Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash


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I lived suffering without a home, religion, or parents, but an angel appeared and reincarnated me.

“You, a pro when it comes to romance fantasy novels, would you like to reincarnate in a world that was created based off of a romance fantasy novel?”

I reincarnated because he said I would have a (handsome) dad and a (handsome) older brother who would spoon feed me, and even gift me a diamond mine, but…

-I might be a child from my mother’s affair?

As soon as I was born, I was sent to my mother’s household and fell into a family that deprives me.

“If I stay like this, I might end up freezing or starving to death by myself!”

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아기님 캐시로 로판 달린다
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9 Reviews

Aug 06, 2021
Status: c27
hi hi this is my second review so go easy on me !

while it's not the most innovative take of this particular trope, I still think the premise is rlly interesting and it deserves more (at least a solid 4 star !!) that it's current rating as of writing this review (3.6 stars)

basically the FL is classically isekaied by our favorite cliche, truck-kun, and ... more>>

accidentally signs a contract with a devil


the cold daddy vs healing daughter trope is done pretty well with a relatively decent reason as to why she was stuck in her mother's paternal house for a while.


the dad was literally at war, and while I don't get why she couldn't have just stayed at the mansion, that's a pretty legitimate reason for your baby daughter to live back with her mom/mom's family house instead of an empty dukedom. The duke also paid child support every year he was away but the uncle pocketed the money leading to the FL being treated less than a servant which is not fun


theres a lot of healing and learning that both sides have to do, and the dad really does try to make it up to her for everything. In short, I think that the characters are a fun take on this trope and plot line is building rlly well!

anyways give this novel a try !!! <<less
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May 27, 2021
Status: c20
Unexpectedly a tear jerker at some points in the story, love the father daughter dynamic. Compared to other stories with the same plot, the usual cold blooded daddy duke in this story actually admits his mistakes and tries to be better for the daughter he failed to see was neglected while he way away. We haven’t been introduced to the brothers yet, but there’s already been sweet and heart touching moment with the parent and child as the MC at one point expresses her sorrow of the feeling of being... more>> abandoned sincerely, rather than using their trauma to face slap someone pushing it off insignificantly. The ability system is also super unique compared to these korean aristocracy novels, and the MC actually fails sometimes. Which I totally love since she isn’t a mary sue from the start. Also saw some spoiler that later in the story they referenced actual korean novels like “Lady Baby” which was totally unexpected but pretty cool. Anyho, give this a read, the chapters are decently long and the development is great. <<less
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Aug 10, 2021
Status: c27
sometimes I got mega second hand embarrassment from the effects of that one penalty.

besides that, I really like this story and im glad that her mentality isnt that of a 4 year olds and her having made the contract and having the buffs being a big part of the story kind of makes sure that the fact she was not of that world stay fresh in your mind. it's one of my favourite parts about these type of novels and its nice to see she keeps in touch with her... more>> original personality (she acts how I imagine I would tbh) while also adjusting to the new world and coming to love her family.

EDIT 7/1/2023: remembered about this novel and am now catching up, but heres an updated review with some spoilers! (rating remains at 5 stars)

funny spoiler


I love when she found out ares was two-faced she did not hold back and screamed stuff like "how could you do this?! you fox! how did this older sister raise you?! I mean, -666, the devils number!?!;!:!:!/!" (referring to his likeability score) I found the scene really funny bc hes just standing there and said "... you did not raise me??" haha not to worry though, she conquers him fast af and ill admit they make a great team.

about FL


ngl I think shes one of the smartest fl's, not because of like her IQ and intellect (which isnt lacking, though) but because of how she used her knowledge from her previous life. her attitude and personality is virtually the same, I like how you can tell she has the mind of an adult but also doesnt isolate herself from her new family.


previous life knowledge


as for using common sense from her world as an avid rofan reader, she called out numerous stereotypes that are happening around her but she still somehow ends up missing things (by no fault of her own lmaoo) for example, with the ML she said well, hes a s*ave and if I rescue him and show him affection for the first time, hes bound to end up obsessed and listed a few novels where this is seen. to avoid it, she disguises herself as a grandma when taking care of him so he doesnt get obsessed with her but she doesnt know that he can see through the disguise. tbh, I dont blame her for not thinking about that bc she borrows her abilities from the FL's of other novels, and the FL that used this originally did not get caught by her ML so there was some confidence there you know? she knows the tropes, but at times they still manage to trap her like that lol. (suprise, he ends up obsessed) she also correctly guessed about his imperial bloodline because she said it was a must because of his appearance and the story of becoming a s*ave was a giveaway.

another example is when she asked the system "hey, am I the new FL? is this world a novel?" almost breaking the fourth wall lmao. the system is like girlll no but FL is pointing out how she reincarnated, got buffs, a handsome and power family AND is tasked with saving the world, like if thats not a FL than what is? (i dont think she ended up pursuing it though and doesnt really think she is a FL)


its funny because its like the author KNOWS that these are your typic tropes used in these stories, but they basically say "screw it, ill use them anyway!" and the way it is done is executed very well, that it doesnt seem so typical and is actually quite realistic for what it is. I laugh a lot during this story, and I havent gotten bored yet 68 chapters in! (reading the MTL, not too sure what happened with the translator) will update when completed! <<less
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May 03, 2022
Status: c1
Her reincarnated buff/power is a mess but it makes the novel unique in a way, love their interactions. Her crying and behaving as a child (due to her quest penalty lol) makes it more believable as I always wondered how all those adults in reincarantion novels just cooly accept when a baby is so mature, plus those are her honest feelings freely expressed- that makes her more likable in my eyes. It’s less an action FL and more an “growing” fl.

thanks for translating
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Mar 20, 2022
Status: c3
You can judge me all you want for dropping this novel at chapter 3 but I can't seriously take the FL anymore. Her weak character is unbearable and annoying. She is always crying for fvcking sake. The start is good coz I thought the FL is strong but suddenly the author turn her into a weak and hamsel in distress FL after she reincarnated. I mean she is young physically and I understand that but she is older mentally. I'm not saying she needs to fight back towards her uncle... more>> but she needs to stay strong and survive without being weak. But she is always crying and her mental state is below 0. It's annoying. There are some fl's have the same situation like her in other novels but they can act maturely and act their age at the same time. But this one is acting too childish even tho she is mentally older. Korean authors need to stop making women weak and I am pretty sure most of those authors are women. I don't hate weak FL's if they are bearable but I hate FL's who are so weak like it's hopeless for their future character development especially if she is mentally older. <<less
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May 02, 2021
Status: c19
As someone who is obsessed with reading father-daughter novels, this one is pretty good so far!

Can't wait for MC to meet her Brothers!

And hopefully they go more into details about her mother cause in most K-novels they don't mention the mom's background much.
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Lumine simp
Lumine simp
Aug 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Really love this manhwa. Family trope is my fave. In this manhwa, the FL doesn't know about the future Her dad is not tr*sh. The misunderstanding only happened at the beginning, but it's not bcz the dad refuse to tell her, it's bcz he doesn't know of what his daughter thought about everything.

Usually in other manhwa's, the reborn MC should pretend to act like a child bcz it's be really weird to people if the kid act so mature. But FL here doesn't have to do that. Bcz her family... more>> is considered as an anomaly, and kids with mature behaviour from Paeton family is an usual thing, eventho they're barely 8y.o. But her childish behaviour (in daily life) is natural, and sometimes came out as penalty from the god 😂. She always pretend to act like a child whenever she have a mission, or to bribe or to soothe her family whenever they feel sad, angry and jealous. FL doesn't know about the future, so that's a good point. Maybe some people think that she has an easy life bcz her family really loves and dotes on her too much, but no. There's no such thing as easy life. And there's only one ML, also he's not jerk at all like most manhwa's. You'll love him, I'm sure.

I feel lots of emotions while reading this manhwa, fun, happy, sad, frustration, angry, etc. Definitely one of my favourites manhwa's 👍👍👍 <<less
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May 29, 2021
Status: c15
Solid 3 average story but I will be dropping it.

I'm usually a big fan of child-father novels with isekai/reincarnation especially when the child comes from a poor situation to be loved but I just really couldn't get into this one. I couldn't really connect with the MC or the dad on top of feeling like the MC was kind of bland or I guess feels the same as characters from other stories in this genre? I was hoping the "runs a fantasy with cash" part would help but honestly it... more>> pulled me out of the story more then anything else. I would have probably come to like this story much better without the weird contract element.

With that said there are some genuinely nice parts in this and the translation isn't bad (I preferred RhythmMonster to Travis but I could read Travis with no problems). There are parts when we get a little bit more insight into the mind of the father and had some heartwarming moments so it wasn't all bad. If you don't mind skill tropes from the isekai side of the story or mind generic characters then you'll probably like this a lot more then I did. <<less
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May 03, 2021
Status: c17
I’ve been waiting for this one for so long thank you to the translators and it’s such a cute and interesting story cant wait until she meets her brothers;)
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