Magician of Insa-Dong


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Ancient remains and artifacts with special powers hidden all over the world.

And the world’s only magician Han Jinho’s artifact appraisal, crafting and ancient remains explorations.

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인사동 마법사
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Date Group Release
02/08/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c29
02/03/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c28
02/01/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c27
02/01/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c26
02/01/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c25
02/01/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c24
02/01/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c23
02/01/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c22
02/01/18 KobatoChanDaiSuki c21
12/28/17 KobatoChanDaiSuki c20
12/24/17 KobatoChanDaiSuki c19
12/23/17 KobatoChanDaiSuki c18
12/22/17 KobatoChanDaiSuki c17
12/21/17 KobatoChanDaiSuki c16
12/20/17 KobatoChanDaiSuki c15
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freedomace rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: c6
Too early to say that this novel is good. But until it came to chapter 6, it was deliver good nuance of mystery, psychological pressure and world building. So far the MC isn't type of dense, too kind, or can't read situation nonsense, has clear focus and direction. I can say it feel real, like what people in real world would do. The character not 2d, but multi dimension even the supporting character, or the passer by. Hopefully the quality continue to entire series.
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Alundric rated it
February 2, 2018
Status: c27
Read it up to ch27.


It's amusing. There is essence in story and plot. The person description is deep. And the world building is pacing slowly and fluidly according with the story revealed.


Slow pace story with repeating information at every corner of each chapter. Screen through this novel won't let you missed much information.


Story - 4/5 - attractive

Plots - 3.5/5 - good enough

Character depicted - 4/5

Pace - 1.5/5

Flow - 1/5 (repetitive info ruin it)

Overall 2.5-3/5 good for easy reading.
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