Magic Love Ring


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Song Yan, a senior high school student, lost his parents when he was a child. Before obtaining a mysterious and amazing ring, he has been often plunged into a vulnerable position and easily marginalized. However, his life is changed because of the cryptic ring.

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Tao Yun Shen Jie
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8Psycho rated it
October 8, 2018
Status: c7
Standard Chinese Wishfulfillment Story.

System that is neither consistent nor logical in any way. Lucky draw - easiest way for author to pull stuff out of his ass.

ret*rded (this time literally - 60IQ) protagonist, will brag about his abilities that he neither deserved nor worked for. And by bragging he gets more points, of course.
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Senpai07 rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: c247
Too many plot armor... MC has too much luck that it is now irritating...

... more>>

For example MC just thought that he need strong subordinates... After a few words later he draw a power that ens*aves other and become his puppet...

Another one still related to puppets... At first he can only ens*ave 1 person per day then he encounter many enemy if im not mistaken 7 or 8 enemies and beat them... He wants to ens*aved them but he can only ens*ave 1 person per day then ask his system if how many he can s*ave if he upgrade it and the system said he can ens*ave 10 person per day...


I am still reading it hopefully the plot will get better... <<less
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Jack ass
Jack ass rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: --
Absolutely horrible. After reading some chapter I had some expectation. But my expectation was completely crushed. The thing that MC can travel through worlds and gains power, well, I appreciate this but if this novel was based on more real world than the other worlds it would have been a great novel. And I don't understand why the MC has so many skills but cant use it properly in a single chapter such as ... more>>

when the MC got the piano skills

you should use it you know. Believe me I even thought MC has forgotten that he has that skills. And if I use one sentence to describe this novel then I have to say that this novel is based on fu*king women. Literally it was the case can you believe I couldn't even count that how many women this man fu*ked. Two word to describe this novel- COMPLETE SHIT. <<less
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White Dragon
White Dragon rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: Completed
Enjoyed it throughout. Rating 4 stars.

Cons: horrible translation, Lot of small plot holes, too many dialogues for 1d arrogant young master villians, rushed ending.

Pros: Funny, amazing worlds with fantastic adventures, plus epic face slapping, scoldings, great fights.

However, the best part is the way the hero makes the villians havehheadaches and cough blood from anger. His schemes and powerful revenge whenever he is weaker and taking action against stronger opponents, plus him scolding them is a treat.
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