Love Grows Mad After Parting


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Su Yao found out that she was pregnant and Huo Yunchen filed for divorce. It turns out that their two years of marriage was just a scam.

Su Yao’s tears rolled down her face. “Did you ever love me?”

“Never,” said the man.

The man’s cold words hurt Su Yao’s heart and all her grievances only received the man’s ever greater disdain and mockery.

In total disappointment, she left along with her daughter.

When she came back, she found out that the man already had a son.

However, this time, the man blocked her with his son in his arms.

“Yao-er, you’re really cruel, abandoning your husband and son.”

As she recalled the past, only then did Su Yao realise that they had loved each other for many years long before anyone knew about it.

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