Love Me Again


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6th book in Yuan Yuan’s series 老梗也是梗系列之(AKA We were supposed to have died in a plane crash, instead we transmigrated). The stories consist of three modern settings and three historical.

Luo An Hai didn’t expect that one day she would witness her own funeral.

The last thing she remembered was being on a plane to England for business negotiations. If she had succeeded then the majority of shareholders would vote her way, and she would become the CEO of Luo’s company.

But she didn’t expect the plane to crash.

Her last thought was that ten years of hard work fell down the drain. She had endured ten years living at the Luo Mansion, and fought to keep the homewrecker and the homewrecker’s son, Han Ding Rui taking Luo’s company from her hands.

She couldn’t accept the moment her dream was within grasp, her life would end in a plane crash.

A second after the plane crash, she was standing in front of her tombstone.

Her father had aged since the last time she saw him.

She froze. Unexpectedly her father was sobbing at her funeral. She hadn’t called the aged man her father since their estrangement the day he brought home the homewrecker and Han Ding Rui.

She resented her father for marrying her mother for money. Her mother loved her father deeply. But what did her mother receive? Her mother ended up dying of a lonely heart.

She dedicated her life to opposing her father, the homewrecker, and the homewrecker’s son. She hated them and treated them badly… so why are they grieving? Why does Han Ding Rui stare at her photo?

Suddenly she is given a second chance, but will things be different?

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老梗也是梗系列之六 可不可以再爱你
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minhchau1997 rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this story. The female lead was able to see things from a new perspective after her first death and was given a new chance at life. She could be seen as an antagonist in her first life, but we see more details from her perspective and we begin to sympathize her. The main lead was one of the most stubborn yet loving guy I have ever seen in many stories. Their relationship was like fire and water, and I really enjoyed watching their love grow over time.
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June 5, 2019
Status: --
This...I guess it's a well written story but it was just frustating to read.

I'll only comment on one thing though.

I find unbelievable the feelings of guilt that the MC has when she lashes out at her father "making him feel bad", and the ML disgusts me because of how entitled he always feels to criticize her when she does that, as if he understood how she felt.

I get that the father was practically the savior of the mother and son pair, so his need to defend him (or whatever) I... more>> understand.

But like, at the hotel scene when he criticizes her for the scene she made when it was obvious, at least to me, how her father diminishes her because of the breakup with that fling of hers or whatever, and then like the ML should have any opinion in the matter tells her off...I was just like so sad that she actually felt bad about it; because I get that a parent would be concerned about the relations of whatever kind that their kids have, but at least I think that if your kid hasn't introduced a lover to you then it means she's not serious about him or at least not sure of the seriousness of their relationship, so that she broke it off when he told his parents and they decided it was time to pick the wedding day wasn't so senseless to me (specially when she said that she told him that it was only a fling).

Let's leave aside the thing about the affair and the father's relationship with the MC's mother (a mother that she loved by the way), just taking into account the father's attitude with his daughter makes me feel that he deserved the cold treatment. Yes he gives her money, but money doesn't give you warmth and how else but unwanted would you feel if when he gets remarried he treats the kid of his wife better than how he treats you, and when you grow up he just knows how to criticize you. And don't start with how the stepmother worries about you, would you feel happy seing every day the living reason of why your mother died depressed (although I'm not saying it's her fault it's duh the father's fault for cheating and the MC's mother's for not letting go and dragging her kid with her into depression) no right? She feels bad about it, and she shouldn't expect to be welcomed by the MC. Honestly the only innocents here are the MC and the ML.

To not make this so long I'll just say that the MC should've left that family (that only knew how to make her feel bitter) behind, to hell with the past life because what's the point of crying for dead people but to release your sorrows, it doesn't count as an apology at all it also doesn't count as making it up to the person you wronged, I'll admit she was already an adult, thrity or something along those lines, so she should've known how to let go of things and find hapiness for herself but I think that that should've been the point of her rebirth? But she never let go of that family... so yeah I guess the point was to get together wiht the ML.

She should've left and been happy with people that weren't part of her bitter and regretful past life is all I have to say. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: Completed
I love how the protagonist learned from her previous life. Unlike other novels, didn't spend her new life focusing on revenge and made small changes to make her life better and used her own effort to build her own empire thus being successful in her own way instead of spending her life fighting for the company, unlike her previous life.

... more>>

The male lead also transmigator and travelled back in time... his wishes during her birthdays were the reason why they restart their life. He loves the MC and never wanted the company. He only wanted her to attention.


The last chapter made me gave this novel 5 points despite feeling the need to see some awakening to the Father or be punished for what he did. He married the Mom for his own benefit, cheated, neglected his daughter, always angry/curse her, I didn't get how he treated the son like his own and prioritized the step mom's feelings that made the MC feels like she's an outsider. Despite the stepmom being kind, I can't help but hate her like I'm the MC due to suffering of her Mom and her emotional pain making her feel alone/outcast in her own home.

I get that every characters have their own reason why they acted that way. But... I know her father is just a tsundere and filled w/ guilt that he didn't know how to treat her daughtet but how come he can treat others better than her daughter. <<less
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NanairoHana rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: Completed
The story line isn't anything new. However the way the author writes /translator translates is very good. We get to understand the MC struggles to learn to forgive without forgetting and compromising with her unchangeable stinky fate (since she got 2nd chance to relive her life but her family and home is still as wrecked). I love the angsty battle of MC and ML since their fates already intertwined since their 1st life. Seeing MC struggles to reject fate while the said fate refused to. The epilogue brought warm tears... more>> to my eyes and answered the reason behind fate's action.

This novel really slapped you awake that life is not always fair. How I hate MC's father (he is the biggest jerk ever.

How can he continuously hoped her daughter to be a saint when he keeps comparing her with his stepson and finding fault. He even had the audacity to throw hot teapot to her face, this is a woman, his daughter where face regarded as important! *Rage!* I am so unsatisfied with him only contracting high blood pressure in the end when; MC's mother suffered grievance to death, MC's had died and reliving through his authority of supposedly father and warm pretend family, ML's mother raking her brain to diffuse MC's hate due to him and reconcile their relationship and ML incurred his wrath for falling in love with his 'sister' and tainting his reputation as their father. In the end, he severed his ties with them and thrown them out of his house that he painstakingly before forced them to engage in family act with him?! God. Shameless man

, I also pity Hunter since he is very sincere but sadly An Hai is not made for him. I wish happiness for him. In conclusion, it is a good book that constantly reminds you, this is life-deal with it. <<less
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annkanni rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: Completed
I like completely translated stories that have a HE; they are fulfilling to read. Short stories even more so; they are a breeze to finish. This novel meets both.

A solid favourite. Oh man, the feels..... and the smut. *nosebleed*
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LunarWolf rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: Completed
I love this novel so much. The plot is so good. The characters and situation is so realistic. The characters are so well made they feel realistic. I cried for the female lead alot because her circumstances are so relatable. I wish it was more than 10 chapters. I would read 1000 chapters of this novel. I wish there was more because I fell in love with the FL and ML and wanted to see more of their relationship.
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Miriallia rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: Completed
The story itself is well written, but it is as if a specter of unease hangs over it.

... more>>

The issue at the heart of the story is how her father didnt like her mother and decided to be unfaithful to her, marrying the mistress 3 months after our mc's mothers death. Long story short, this is never really resolved. He simply marries the mistress and is angry when the daughter of the woman he drove to death (died of heartbreak) disrespects his new wife and his new wife's adopted son. He even has the gall to berate her over how she isnt settling down and only dating casually, to which she rather rightously replies along the lines of, so I can get married and have an affair like you?

The real kicker though is how nice the new wife is. She is genuinely kind, to the point where I find it a bit hard to believe she would help a married man cheat.

The issue is that none of this is resolved properly, instead its a story about a love hate relationship with none of the usual comedy between her and the boy the new wife adopted.

This all leaves you feeling less than satisfied as there is simply no resolution to all that anger and trauma she suffered living in a dysfunctional family.


The one thing that is never properly explained is why he likes her so much, particularly in her second life, unless he too recieves a second chance... but there are few signs of this being the case. <<less
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IrisBay rated it
May 31, 2019
Status: --
After I read the novel, now I've realised why there XXX scene of ML and MC was hot. The ML was so wild, maybe I think because he's like to MC "rebith". So the accumulated longing from past and present life, plus the "ML's jealousy" unleashed on that night.

I can't help my self, repeated reading the XXX scene part


Over all, I love the story.
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kikiyo15 rated it
September 18, 2018
Status: Completed
It was a cute story filled with conflicting emotions. I liked how the FL did not throw away her contempt for the home wrecker and did not accept her apology. I thought it was really realistic. I absolutely loathed the FL father for treating her harshly even though I understand why he acted that way (he's just an awkward parent). The overall story is good because the FL feelings toward her family was very realistic.
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painfulrumination rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: epilogue
I get why everyone feels that MC's anger and frustration is a bit unresolved. BUT!

I liked the ending. No. I love it.

Because unlike other MC's who reincarnated, she didn't scheme. She didn't try to bring her whole family down. She just went on with her life like she did on her first lifetime and I really find that realistic.

... more>> Her reasoning on why she hates her stepmother and the ML is understandable. But can you imagine holding onto that hatred for such a long time? It's really tiring no?

That's why she said to her stepmom that she doesn't hate her anymore, but she won't forgive her.

Also, I don't get why some of the reviewers think that the ending is unsatisfactory? Like there's no resolution at all?

Anyone else still remember the MC as a ghost, lingering on ML's side for years and years until death? Seeing the man love her so much? Who else won't be moved?!

I would forgive a person like that after seeing their sincere remorse.

And with MC's father, I find his resolution after MC opened up a bit as normal. You could say I'm a bit like MC. I'm the type of someone who's really guarded. My father is a bit like MC's father too. Even though we found some peace a long time ago, I don't expect him to open up to me completely. And I don't really want to open up to him completely either.

I mean they're all emotionally scarred people. I will not expect them as a happy family after years and years of misunderstanding. The MC has held onto her anger for so long, and I find that if she did continued to held her anger she would just hurt herself, completely ruining her second chance at life. Just my two cents. <<less
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Mezhanos rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: Completed
This is one of those stories that builds up your frustration early on and ends the story with no resolvement that can fully erase that. The plot was nice, the MC as well but the ending is so unsatisfying it annoyed me for weeks. The other reviews have expressed the problem in a far more coherent manner so there's no point in me explaining it again but just know that this story doesn't end happily for the reader even though it does for the MC.
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November 7, 2019
Status: Completed
This book had the kind of love you know isn't realistic, but you still can't help wanting it.

I do wish it was longer. I felt it was enough, but not at the same time. I wanted to read more about them growing up together but after our ML's dream was revealed I understood why we didn't get that much. Because if we had, it would have revealed the unexpected secret.

Anyway, I'm still happy and satisfied with the book, our FL and ML. Even the step-mom was nice. The only character... more>> I had trouble liking till the end was the father. Hehe. <<less
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lteye rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: epilogue
People are taking this story more serious than it has to be. It’s meant to a short angst romance story and it was. Enjoyed it. Hands down best smut!!
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sivasms rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: --
I have never read a female POV novel but have to say I have become a fan of this genre and the author didn't shy away of explicit content of which I appreciate as one expects from a mature romance type novel
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October 7, 2019
Status: Completed
I mean hey for this length the story isn't bad. It's childish and overdramatic sometimes but I like the idea. Seriously, I really really love the premise, and I really wish they it was way longer lol.

Personally, I skipped the smut (there's only like 2? Scenes, so it's easy to read skipping it) and it wasn't hard to. Although I found it a liittle absurd that she was a ghost for how many decades lmao
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vanna rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Finished reading this within one sitting. Granted it is a very short novel, but it kept me intrigued to find out how the relationships will unfold. Overall, I enjoyed the story and the translation!

For a short novel the story was well-thought out and written. It was just perfect! I will recommend this novel. Thank you to the translators for picking up this novel.
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LW5577 rated it
September 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Nice storyline for 2nd chance. Not actually siblings relationships. Story flow is nice and have adult context. This author as usual always have adult context but I like this author story very much.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 17, 2019
Status: --
Its a bittersweet story. Am glad they both got a second chance. Enjoy this very much. Tq
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Emeilia rated it
May 29, 2019
Status: Completed
First of, I just found this story when a person mention it in another novel review and I must say, I am perfectly glad I read this.

When I read the sinopsis somehow I can already predict that both MC and ML will surely be together in the next life.

... more>>

yes they are and they are so cute together


This is one of the shortest Chinese novel that I found (since all most of them are 100+ chaps) with only about 10 chapters but this short journey tells you about the MC feeling when she travel back time, for certain moment where she want to treat her father, and step mom nice but she couldnt, all because of her first life experience. The impact of her mother's word truly shape this MC charac. Also, she try hard not make the ML fall for her for she dont like how he end up miserable when she die. Its a bit painful but you can totally relate to her.

A perfect one-sitting reading with roller coaster of emotion. TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!! <<less
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Fattypaw rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: --
I really enjoy this one better than the others

The remorse, the angst, the snu snu moments, loveeeè itt..

I feel bad for her mom too, how you can live with a man that didn't care about u and your kid, sigh
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