LOOP8: A Summer Day


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In August 1983, Taichiro “Nini” Oyama, the sole survivor of a space station’s destruction, arrives in the countryside town of Ashihara Nakatsu. Here, he expects to lead a peaceful life with his relatives and the other townspeople.

The locals say there is nothing here, but that could not be further from the truth. The mountains, the sea, the old town, school friends, Earthling relatives, gravity — all are new to him, as he has lived all his life up to now in space.

What’s more, he finds himself at the center of the battle against the Kegai, mythical monsters that destroyed his home and killed his family.

A web novel series meant for promoting the video game LOOP8: Summer of Gods. Initially published on the game’s official website, with physical copies included as a bonus booklet in the game’s official guide book.

The first 14 chapters serve as a prequel to the game, depicting the main characters going about their lives — some of them perfectly normal, others not quite so — before Nini’s arrival in town.

The latter 13 chapters, taking place after Nini’s arrival, expand on the relationships among characters and reveal more of their backstories.

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LOOP8: Summer of Gods
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