Maken no Daydreamer (LN)


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The MC (Minato) is a college student who died in a plane crash and was reincarnated in a fantasy world. He was raised alone in the wilderness by his succubus mother, and now he tries to make his way as an adventurer.

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Maken no Daydreamer ~Demon Fist Daydreamer~
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Maken no Daydreamer (WN) (Web Novel)
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04/07/17 EnTruce v1c1
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plsRespawn rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: c50
I was reading the Webnovel, but since that group seems to be dead I decided to write the review here. I'm sure the LN is pretty close. I actually thought the story was pretty interesting... sure it has some weird elements at the beginning with the Mom, but it didn't fall into the typical stupid romance fair that a lot of LN's fall into (MC gets the girl early, relationship settled no stupid middle school syndrome through the whole novel), the story was pretty interesting for an OP MC, the... more>> supporting characters (family, love interest, various people along the way) had interesting turns to their story elements. All-in-all the worst part about the WN was the English translating team honestly... It was really bad both the translation and equally the personal comments by the team that were in almost every paragraph. That was especially true about the first couple of Chapters.

The even more curious thing is that the manga is doing really well, and is usually in the top 50 to 100 or so for all manga on Mangarock, so there is an audience that would be interested in the continuation of this series I would think. In any case all this is basically for hoping that an interested translator ends up picking up this diamond up again so we can continue the story. (Sigh tired of falling into the trap of half completed translations for stories) <<less
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Hendro rated it
May 9, 2019
Status: --
Fantasy shounen type novel, really good. Despite the cliche beginning the story actually goes ahead to become better later, autho makes sure there is no loose ends and all mysteries are explained even the cause for MC reincarnation.

About the heroines honestly they aren't my type at all either their appearence or their personalities but even so I have to admit they have their own charm and are pretty realistics (for japanese girls) ((definitly not the choroi doll heroine)), BUT the best girl of this story will always be his... more>> mother Lilyn.

MC despite being strong at the start it's not without reason as he spent his whole childhood learning fighting skills with his mother and he's still far from being at his mother level (strongest level of the world) until VERY MUCH later in the novel where he taps on his bloodlines powers after facing a lot of world crises events and this is where the shounen comes into the play which honestly is almost unique since recently fantasy novels is all about MCs leading easy life, changing the world with their "japanese knowlege", making a harem of choroi heroines who are the most beautiful girls of the world or getting stronger out of nowhere...

MC personality is actually developed with time with him maturing through the events he experience color me surprised.

So yeah this novel is actually great full of potential, it's a wonder why no one is translating this yet... <<less
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rusticsoldier rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: v1
This has been around for awhile. Not sure why it has never gone further than this in being translated.

The MC seems to be a typical idiot Japanese male afraid of sex. And it also seems like he is deliberately stupid.

Despite how irritating the MC is. The story itself is rather interesting. I actually applaud the author on creating this unstable story and keeping it interesting.

World building it runs on assumptions we would have about a fantasy novel and doesn't even address it.
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