MC is, I suppose there's an arc to be had with her building a personality after living as a test subject. However, I don't think there'll be a good build up with 5 chapters per arc. As it is right now, the plot moves extremely fast and isn't really substantial and the romance is very shallow- if you even consider that a romance. Which really goes against the title lol. There's really no build up-... more>> and I find that I must emphasize this- and I feel that the first arc was very telling of the future 'romance'. As the MC only has to treat the ML decently and look pretty and he's 100% in love. <<less
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