Madame Song Is Looking For Some Trouble


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Gu Mian was getting married to Song Huaiyan, a cold young CEO she had met only once.
Her elegant white gown trailed down the red carpet; Malbec was whirling in the wine glass. She had become Madame Song, the throne of thousands of young girls’ dreams.
However, she found she was increasingly unable to control herself: from her torso, her limbs, her tongue, her throat, to her heart, which leaned more and more towards her newly-married husband.
“Please complete the mission and continue to look for trouble!” the voice of Trouble-Making System rang out in Gu Mian’s mind. “This is the way you can control your body, and the price you have to pay for your reincarnation!”
“Hmph! Easy peasy!” Gu Mian shook the hemline of her dress, sat on the gorgeous European style sofa with her leg crossed, and drained the Malbec in one go.
“Looking for trouble? That was my professional in my last life.”

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