Love is Hidden in the Wind


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Lin Yiwei was admitted to a top-tier university, spending her weekends immersed in the library all day while working at a convenience store to supplement her living expenses, selling her paintings for pocket money.

On the afternoon she received the “Outstanding Work Award” at the art exhibition, a handsome senior volunteered to take her out for ice cream. She wore her only white dress, as pure as gardenia flowers.

At the food street, the senior ordered strawberry shaved ice for her, and they chatted about the exhibition and art. He was very gentlemanly and polite. However, Lin Yiwei received a text message from Xie Bao: “The dress looks good on you.”

Lin Yiwei looked up, and a group of racing boys were sitting on the opposite steps. Xie Bao held a cigarette between his fingers. In the white mist, his profile was sharp, his smile rebellious and wild.

That night, Lin Yiwei’s white dress shattered in Xie Bao’s hands.

Upon entering university, Lin Yiwei met Xie Bao at a bar. They were both somewhat uncontrollably drawn to each other’s bodies and often met up. Her impression of Xie Bao was that he was a very obedient, well-behaved little puppy, always ready to come and go as needed.

Later, Lin Yiwei was dragged by friends to the racetrack and unexpectedly saw Xie Bao. He turned out to be a top racing driver in his prime, standing under the spotlight next to a top-tier supercar, receiving the enthusiastic cheers of fans.

Later, she heard that the heir of the Xie Group was also named Xie Bao.

Stripping away the “obedient” and “sweet” attributes of the little puppy, she met the real Xie Bao—

Possessive, extremely scheming, and extremely wealthy.

The pretending-to-be-well-behaved and decadent girl versus the pretending-to-be-well-behaved and scheming prince.

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April 24, 2024
Status: --
Tbh, from the very beginning until the end, it was tiring to read. I didn't read every chapters, especially the fillers. But it made me understand one thing, this kind of story is what I dislike the most. Hypocritical FL, scumbag ML, hidden pregnancy, long separation, misunderstandings, lots of rotten peach blossoms, etc. In fact, from the very start, the main characters are hovering between immorality (such as adultery). Be it the FL who's selfish to use anyone but still justify her actions, or the ML who's lustful for the... more>> FL despite not being able to let go of his fiancee and others due to his ambitions, neither of them are likable. Anyway, it's really a no for me. Also, I don't about the synopsis. I feel like it toned down a lot of (how should I put this? The MCs' cunningness?) Anyway, the FL is definitely not the one described at the synopsis. I haven't even read about her going to class seriously, especially at the beginning. As a scholar, I don't know where she could find time to study given that all her attention is to please the people she needs to use in order to find her so-called brother. Definitely not like some nerdy top student that was described. P. S. The reason why I read this was because I was attracted to the book cover, it was really pretty. What a pity. <<less
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sslsdm rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: Completed
It's ok, it aint bad— pretty nice to waste some time. I honestly didnt expect the plot going this way (with some unecessary drama etc)

FL is sure headstone asf, her pride was high, she refused to ask someone for help even if It's costs her life, but well at some point she gave up and ask for help tho

... more>>

she's ur typical FL. Beautiful with smart brain, I cant really say she's cunning or "that" smart bc she certaintly aint one. When she's poor (yes, this is Cinderella type of plot first but voila! She's some long lost princess too) anw when she's poor she knows her place. She knows she's just some passing girl for ML, she's a mud compare to ML fiancee 😩


ML, he's an a**hole, he just have this big ass ego and I cant really fall in love with his chara tho


he got this complicated bg (ur usual bg ML tho 😩) so he have to keep his so called fiancee so that his share in the company will be guranteed. He's an ass, bc he's still play around with FL even after he directly said "he have to choose his fiancee over FL" dw FL will not be hurt bc at that time she just cant really picture herself with ML. But then he will be kinda decent man later, he will choose FL over his shares or fiancee tho


I keep reading and reading until FL bro show up, I thought he's gonna be some bigshot but well..



I was hoping author aint making this bro fall in love with FL, I honestly hate that idea (they both aint related at all) the reunation that could bcm really sweet just went meh when the bro admit he's in love with her 🗿 It's just mehh, and after everything they went thru to save this mfs he choose to bcm evil bich, ik probly It's some ptsd or whtvr you name it but damnnn 🙂


Best boy is Chu Ang, he's the real simp 💀... and gigachad. Love him sm, if I were to be isekaid into this novel, i'll choose this man ffr, I mean Chu Ang pretty decent, grew up with decent loving family, he's rich, and he's just having this dreamy prince aura around him. Dawg I cant even understand why FL aint fall in love with him 🤷

All in all i'll give it 3.8 not bad but good enough to keep me entertain. <<less
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Fidyah rated it
April 5, 2024
Status: Completed
Overall the story was good and because of that I give it 5 stars. But to much unnecessary misunderstanding between the main couple. Both of them are really stubborn and to many characters that get arrange as unnecessary villain.
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