Mai Kitsune Waifu


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Humanoid beast? Ahem…. Humanoid beast….

Because a female immortal sealed a mischievous and sly fox spirit into his right hand, ordinary senior high school student Liu Yi henceforth began his extraordinary journey as a immortal practitioner.

The fox spirit said:

“The prettiest girls in the class, the daughters of rich families, the evil female cult members, the beautiful women in the world of immortals? All these beauties are no longer a dream!

Come, become an immortal and even a diaosi could counterattack!

Come, become an immortal and kill all of the tall, rich and handsome!

Come, become an immortal and capture all the beauties!”

“Liu Yi, I said to capture all the beauties; not to capture me! Hey! Stop!”

Mai Kitsune Waifu average rating 3.8/5 - 280 user ratings
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My Fox Immortal Wife
My Fox Spirit Wife
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New jordansainvil
December 11, 2017
Status: --
Their is few authors I hate more then this one. Perhaps giving this novel a 1 star is to much but right now as I'm writing this review I am fuming.

Their is a character named Ma yaxuan who hates the MC for seemingly no reason even to the point of wanting to kill him, but the MC knowing this always tries to put up the most infuriating excuses why he can't kill her. It's so dumb it hurts to read. Every time our Retarded, Mentally handicapped MC sees a Women who wants to kill him he always shows the most excessive mercy often getting hurt brutally but never actually fighting back. The comedy is mis placed in every fight, especially when he's fighting a women. If you don't want to read about one of the Dumbest MC ever written then don't read this novel.

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mukkaar rated it
January 16, 2016
Status: --
Funny and annoying at same time. MC has worst personality ever, coward, retard and overall just has some mental issues. Aside from that its enjoyable.
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ninthlite rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
The novel is fairly good in the aspect of the girls who are interesting and not as flat as many harems are. However the author has a tendency to insert masturbatory events, where the main character astounds and shames people who look down on him by utilizing his cheats. I tend to skip these chapters because they just make me cringe. The main character is a bit retarded, however so far I personally have not seen it become a huge problem yet. Edit: So far I have not seen any... more>> events like this for awhile so I just hope this was a early phase, however the novel still is a 7.5/10 in my book.

7.5/10 stars <<less
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AHKoT rated it
January 3, 2017
Status: Completed
The best thing about this novel is the MC's growth. You will watch his journey as his personality gradually changed. At first you will see a innocent boy who try to uphold justice and can always see the goodness in people's heart. Enough that he would willing to spare someone who tried to kill him. As time passed he realises that such thing do not exist and while he still trying to preserve the justice he is willing to do great thing to protect what precious to him.
... more>>

He can even go as far as kill the innocent people for his loved one.


There also a lot of cons in it. And these cons make me extremly mad, especially in the later arcs and seriously I would have rated it 5 if it isnt because it. Those cons are mostly because of the harem though.....

It was extremly rushed and ramdom girl just suddenly appear and will be quickly forgortten. Like half of them only appear in only 1 arc and never show up again. Moreover due to these randomly popped up girls, the other earlier girls who the author actually develop their characters in a good way dont have enough time to make an apperances and ALSO make them forgotten too.


Anyway enough ranting but it so pitiful for this novel because if not for the reason above this would make it a perfect piece of work.

There are also a lot of forced situation and dropped plot too.

But in the end I do recommend you guy to read this novel because....... well most of you dont expect romance in xianxia anyway (I mean aren't the girls are just moving vase :V), Xianxia is more about the growth of the main character to become something else and just seeing the change in MC make me want to read this book again and again. This is one of the thing that the author did right in this novel. <<less
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jfnac rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: c149
Ok, I have to admit that our MC is really annoying at first but his personality grew better and better. The only problem is the typical idiot MC about love.

The MC at least already gave his first kiss, but he is still an idiot about women's feelings. And he kill bad people now.

The history in my opinion have a lot of potential and is gonna to be better in the future but the translator's speed is really slow, so is gonna take a lot of time. Actually, the history is... more>> so much better in contrast with the begining but have a long way to go.

You have to read to now that this novel is very good. In my opinion, is one of my favorites in this genre because is truly other point of view (cultivation techniques in the real world) and this history have a lot of things that made funny moments and good MC perfomance (obviously most of them in the last chapters). I truly recomend this novel for people who want to try something new and have patience with the MC's growth (*cough*...*cough*... and some mental problems). XD <<less
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Reugros14 rated it
March 1, 2016
Status: --
The story premises are good, at least for now, the MC is like your JP MC, coward, retard, holds some damn sense of justice and guilt conscience along with being a dense blockhead.

Other than that, the story moves really slow compared to MBT, which happens to be written by same author. Still the power systems are somewhat better than other modern xianxia stories, therefore judging from pros and cons, it’s worth giving a read if you’re sick of your as-usual xianxia MC’s, which I am.
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Weed2 rated it
March 8, 2017
Status: --
You'll need to have patience and go through around 100 chapters as I got really annoyed by the MC's cowardly personality in the beginning. (really annoying to the point that I felt like tearing the MC and his grandpa apart whenever he starts saying, "My grandpa...").

Aside from that (and that this MC is a blockhead when it comes to figuring the feelings of the girls around him), I really enjoy the comedy aspect and the MC's growth. Something that you might want to try if you want a different... more>> xianxia MC. <<less
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Tarlos rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: c200
Novel gets really good if you're able to sit through 100ish chapters. Beginning is quite a chore to read. Pretty much 95% of the characters are annoying as hell when they're first introduced. It's like taking those overly exaggerated anime characters and putting them into a realistic environment.

... more>>

Some completely unrealistic characters that got on my nerves:

    1. Random police lady keeps on wanting to fight the MC when she realises he's pretty strong. Like she literally chased him around shouting at him to fight. This happens really, really frequently.
    1. MC and a few other people about to be killed by a serial killer. MC fights the serial killer and is about to finish him off. Then this strong ice girl appears and calls MC a murderer, while protecting the serial killer. MC explains to her that the person she's protecting is a serial killer who's killed many people, but she willfully ignores it and keeps trying to kill MC. What's even more annoying is according to some spoilers she's a harem member. *Eyeroll*
    1. The girl the MC used to like told her boyfriend (who's a gangster) to break the MC's legs, for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, and throughout the story she keeps setting the MC in traps even though he was nice to her the whole time. What the hell?

There's plenty of other annoying characters that I just mentally bar out (*cough* almost all other characters). All characters behave as if they're high on stimulants and it seems like in this world any conflict, no matter how trivial, must lead to someone being crippled or killed.


The author's writing is really messy. There's always multiple plot lines going on at once, and none of them end cleanly. When one problem gets resolved, the root of said problems are never eliminated and they cause more problems. There's a few incidents where MC has no problems killing the antagonist's bodyguards and such, but leaves those antagonists alive (even when he's in disguise and can't be tracked). Very similar story to My Beautiful Teacher, which is by the same author. If you like one, you'll like the other. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
poli rated it
July 10, 2016
Status: c88
Honestly I wanted to leave this with a funny review like "people need to keep in mind is that this is actually a paradoxical tale about a man who follows every single moral his grandfather ever preached just because his grandfather had multiple women, even though everything his grandfather preached makes him a terrible square and hinders his attempts at flirting 100% of the time he takes the morals to heart.". Because this author does write good comedy to some extent and it is fun.

But honestly this would be a... more>> much more fun work if not for your typical "every single antagonist, even after being beaten bloody, refuses to back down and instead doubles or triples or quadruples down on the antagonism" thing. It really drags things out and is just exhausting. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Saggi87 rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: --
I love this novel very much, it's is funny and action packed. Has great characters with great personality. The MC is annoying in the beginning but grows on you. I guarantee if you read the first 50 chapter you will absolutely be hooked
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 11, 2017
Status: c112
The MC is unlikable, he is painfully dense. He treats those around him poorly and using grandpa saying to justify stuff he does. He can use a technique to learn information fast but is clueless about stuff that should be common knowledge. Everything is too easy ie new techniques, powers, people coming to his aid all just happens. He is a giant hypocrite!
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