Love Code at the End of the World


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Sixteen-year-old Luo Bing makes a playful prayer and ends up crossing time and space to land on Kansas Planet, right when Kansas Planet is experiencing the end of the world.

Clueless about this alien world, Luo Bing is terrified. Fortunately, Noah City gives her sanctuary and she eventually gets a chance to explore this new world.

The end of the world is marked by extreme scarcity. Ubiquitous radiation has heavily limited the food, water and resources, and danger lies at every turn. As a result of this extreme environment, some humans have evolved and developed superpowers, while others have turned into monsters and even spirits. Humans who naturally possess an anti-radiation constitution are called radiationers. Most of the radiationers have unique superpowers, and they are referred to as metahumans.

With no clue on how to return to her own world, Luo Bing is stuck here and must survive against all odds. Armed with the combat skills she has learned from her dad and her newly developed superpowers, as well as help from the guys she has developed feelings for, can Luo Bing save this strange new world?

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New Natalie rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: v2c77
So far I like the story. Luo Bing is stubborn but knows how to survive, however she likes to rush and think later. The character I absolutely dislike is Harry, he is so clingy and annoying, and

... more>>

it felt so good when Luo Bing finally snapped and told Harry to leave her alone and f*ck off. Seriously dude, get a clue, she doesn't like you that way.


I still don' t know who the male lead (s) is/are? But


It's highly possible several MLs. For now the men who have interest in her are: Harry (annoying, shameless and clingy), Raffles (cute and smart but he is in the friendzone), and the prince of silver moon city Xing Chuan (he is a bastard and double faced, thankfully he doesn't know Luo Bing is a female, also she hates him)


This world, Kansa Star, has few women (1:10 ratio) and even less metahuman females. (Reverse harem alert)

Metahuman are people with superpowers. As for Luo Bing power


this is a big spoiler, I've warned you.
She has the ability of absorbing radiation and create energy, like a "battery with legs". It helps her to be inmune to radiation, cleanse areas, food, water, etc), enter zones no one else can go, and give energy to technological devices (robots, ships, etc). Since radiation zones and the lack of energy resources are the big problem of that world, she is very valuable, a "treasure", so you can imagine the danger she will suffer


Fortunately she knows how to defend herself because her father trained her like a soldier since childhood (martial arts, guns, knives, survival skills, etc). But she doesn't like obeying orders if she disagrees with them, and that drives Harry nuts, hehehe <<less
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Moonchain12 rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: v1c140
The story is alright. I'm MTL'ing it so I might have missed so details. While the story has good ideas, for some reason I find the main character irritating. She's just like all other tom boy, rash main characters. She gets violent and doesn't worry about the consequences which really don't affect her because of her heroine halo. When if it was anyone else, they would either die or hurt others because of their actions.

The author tries to make her seem tough as a result of having been trained by... more>> her retired special ops father but she seems really childish and doesn't know how to follow orders. When it has been mentioned numerous times how she should as she was trained to throughout the chapters. This fact only seems to be for other females. She is kinda sexist, generalizing all males as hormonal, weak (in the city she's living in currently all females are shown as stronger/ have men chasing after them) except for males who are feminine in looks and attitude. She is also self-righteous which can get irritating but she does adapt to the new world fairly well. But her attitude can kinda want to make you scream at her as she tries to apply her values to a post apocalyptic world. Instead of making her appear understanding and intelligent, Luo Bing is ignorant and thoughtless.

I hope that as I read on her character will develop better as the story is interesting and has potential. And that the Luo Bing would not be so dense that you could hit her with a brick and she still wouldn't know what romance is. Cause that cliche is so over and done with. Especially with how the author mentions how smart and observant she is. Having a EQ that low is not attractive or really realistic with how many stories make it out to be. As how the hell have they lived being so dense? In a cave?

Update chapter 140

It seems by now that Luo Bing's character has developed and her EQ isn't low. At least when it comes to observing other people's relationships. Not sure about her own in the future. She is a bit arrogant though. Also, I wonder whether she'll face any setbacks because she is kinda OP and with that fact it's boring to read knowing that she'll always win. This makes it kinda hard to completely support her as there would be little tension in the story and not a lot of space for growth. The author tries to make it seem like Luo Bing has faced a lot but hasn't everyone one in apocalyptic world? It's hard to sympathize with her when it is always made with her being right and that when she is in the wrong a simple sorry fixes everything. When other people are in the wrong, it makes it seem like they did something horrible and that they should plead for forgiveness or put down their pride. It isn't directly stated but implied in the way the story is written.

Even if Luo Bing succeeds in her endeavors, she should still be punished or reprimanded not praised like everything she did is right. What if she failed? She is not omnipotent. She doesn't take into account everyone else's worries not does she listen to people who know the situation better than her. It's like she thinks nothing can go wrong and that she is invisible. It's really frustrating. It seems that it's okay for her to be reckless but once someone else does it to save her it's wrong and selfish of them. She's hypocritical. Also, when she's about to be punished she brings out a miracle so yeah no punishment for her but the person next to still gets punished. So how is she supposed to learn? <<less
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Royalfudge rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: v1c51
I like this story so much 😍😍😍

This is the kind of story I am looking for hehe. There’s action, funny moments and a bit of romance. I am totally hooked!

Thanks for picking this up ❣️
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ladyartemis rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: v1c31
So far, I am intrigued by how the story develops as I am interested and eager to know what's next. For me, this novel with a transmigration genre is worthy to look forward to (as of chapter 31).
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QuinNefertari rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: c27
Still a few chapters in but the starting point is very promising. This novel show a very good start and I hope that it will carry through the rest of the story. It's a very fresh point of view with a very mentally strong female that is not overbearing nor over powered.

Hoping for more chapters📖🤓🤗
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