Love Code at the End of the World


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Sixteen-year-old Luo Bing makes a playful prayer and ends up crossing time and space to land on Kansas Planet, right when Kansas Planet is experiencing the end of the world.

Clueless about this alien world, Luo Bing is terrified. Fortunately, Noah City gives her sanctuary and she eventually gets a chance to explore this new world.

The end of the world is marked by extreme scarcity. Ubiquitous radiation has heavily limited the food, water and resources, and danger lies at every turn. As a result of this extreme environment, some humans have evolved and developed superpowers, while others have turned into monsters and even spirits. Humans who naturally possess an anti-radiation constitution are called radiationers. Most of the radiationers have unique superpowers, and they are referred to as metahumans.

With no clue on how to return to her own world, Luo Bing is stuck here and must survive against all odds. Armed with the combat skills she has learned from her dad and her newly developed superpowers, as well as help from the guys she has developed feelings for, can Luo Bing save this strange new world?

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Moonchain12 rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: v1c140
The story is alright. I'm MTL'ing it so I might have missed so details. While the story has good ideas, for some reason I find the main character irritating. She's just like all other tom boy, rash main characters. She gets violent and doesn't worry about the consequences which really don't affect her because of her heroine halo. When if it was anyone else, they would either die or hurt others because of their actions.

The author tries to make her seem tough as a result of having been trained by... more>> her retired special ops father but she seems really childish and doesn't know how to follow orders. When it has been mentioned numerous times how she should as she was trained to throughout the chapters. This fact only seems to be for other females. She is kinda sexist, generalizing all males as hormonal, weak (in the city she's living in currently all females are shown as stronger/ have men chasing after them) except for males who are feminine in looks and attitude. She is also self-righteous which can get irritating but she does adapt to the new world fairly well. But her attitude can kinda want to make you scream at her as she tries to apply her values to a post apocalyptic world. Instead of making her appear understanding and intelligent, Luo Bing is ignorant and thoughtless.

I hope that as I read on her character will develop better as the story is interesting and has potential. And that the Luo Bing would not be so dense that you could hit her with a brick and she still wouldn't know what romance is. Cause that cliche is so over and done with. Especially with how the author mentions how smart and observant she is. Having a EQ that low is not attractive or really realistic with how many stories make it out to be. As how the hell have they lived being so dense? In a cave?

Update chapter 140

It seems by now that Luo Bing's character has developed and her EQ isn't low. At least when it comes to observing other people's relationships. Not sure about her own in the future. She is a bit arrogant though. Also, I wonder whether she'll face any setbacks because she is kinda OP and with that fact it's boring to read knowing that she'll always win. This makes it kinda hard to completely support her as there would be little tension in the story and not a lot of space for growth. The author tries to make it seem like Luo Bing has faced a lot but hasn't everyone one in apocalyptic world? It's hard to sympathize with her when it is always made with her being right and that when she is in the wrong a simple sorry fixes everything. When other people are in the wrong, it makes it seem like they did something horrible and that they should plead for forgiveness or put down their pride. It isn't directly stated but implied in the way the story is written.

Even if Luo Bing succeeds in her endeavors, she should still be punished or reprimanded not praised like everything she did is right. What if she failed? She is not omnipotent. She doesn't take into account everyone else's worries not does she listen to people who know the situation better than her. It's like she thinks nothing can go wrong and that she is invisible. It's really frustrating. It seems that it's okay for her to be reckless but once someone else does it to save her it's wrong and selfish of them. She's hypocritical. Also, when she's about to be punished she brings out a miracle so yeah no punishment for her but the person next to still gets punished. So how is she supposed to learn? <<less
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Liune rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a great story with great characters and nice plot, a reverse Harem that is build up like a somewhat realistic relationship between people, where not everyone likes the other at the beginning, but they will learn to accept each other and actual friendships between Girls/Males.

Our female protagonist is really heavily grounded on her common sense and morals coming from Earth, totally going against the people she is surrounded with as they live in an apocalyptic world, it can be annoying thought when it comes to her own relationship to... more>> her love interests, but that makes her as a person with personality and character growth as she comes to accept views she previously never would habe accepted *cough* polygamy, while still being herself...

Her Love Interests are among the best male leads I habe seen, they have character, along with their own goals, that they will try to fulfill, even if it's just the simple wish of getting a wife, in a world with more males than females, to... well no spoilers~

It's one of the best reverse Harem stories I have read, despite me sometimes wanting to chuck our Protagonist into the tr*sh can in the beginning, but really the male leads are the ones that have kept me reading it...

Also some of the Mls are people you cannot help but hate/feel annoyed by at the beginning, but things will change during the story.


Best Boy for me Harry, don't like it?


He will grow, in a really tragic way, he protects her unknowns to her and it really touched me, also I cried for him, so emotional plus. But everyone else is also great in their own ways...


The Ending


I want more, it has a really great ending, traveling to earth and taking her family to her new Home. Also it's the beginning of a new story with her niece, that I love to see happening.

It satisfies me to see the end leaving me with a good taste after reading and you want to see more, as it does shows part of their future, it also made me want to reread it a couple times, which I did and no regrets here~

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Este256_lan_D. rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: v2c94
In the course of reading this novel I have come to love her.
I love all the characters in this novel, although some have
flaws or seem somewhat annoying, I think they portray how
people really are behaving in a society and more in a world
that is on the verge of collapse. ☺??

Please never drop this novel. my heart will suffer a lot of
pain if it happens... ?
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Baby Shark
Baby Shark rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: v3c60
EDIT: This novel might have been translated before or you may have read MTL, however, the current translations are amazing on wuxiaworld.

I am utterly devastated from the bad reviews on newer novels on wuxiaworld like this one.
Necropolis Immortal, Netherworld Investigator, Love code at the end of the world. All these novels are in no way worse than any other novel I read, in-fact, these novels including many others are my go-to after stacking a 100 chapter of them (at least, since the word-count of a chapter is around 1250... more>> words).

This novel is about a teenage girl (16 y/o) who originates from China with a happy family, her father is a military-man that trained his daughter "Luo Bing" self-defence so that she would be able to help herself at any moment, however, one day when they were on a trip on the mountains, she suddenly crossed space-time into another planet that I like to call, a planet forsaken by the gods (Lord of the mysteries reference, suggest you read it, the best novel I read in my 7 years of reading novels). The planet goes by Kansas, it was once a flourishing planet with an advanced civilization, however, the world is at its end, radiations are all over the world, food is scarce, people die all the time, thus a certain number of humans evolved and are called "Radiationers", these radiationers have something similar to a superpower, it could be enlarging one's body, it could be supersonic speed, it could be flight, etc.

The journey is about Luo Bing trying to get back to her world, people might say it is filled with romance, however, I disagree, this novel is in no way romance-oriented, however, it isn't action-filled either. You would have to pass the first book (volume) which is about 100 chapters to find some action, it took 100 chapters to build the world and get a better understanding, those chapters are small so you wouldn't feel them.

There is definitely romance, however as I said it is not romance-oriented.

Regarding why you should read this novel:

— The sense of mystery in this novel is nice, it isn't as huge as Lord of the mysteries, however, you would want to know what happens next or how does this happen or how will that happen, etc.
— It gives you a wholesome feeling, a feeling that you get when you read novels that aren't full of action and tension, for example, when you get tired of reading Second coming of Gluttony, you read this novel.
— You would want to know the ending, that's how immersed you would be.

Why you might not like this novel:

— It is female-lead.
— I don't find a lot of action in this novel (I am at chapter 210 and there were 5 instances that had action in them, or maybe more but I forgot, and by "instance" I don't mean a chapter, no, I mean an N amount of chapters that contain the action part, however, I still find them too little since I am used to reading novels that are only ACTION-oriented)
— It is very slow, Luo Bing's power wasn't mentioned until chapter 50 or 60+, after 210 chapters, she still didn't learn how to control it.

That's it, sorry for taking too long, however, my suggestion to you fellow reader is to not drop this novel after 10 chapters, just continue reading to 50, if you don't like it by then, then drop it.
If you do like it, then please come and rate it so that others would be aware of such a good hidden gem. <<less
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FlufflyLittleRabbit rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is really great! A pure gem hidden in the mud.

I am not really fond of polygamy or polyandry type of novel, however, there's an exemption. As long as the story was well written and the MC is not lascivious (Although this is polyandry but this is one of a few novel who didn't made me feel disgust and nausea), I will read it. This novel is only a few of reverse harem get my big thumbs up.

The MC may have shortcoming on her own, but she is not... more>> like those hopeless naive female protagonist because she will make up whatever shortcoming she had and this is what I like. She didn't lose her moral and her strong determination to survive in the world. It's really great to see her how she started from being an ordinary sixteen years old junior high school girl to step by step to become a great leader.

The author is also amazing how she written this story, each character here are great! There's no green tea b*tch, white lotus and brain dead vicious female character where they only know to scheme people. Although there are some love rival but they are not bad, their IQ was not degraded like most chinese novel, they know when to give up and move on.

The friendship built up pretty realistic and very touching, and at the same time sad for those girls because the scarcity of women in their world led them hard to fulfill their dreams. I feel depress when I see some of them didn't get their dreams, but anyway I am now glad that after the war they will get they would be able to fulfill their dreams. Romance here is also good, each men have their own character and the romance is not force. It is hard to find this kind of novel where the relationship between MC and her men were well written by the author. All in all, It is very satisfying story!

Guys, I recommend this story, the story is really great! Please do not judge this book by just reading some negative comment. The author here gave each of the character growth and, for me, they are not 2d like you usually read. And lastly, I would also like to say thank you for the author for writing this wonderful story and the translator who share this story! :D <<less
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pasanen rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: v4c126
An enjoyable story that has some surprisingly addictive plot, worldbuilding, and character development on top of the romance. Many stories that use a relationship theme as a central hook, like the harem aspect, tend to either go too deep or too shallow in the relationship aspects, so you get a story that's consumed wholesale by drawn-out couple drama based on misunderstandings and poor communication, or a story with superficially attractive cardboard love interests who fawn over the MC like Gary Oak's cheerleading squad. This story balances in a good in-between... more>> point, and will satisfy a reader who likes the post-apocalypse superpowers setting, and a reader who likes the romance.

This translation is good, and as someone who has read a lot in this genre, the things in this story that stick out to me and take it, not only above the mediocre line, and way above average, is the following:

1. Character voice. Luo Bing isn't the typical, bland power-tripping Self Insert MC, she has a defined personality, with strong values and a sense of humor. The translation is so smooth and well-edited, and the narration gives enough moments to the MC's thought process that the POV feels genuine and realistic for how a teenage girl thinks and acts. Female-led romance stories have a tendency of generic protagonists (the Bella Swan Effect) with innocent shrinking violet, saccharine sweet white lotus leads, but Luo Bing is refreshing for having some edge and snarkiness to her. She hits back, she stands up for herself when she needs to, and understands the value of teamwork and cooperation instead of going full ONE WOMAN ZERO MERCY LONE WOLF ARMY.

2. Character development. Something that makes a character feel boring and one-dimensional (AKA, cardboard) is that they stay static from beginning to end. In this story, characters have lives and motivations outside of revolving around the MC, a common issue with romance stories. I like that all of the guys have individual goals outside of pursuing Luo Bing, and the story shows them doing stuff off-screen instead of being stuffed into the fridge in between each appearance. Nothing is less believable or more annoying as a love interest character who mopes around because Senpai won't pay attention to them. (Eg, Pink Baby whose backstory reveal shows that he's more than just a fanboy rando.)

3. Harry. He's kind of a love-it-or-hate-it character, but I can't recall many stories that took me on such a compelling rollercoaster journey like this one did. Harry may be annoying, but he's extremely memorable, and I loved how I changed my mind about him from how he was introduced in the beginning. It shows believable growth and maturity, and all of it was earned. Maybe I've read too many bad novels, so a character who actually learns from his mistakes and strives to improve is a rarity to me. So is a male love interest who isn't some ice-cold wooden block with no personality traits.

Great story, had a blast reading it, can't wait to read what happens next. Don't sleep on it!! <<less
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Royalfudge rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: v1c51
I like this story so much ???

This is the kind of story I am looking for hehe. There’s action, funny moments and a bit of romance. I am totally hooked!

Thanks for picking this up ❣️
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ladyartemis rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: v1c31
So far, I am intrigued by how the story develops as I am interested and eager to know what's next. For me, this novel with a transmigration genre is worthy to look forward to (as of chapter 31).
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QuinNefertari rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: c27
Still a few chapters in but the starting point is very promising. This novel show a very good start and I hope that it will carry through the rest of the story. It's a very fresh point of view with a very mentally strong female that is not overbearing nor over powered.

Hoping for more chapters???
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lil-mcfile rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: v2c20
this novel is pretty basic, has a little to much sexism and lowkey h*mophobia


Harry sucks as person, everytime I read about him I wanna kill him 🙂🔪


I liked the idea and the MC seems pretty ok but honestly you could do so much more with the story but its just destroying itself kinda 😐
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aryl rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: v2c6
this book's plot felt like one of the arc of "There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem".i mean everything that happened in the book is to introduce new harem member.

So y everyone is raving abt this idk. I only started reading bcz of jimmi from volare. If u are into reverse harem only this is for you. Also the story feels disjointed.

From now on recommendation are to be taken with grain of salt.
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Natalie rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: v2c77
So far I like the story. Luo Bing is stubborn but knows how to survive, however she likes to rush and think later. The character I absolutely dislike is Harry, he is so clingy and annoying, and

... more>>

it felt so good when Luo Bing finally snapped and told Harry to leave her alone and f*ck off. Seriously dude, get a clue, she doesn't like you that way.


I still don' t know who the male lead (s) is/are? But


It's highly possible several MLs. For now the men who have interest in her are: Harry (annoying, shameless and clingy), Raffles (cute and smart but he is in the friendzone), and the prince of silver moon city Xing Chuan (he is a bastard and double faced, thankfully he doesn't know Luo Bing is a female, also she hates him)


This world, Kansa Star, has few women (1:10 ratio) and even less metahuman females. (Reverse harem alert)

Metahuman are people with superpowers. As for Luo Bing power


this is a big spoiler, I've warned you.

She has the ability of absorbing radiation and create energy, like a "battery with legs". It helps her to be inmune to radiation, cleanse areas, food, water, etc), enter zones no one else can go, and give energy to technological devices (robots, ships, etc). Since radiation zones and the lack of energy resources are the big problem of that world, she is very valuable, a "treasure", so you can imagine the danger she will suffer

Fortunately she knows how to defend herself because her father trained her like a soldier since childhood (martial arts, guns, knives, survival skills, etc). But she doesn't like obeying orders if she disagrees with them, and that drives Harry nuts, hehehe <<less
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Anikarp rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: c388
I have a pretty good opinion on this novel. It has flaws and plot holes but the general idea is good.

The main character, Luo Bing, works pretty hard at adjusting to this new universe she got dropped into. Along the way she meets people and gradually becomes stronger.

The things I like is the world building and the character progression (for the most part), and also I really prefer active female protagonists if they focus less on romance aspects.

Here's a rant:... more>>

It's slightly Mary Sue - she never takes a loss. On the very rare off chance she can't defend herself, someone will come and save the day. Honestly the side characters progress more than her.
It's also kind of childish. I don't know how they have 16-17 year old children running around and playing military leaders that can't give or take orders from each other. It's pretty messy and would never work in real life.

And the religion, can I just say ugh, it really hasn't been relevant so far. But they keep randomly bringing up 'god this' and 'god that'. It sounds like they're taking a story and putting it into another.

It's also sexist towards males. Really enforcing the stereotypical image of men and making fun of daintier ones like they're weak. Also while it's open towards gay couples, it's only male ones - there has only been one mention of girls iirc (on a movie screen) and the MC retched as she passed on it.

The story also repeatedly changes its mind. For example, she dresses like a guy when she's 'outside'. Then after a certain incident, she decides to not dress like a guy. But when she arrives to the location, she dresses like a guy afterall. Only to have a night go by, and she goes out to dress like a girl. Then guys around her say "you should probably dress as a guy" and she instantly dresses like a guy again.
Or when they went to another base to barter, it's mentioned that they won't mention each other's real name. Then literally in the same chapter or the one right after, the author has forgotten completely about it and during the whole trip they just use real names.

Then it has flawed logic comments. She starts idolizing some guy who's the brother of someone she hates. Then it turns out this hateful guy is scared of the person she's idolizing, so she decides she better GTFO because this idol must really be crazy then.


The reverse harem is kind of confusing. It's like the MC can't decide her feelings and is super wishy-washy. She does have issues with it since it wasn't as common in her previous world;but come on. The guys are for the most part really sweet though. Wishing to see more of some of them than others, but the main guy seems to be my least favorite one haha. Also she is dense on a non comical level... As a "I'm purposely in denial" kind of level.

My favorite part was probably:

the betrayal! A certain someone leaked info of Luo Bing, and it left me shook and angry. Never thought such a thing would happen when they usually don't like to traumatize the MC. It would have been nice if it had a longer impact, but other than that I really liked it on.


Anyway, can recommend. I've still enjoyed this novel more than I have enjoyed others in a while but you do have to be prepared to kill a few brain cells. <<less
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