Luxurious Life After Swapping Body With Unconscious Husband


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In a group pet novel, the sinister and powerful business emperor accidentally became comatose. But no one knew that his consciousness was soberly trapped in his unconscious body.

Ning Yi transmigrated from the bitter world full of zombies to become his cannon fodder wife. Because she had to marry for her sister, her mentality was distorted, and she was about to abuse her disabled husband.

Then, suddenly the bodies of the two of them swapped.

Seeing Ning Yi lying like a dead body instead of him, the man’s voice was full of malice as he asked, “How does it feel?”

–Can’t hear, can’t move, can only wait for others to slaughter.

Ning Yi, “It’s so quiet, the bed is so soft. Let’s sleep for a while….zzZZ”

Gu Cheng, “?”

For Ning Yi, who has been living in the apocalyptic world for three years, her biggest wish is to lie down and sleep peacefully.

After learning that she can freely control the interpenetration with the big boss, Ning Yi affectionately said, “I am willing to lie down for you, in exchange for your freedom.”

So when the wealthy mother-in-law tested whether she would be impatient to scrub her husband— Ning Yi said, “Husband, come and take care of your body!”

When the elder of the Gu family challenges that if she can clean up the property, then that will be her’s— Ning Yi said, “Husband, come and exercise!”

Gu Cheng, “…” Very good.

Originally, everyone was waiting for Gu Cheng to wake up and kick out Ning Yi. But in the end, they saw that her life was going smoothly, her mother-in-law was like sisters with her, and she had become a wealthy upstart!

At the high-class dinner party, Ning Yi was stopped by young talent to exchange contacts. As soon as she took out her mobile phone, the audience suddenly fell silent.

——The man who has fallen in legend is looking as handsome as before and has calmly appeared on the stage.

Seeing his wife with others, he immediately jumped over the crowd and stopped behind Ning Yi with his tall body, his dark eyes filled with cold possessiveness, “Why didn’t you call your husband?”

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New ntww12 rated it
September 21, 2023
Status: --
It is a really funny novel! I really enjoyed reading it and laughed out loud several times.

I really liked how the main characters were written. Their personalities were really fun, especially the FL.

As some reviewers mentioned, the FL is a cheerful, optimistic lady who has a lazy demeanor because she just wants to relax and eat her fill after suffering through the zombie apocalypse. Her mindset is like that because she's suffered so much and now she's able to be in an environment that doesn't need her to be on... more>> alert, hungry... Why not be happy? Earn money, eat till she's full, sleep comfortably. Life's great! So for the FL, all the novel plots is just ridiculous. Initially she doesn't have "love" for her husband too, she's just mischievous and just making do with the body-swapping situation. FL just exudes chaotic energy tbh.

ML is a very stoic guy. He has also gone through some hard times and now he's just very wary of people. He's also cold, and usually keeps people at a distance but his new wife is just able to bulldoze through his tough heart and ML falls for her deep. I just love how helpless he is when dealing with the FL. Even when he hasn't fallen for her yet, ML actually cares for her a lot and especially dotes on her when he falls for her and finds out the truth.

ML goes through so much for FL!


I'm so jealous! ML loves FL so much. He helped her through her dysmenorrhea, her difficult times when being pregnant, the labour itself, and so much more! He doesn't want her to be in pain anymore, nor feel hungry and pampers her so much. God, what a love.


They're just a really great couple with a fun chemistry together.

As for the other side characters, I like and also dislike how chained up some characters are to the "novel world plot". Like Song Qingmei who doesn't actually like the oriML Jiang Linyi and yet has to be sad and be between him and Ding Jiyue. Like, till the end I don't know if JL really likes DJ or if he's just forced with the plot? Maybe I missed something.

Ding Jiyue is also so crazy. Her whole character seems so weird to me.

Other notable storyline is the circle of life!


I love how the author merges their world together. I love how ML goes to the FL's world and is the reason why he connects their world together in the end. It's just such a creative world to fuse the worlds together. Wander being pulled along due to his selflessness and wish to protect the FL and then finding himself in a better world is also a great storyline! I love it!


As for the extras:


13 extras after the story ends! Do find the raws for it as many don't have it on their site. I went through several websites before I found them! It's about their life after the wedding, and about their kids!

They have twins. Gu Weining and Ning Mu. They're cute geniuses.

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solivagantsoul rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: Completed
an extremely fun read!

it was comedic, it was romantic, it was fluffy.

i love how wild things got with the body swap thing, though they didn't describe it in detail and all.

The MC truly went through a lot of suffering in the last days but managed to come out with a pure soul and heart. The ML also had to suffer 3 years of tortured silence... all in all, the couple felt like each other's salvation. and it was great to watch how the MC would just go crazy in both... more>> her body and the ml's and cause the whole plot to off track-luckily the ogFL would somehow create a one-man show and somehow still make it work. XD

like someone said although its amazing and well written it somehow isn'nt a plot you'd die to read again and again but at least reading it once would be enough.

What to expect from the main story;

-Lazy, chaotic and gluttonous MC who came from the doomed end of the world to a new peaceful world (of a novel)

-cold, domineering, omnipotent and newly helpless (against chaos MC causes) ML who is forced to deal with all troublesome matters the MC doesn't want to deal with! XD

-skilled and a techno boss MC with hidden big-shot identity.

-random and calculated body swaps

-shameless MC who does what her heart desires (in a good way)

-a ML who takes all pain and suffering in behalf of mc

-fun fact:they both have telepathy, then shared emotions, later memories and even feel double the pleasure... (yes they do :P)

Its a fun read! Especially the latter half that gets sweeter and more emotional compared to the light-hearted and comedic first half. <<less
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kyrez rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: Completed
I really really like the story. It has a few themes I enjoy: superpower, power couple, straightforward love, married leads, doting male lead, end of the world, live broadcast, and most importantly, happy ending~

At first, I thought it was a tad too comedic. I even kinda wanted it to be a bit more serious. But then I thought this was how the couple bonded and adapted to their awkward situation.

... more>>

I was concerned with the ML's arrogant self-assurance and 'rational' view about love, and the FL's flamboyant and too chic to fall in love attitude.

Thus them being in love was explosive in itself. The love truly comes from their hearts and souls.


Finally, the author's weave of the plot is very very appreciated. I enjoyed reading the pet story a lot~^^ <<less
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trash_generalist rated it
March 15, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is better than expected! It seems like it would be your typical overly dramatic face-slapping script, but it's actually pretty meaningful. I mean, the author pays attention to character development, and the somewhat dark psychological tinge caused by the initial mentalities of the two MCs are contrasted by the brainless (but not so malicious) workings of the original heroine and male lead XD. It's a bit hard to explain.. BUT! Anyway, I enjoyed it even though it was not what I was expecting initially (AND, even though it's... more>> not my typical preference).


SUMMARY: The FL, Ning Yi, transmigrated from an apocalyptic world into a brainless "pet novel". The original owner of her body was the newly married wife of the Big Boss, Gu Cheng (the ML). The original owner was involved in a fake&real daughter swap (she was the real daughter of a relatively rich family but was raised in the countryside, while the OG!Heroine was the fake daughter that found out that her biological parents were even richer than her initial family). Due to this, the mentality of the original owner was not so good, leading her to torture Gu Cheng, who was in a vegetative state (unable to move, but fully conscious) when they were married.

Anyway, the FL knows all this and has no plans of following the original script. Having come from the apocalypse, all she wants is to just live life as a salted fish (AKA eat and sleep!). She decides that hugging the thighs of Gu Cheng is a must so that she doesn't end up being killed off -- which is made possible after realizes that she can not only communicate with Gu Cheng mentally but also switch bodies with him at will. From then on, the two live their life in a very silly vanilla modern day setting, occasionally coming into contact with the heroine (who also knows what's coming up next in the plot.)


THOUGHTS: Although I was skimming a lot by the end (this novel is longer than the chapter count implies!!!) I still read the novel till the end, and I like it quite a bit. The main characters looked very simple at first glance, but they're actually more complex than most main characters in CN novels XD. They (aside from the ridiculous original!heroine and original!male-lead) also interacted like human beings. You know, there's substance in their communications, which is rare and always appreciated by me (a person who enjoys character-driven novels). It's true that this novel is not what I was expecting (for some reason, I thought this was an Apocalypse Novel ONLY, I didn't realize it was modern day.... xD) and it's a bit too vanilla for my usual tastes. BUT! I liked it a lot and I do recommend it. For that reason! I'm giving it a rating of 3.85/5!!! (BTW The MTL is not bad. At least, the names are very clear (which is a common problem lolol). <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
June 7, 2023
Status: Completed
I wouldn't necessarily call this a gem but this is a good story with more or less nice and not so toxic couple.

What I like the most in this story is that they didn't destroy the original heroine and hero to shine MC and ML, instead they just let them be in their silly shinanigans and use it to their advantage (where it's a win win scenario for both). I like this as it doesn't conflict on the issue on how the heroine should he the world's favored child (being... more>> the heroine) despite being silly.

I also appreciate how they tied the transmigration element nicely. Along with their gained powers. The end was a nice touch.

ML continued to be black belly even in the middle part, where he never dared to trust MC and see the switching bodies as how it truly is: a big risk. Only gradually seeing it as not a risk when he gradually realized his feelings and how MC is not a threat to him. And MC remain the same character we were introduced: a lazy bun that just want to sleep, earn money, eat and sleep. <<less
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Sabrina9151 rated it
January 17, 2023
Status: Completed
It is a really nice and interesting novel and I enjoyed it. At first I dislike the MC a bit because of her abuse (the only word I can think of now to use) of her controll of the swap. How ever as I read further I began to understand the life experiences and how she became the person she is now. Also it was funny to see the original FL try so hard only for the MC to beat her without eving bothering to try. It was really a... more>> great story with a wonderful kind of slow burn romance. <<less
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Maiasia rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: Completed
What to say? The story isn't amazing but it is good. Good in a way that I don't regret the time reading it but not amazing in the way that I would re-read it.

MC did indeed transmigrated into the body of a canon fodder but where other stories goes the route of destroying the "original" heroine, in this one MC lets the white lotus plays out her part. At times the storybook heroine was annoying, always pitting herself against the MC due to the storybook setting but props to MC for just letting it roll off her back. There's not alot of face slapping as it's more about MC just trying to live and eat happily after escaping from the apocalypse. I enjoyed how Mc's black belly ways always made the "tyrant" ML yield to her and I appreciated that the author didn't go the way of pitting the ML against the MC. I also appreciated how through body swapping, ML was able to protect MC from pain and also experienced the pains of menstruation and giving birth. It was a sweet ending to an interesting story.

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maijys rated it
December 25, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5, but rounded up since we can't do half scores. Read the novel MTL, and this review is based off that.

This is a funny novel, I liked both the MC and ML very much, they are hilarious together. The body switching is also really funny and also resulted in some really touching moments once their relationship developed. The og!FL and her extremely strange brain did get a little repetitive and annoying, but really most of the characters are influenced by the setting/world they're in (which appeared to be a very... more>> dramatic romance novel), so they're practically brain dead. MC and ML recognize that these other people are working without a full deck and basically don't take them seriously at all, which honestly is funnier.

Overall a fun, light-hearted novel that also has quite a few touching moments. <<less
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SellingMeng rated it
December 25, 2022
Status: c33
It was a pretty good read. MC is such a badass character and with ML who acts cold but is helpless for MC is such a unique pair. It is slowburn for me since they don't develop feeling for each other immediately. I really love their interaction it is so hilarious 😂!

Definitely recommend!
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