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Zhou Zhou is a dating game NPC, delivering warmth and blessings to players, able to kiss, hug, and lift them up, affectionately called “Little Sweet Porridge” by his mom fans.

Only one day, he crossed over into an interstellar holographic horror game.

Zhou Zhou: ?

Facing various horror scenes, NPC Zhou Zhou continued to diligently carry out his duties, delivering warmth and blessings, but the recipients seemed to be a bit off.

A resentful woman with disheveled long hair and a ghostly pale face with a bizarre smile appeared behind the player.

Zhou Zhou: “Your hair is messy, let me braid it for you.” He quickly braided two pigtails.

Resentful woman: ?

Zhou Zhou: “Your makeup is too white, not pretty. Let me reapply it for you!”

Seeing her beautiful self in the mirror, the resentful woman: …

A child ghost appeared punctually under the player’s bed at midnight, scaring a group of grown men so much that they huddled together trembling under the covers. But this time, he encountered Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou: “Kids shouldn’t sleep under the bed. Wash your face and brush your teeth first, I’ll tell you a bedtime story, one I just learned.”

In the middle of the night, the child ghost ended up being frightened to tears by Zhou Zhou’s ghost story.

In the haunted castle, players were chased by monster limbs, with screams echoing throughout the room.

Only Zhou Zhou said seriously to the monster: “You dropped your hand, I picked it up for you. Your head shouldn’t be in the toilet, it won’t flush down.”

Players in the game all knew there was a top-level master, not only handsome but also able to get along harmoniously with the ghosts and monsters in the game, even succeeding in scaring these frightening ghosts to tears?

“Game Announcement: Caesar the Great and Zhou Zhou have become partners, let’s congratulate the newlyweds.”

Player: …Isn’t this supposed to be a horror game? Why can we get married?

The emperor of the interstellar empire stated: The game belongs to him, as do the characters.

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New edh rated it
July 10, 2024
Status: c101
The story is good. Every instance have unique plot. I like how MC progressed and learned the real world. ML is good and green flag type. However, too bad the romance is slow bcs MC don't understand what's the difference of friend, sibling, and lover relationship.

Btw, idk why when I read this, my expectation change from 'i want to read infinite flow story with interesting instances' to 'i want to read romance story with many fluffy interactions'. I feel stuffy bcs the romance is too slow. I'll read the rest... more>> of this story someday when my mood back. <<less
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New BritishRaptor rated it
July 6, 2024
Status: c31
I’m reading as this is translated, so my review is going to be less informed than the complete ones.

I’ve got high hopes for this novel! Our MC Zhou Zhou does teeter on that precipice of ‘naive’ and ‘idiot’ but as a basic AI made for a dating sim in the very distant past who accidentally became self aware, I’m willing to give him the space to grow, as he really wasn’t supposed to get this far in the first place. It’s been fun watching him learn and experience how people... more>> react to things, how he himself reacts to things, and how he SHOULD react to things.

Watching people fall in love with him is understandable and funny, because he was literally designed to be lovable and affectionate.

The lower stakes setting really helps keep the lighter and more comedic tone of the series, and for once the canonical world settings so far make me happy when his kindness has an impact on the instances he visits.

The ML so far is pretty funny in his paranoia and arrogance. He’s not possessive but also doesn’t seem to understand that the MC doesn’t know who he is.

The series also satisfies my love of angst, as our very cheery and simple minded MC has to deal with the reality that he’s not the same as normal people, and that he can’t even tell anyone. I’m looking forward to how it develops.

So far the instances aren’t anything special, but the difficulty seems reasonable. <<less
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CayDraconis rated it
May 10, 2024
Status: Completed
This was pretty cute. I honestly liked this take on the horror game genre. There was a reason for the creation of the game, and a reason why so many people kept coming back to be scared out of their wits and/or killed repeatedly. I also felt the cute and fluffy MC + horror games really worked well together. MC had good character development, while maintaining the pure and sincere heart that garnered him so many friends and admirers. And this MC had a valid reason for being so naïve...... more>> he's an NPC from thousands of years in the past and has no common sense. Plus he's from a love dating game, whose goal is to have as many loves as possible. Oh the misunderstandings that caused lol.

My main gripe is that I feel there should be more to the story. Some topics were lightly touched, and then moved past. And some, we never get an answer to

Such as Zhou Zhou's lost and found memory...I have my theories about that

Overall a very light read. Not perfect, but good enough to make me laugh and I rarely got bored <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 6, 2024
Status: Completed
Will wait to rate until I read it translated, so much can be missed with MTL. If I rated it now, it would probably be 3.5-3.8

This is a pretty cute junk food type of novel. The horror aspect is not even a little scary and the romance is the main focus in the later half.

MC was well written. He is naive, but is learning and growing. He is not shy with his emotions and learns quickly. Love confident shous. His approach to the dungeons was fun, I love horror novels... more>> where the MC is immune/friends with the scary monsters.

ML wasnt bad, I liked him. I could really feel that he loved MC. My favorite part though was when ML realizes that he is getting overly possessive of MC and works on himself to be better. This makes his jealous moments cute and funny.

The romance isn't too fast or too slow. The MC had to understand what love really is first. ML falls first and is completely head over heals, it's cute.

So why only 3.5 if I love the characters? The actual story was lacking. The author touches on many plot points and interesting story lines, but only gives a superficial overview.

as the previous reviewer states, MC's recovered memory is touched upon and quickly dropped, however the extras go into it. Not enough depth in my opinion, but at least it's something


*** Extra Spoilers (kind of long) ***


ML gets s**ked into a black hole during a Mecha battle when he was 15 and gets sent back into the past, to MC's time. He is raised in an orphanage and becomes friends with another orphan who convinces him to play this love game called Love Academy

There he meets MC and notices he is different from other NPCs. ML teaches MC about players, games and the real world and the 2 actually fall in love. ML thinks he is Zeus 🤣 ML goes into A.I. And creates Stickman aka their child (the real Zeus) who is sassy from the start.

Then ML disappears because the world is rejecting him. He goes back to the future and out the black hole, which causes him to forget about MC.

MC waits and waits for ML and Stickman (Zeus) goes out through the network exit that ML left, but MC refuses to leave in case ML comes back. He waits so long he forgets who exactly he is waiting for.

Stickman clones himself and learns a lot, but humans think he is a virus and attack him. Many of his clones are damaged, thus losing his memory of MC and he is named Zeus by the humans. They call a truce with Zeus and he helps humanity. He is fond of Love Academy when it's found and incorporates it into the game. The end is Zeus convincing grown up ML to test the Love Academy level.


I will read it again when all is translated and update my rating/review. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
July 4, 2024
Status: Completed
Thank you, translator/s, for picking this up! Always a love. So, here are the things I liked about it.

  1. Arcs are not boring and not easy to predict.
  2. Characters are entertaining and memorable.
  3. Well-written main character, just lovable.
  4. There's character development.
  5. Main lead is not the usual domineering and icy as the emperor.
Overall, I really like it and I do recommend it.
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nitan rated it
June 19, 2024
Status: Completed
The humor is simple but funny. I laughed so much the entire time. It's... well it's a simple, fluffy and very healthy version of infinite game. I think this is the greenest, most veggie-healthiest version I've read so far. I love it, it's very cute and wholesome the entire way through. The MC is refreshing even though he's innocent. I don't feel annoyed by him. I really like the siblings; I think their dynamic and having them be sibling in the story is such a good choice.

Death isn't permanent, everyone... more>> treats it like a job or going for a run at the public park. It's for health. I find this revision of an infinite game quite new and refreshing? Of course there's the censorship but to be honest I think this was a pretty good novel considering all aspects of it.

The romance is sweet! At first it was fine, but then when they got together the ML becomes a pathetic wet cat male lead x openly affectionate and straight baller MC... it's suuuper good! I love this dynamic the most!! <<less
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