Lord of the People: Discount Artifact For Signing In at the Start


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Everyone arrived at the Chaos Continent, each becoming a lord of their own faction and engaging in the struggle for hegemony among various races.

Tinder grants authority to the human lords. By signing in to Tinder daily, one can obtain population, blueprints, food, and other resources.

On his first day, Huang Yu signed in and received a discounted artifact.

Every day, a new batch of discounted items is available for Huang Yu to purchase.


“This legendary weapon is only 10,000 magic crystals after the discount? I’ll take it!”

“0.5% off dragon eggs? I’ll buy 100!”

“0.0…01% off the extraordinary arms training camp! Such a great deal? I’ll take it!”

From that point on, Huang Yu and his territory became renowned across the Chaos Continent!

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Lord of the People: Discount Artifact For Signing In at the Start
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