Maid’s Dignity


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Daisy Smith, a maid in the Imperial Palace with 7 years of experience.

One day, she gets acquainted with a half-noble knight, whom she met while talking behind the emperor’s back.

Daisy’s relationship with him was somewhere in between a friend and lover, somewhat undefined.

They continued their relationship, sharing subtle feelings with each other.

But he’s actually the emperor of the empire?

Daisy, who wanted to live a normal and happy life with a stable job rather than a fancy but complicated imperial life, pushed him away, but…….

“You can dump me a hundred or a thousand times. If you just promise me that you won’t leave me completely.”

“But I’m just a commoner maid.”

“I love you, Daisy. With all my soul.”

This man, why on earth is he so sweet!

A classy work life or a sweet romance, which one should I choose?

A romance that overcomes one’s status,

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하녀의 품격
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