Long You Jianghu


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(Takes place in Datong, like the author’s other works.)

Long Shao You, a skilled martial artist, was entrusted with the task of reining in Yu Feng, the heir to a vicious and cruel sect. After Yu Feng paid the price for Long Shao You’s overconfidence, he swore that he would follow the heir for as long as it took for his debt to be repaid.

A violent love story, will these two warriors find happiness?

Associated Names
One entry per line
The Errant Dragon
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Date Group Release
07/06/17 Luxiufer extra 2 part2
07/03/17 Luxiufer extra 2 part1
06/13/17 Luxiufer extra 1
05/24/17 Luxiufer c8
05/24/17 Luxiufer c7
03/24/17 Luxiufer c6
03/24/17 Luxiufer c5
03/04/17 Luxiufer c4
04/29/16 Luxiufer c3
04/22/16 Luxiufer c2
04/16/16 Luxiufer c1
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dona rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: --
This is one of the worst yaoi I’ve ever read. I wasted my time.

Pathetic. That sums up our protagonist.

He’s supposed to be an extremely strong man yet fears the ML (who’s several years younger) and acts like a whiny bit$h. Who on earth would be so heartless as to pretend to be ‘dead’ for 5 years, letting his parents grief just so he can stay with ML? I got so angry reading this garbage I just wanted to strangle him with each chapter, yet I continued despite it hopping that... more>> our MC grows some balls (even dying would be ok) but nope.

At least Lu Cang had some self respect and ‘tried’ to escape, but this idiot? Just what on watch was the author thinking? <<less
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