Lucy Blanchett Remembered


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Lucy Blanchett remembered. Who she is, how bizarre she is, and that she was on her way to the magic school………. This is the story of Lucy, a heroine with a forgetful memory while making memories at the magic school alongside the royal prince and student council president Claudio, his best friend and bad companion Conrad, and her roommate the malicious girl Ortensia.

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December 7, 2018
Status: c2
The main character Lucy has issues with her memory. This adds both comedy and mystery to the story, but is also disturbing at times. Essentially, Lucy is an oblivious idiot. The information the reader receives is limited by Lucy's world view which leads to the mystery part.

Questions arise about what Lucy's background is and her prior relationship with Prince Claudio. What sort of magic does Lucy have and why was she admitted into the magic academy?

Though Lucy acts stupidly and you may want to laugh when reading about it, I... more>> end up worrying for her instead. Having bad manners when talking with a prince is no joke you know? Stupidity like that can't be attractive you know? Really, how are you going to make me believe in the romance tag up there? Won't Lucy just become a burden at this rate?

Well, this review is only based on the first two chapters. I guess there is time for stuff to happen. <<less
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Olaird rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: Completed
I almost never write, especially because I do not know English and I'm obliged to use a Google translator, but this story deserves the effort.

The story is great, different from what I'm used to, the amnesia theme is fun, novel and painful, the odd one Tears escaped me.

The story is short, shallow and very fluffy. It will give you diabetes. To explain better, I'm going to list several points in the story, and it may contain a spoiler.

Postdata: the spoiler will be in Spanish. :V

... more>>
1. Solo hay 4 personajes en los que se centra la historia: Lucy, Conrad, Ortencia, y Claudio, basicamente toda la historia trata de la relación entre los 4.

2. Se explica el pasado de lucy casi al final, pero ya, no hay profundidad, presenta varios cabos sueltos, no se sabe lo que sucedió realmente antes de que Lucy llegara a la academia.

3. A pesar de que tenga varios defectos, la historia es bonita, algo suave.

4. El tema dá para más, siento que el final fue apresurado, aunque es feliz, me sentí un poco insatisfecha. <<less
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