Magic Robot Aluminare


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A boy named Eldo, who is reincarnated with memories from his previous life in Japan, likes to operate Robots. He had been living in a remote village unrelated to any machines.

One day, while usually hunting using his magic, he unexpectedly fell and got lost only to discover the humanoid robot [Aluminare].

He thought that this is a fantasy world of Sword and Magic, subjects that draws out one’s preferences, Eldo’s heart began to beat so fast at the thought of becoming a pilot.

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Sorcery Arms Armunaire
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Knights & Magic (1)
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09/03/17 epyontranslations c7 part4
08/20/17 epyontranslations c7 part3
07/30/17 epyontranslations c7 part2
07/30/17 epyontranslations c7 part1
05/01/16 epyontranslations c6 part5
04/25/16 epyontranslations c6 part4
04/25/16 epyontranslations c6 part3
02/29/16 epyontranslations c6 part2
02/22/16 epyontranslations c6 part1
12/29/15 epyontranslations c5 part4
12/29/15 epyontranslations c5 part3
12/14/15 epyontranslations c5 part2
11/16/15 epyontranslations c5 part1
11/10/15 epyontranslations c4 part4
11/05/15 epyontranslations c4 part3
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MondoX rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: --
The MC is able to use magic, but is more interested in robots. The MC is a re-incarnated being, so his use of magic seems to be above others at a young age. He was able to survive against an Aluminare and I can only imagine how great he could become using magic. Yet, he is more interested in piloting Aluminares. As a pilot using an Aluminare was trying to kill the MC, somehow both the MC and his enemy were having a casual conversation like they were old buddies.... more>> It seems like conflicts in this story will not be taken seriouly, so I might as well drop this series. <<less
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