Long Wind Crossing


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In order to marry a good husband, Liu Yuru had been a model lady for 15 years; but on the eve of her engagement, she was forced to marry Gu Jiusi, a well-known playboy from Yangzhou.

To marry such a person was to ruin one’s life.

Especially because after marriage, she learned that this person was also forced to marry her.

Liu Yuru was heartbroken, and after locking herself in the room for three days, she came to a realization.

Marrying such a dandy, why should she remain a perfect young lady?

So on the third day of marriage, the famously gentle lady shook her hands, carried a knife, and used all her courage to go to the brothel.

To the drunken Gu Jiusi, she said –

Get up!

After that, Gu Jiusi’s life was full of ups and downs.

Whether he was a miserable dandy or a great official, this woman stood beside him.

She supported him with her weak and delicate body, and told him, “get up.”

So even if he was cut to pieces, he would struggle from the mud, grit his teeth, carry her on his back, and walk through this life.

For the first 15 years of Liu Yuru’s life, she thought she was living only to find a good man.

It wasn’t until she met Gu Jiusi that she understood that a good man would help you realize that you live only for yourself.

— May this body of flesh and blood shield her from the wind and rain, protect her dress from dust, and protect her temples from frost.

Associated Names
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Chang Feng Du
Destined (Drama Name)
Marrying a Dandy (Changfengdu)
To Marry a Dandy
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14 Reviews

New theliongirl
May 02, 2024
Status: Completed
When I first started reading this, I thought it would be a romantic comedy. I thought the female lead was pitiful but strong and that the male lead was really ignorant, and that I was looking forward to seeing how she turned him into an upright man.

And then, suddenly, war came and the country was in chaos, and our male and female lead grew step by step from spoiled children to a good man and woman who have hearts for the people.

This is not a romantic comedy, though there is... more>> romance, and there are bits of comedy. This is a story about the choices people make, about those who do good even when it's hard, and those who turn to evil when it's easier.

And those who were born with little chance at all, really.

This story has such beautiful character development. Along the way, our leads face and are forced into so many tough choices, and when one falls on the path the other is there to catch them. They build each other up into stronger and better people. And along the way, there are many other people who help them, who have sacrificed for this country and for the good of the people. Actually, stories about hope and goodness are some of my favorites, so how can I not love this?

But some people have different tastes, so let me talk about the other points of this novel for a bit.

Though he's really ridiculous in the earliest chapters, the male lead is really good, he's really a 'my wife' kind of guy. Their relationship slowly grows into one everyone around them is envious of. The female lead grows from a girl placing all her hopes in a good marriage to a strong businesswoman making life better for herself.

Though his actions are very careless at first, the male lead actually has a good character and a sharp mind, and he goes through many hardships that temper him into a great man.

The story revolves around both the male and female lead, with more of her perspective in the beginning and his in the later parts, though not to the point that either of them is neglected. From early on, they're a team. Sometimes benevolent, sometimes ruthless, they're both quite scheming but that doesn't mean they're coldhearted. Though, they are ancient characters in a time of uncertainty, they do kill people, though not without good reason.

The character development in this novel is strong, and there are a lot of great and various supporting charactes, some good and some evil, some sympathetic even as they are wrong.

The plot is pretty good, it's not the elaborate web you find in some other novels but there is foreshadowing, some twists, etc.

Actually, some things in this story didn't feel realistic to me, but they were acceptable within the balance of this story. There wasn't anything obviously wrong.

If you're looking for a story with adventure, romance, or politics, try this out. <<less
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Aug 20, 2022
Status: --
Edit: Ex-translator 😅 I'm so glad someone else picked it up!! Happy reading everyone <3


Hi, translator here!

Tbh the only reason I picked this up, other than everyone saying it's great, is because I like the male lead actor in the Cdrama adaptation.

I shall be reading along with everyone - hope y'all enjoy!

P.S. I checked and the ending is


Just in case you were worried ;)
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Aug 20, 2022
Status: --
This is a love after marriage story, I really love our main couple. Gu Jiusi and Liu Yuru.

Gu Jiusi is the son of the richest man in Yangzhou and Yuru is the main unloved daughter of a merchant. Because of Jiusi prank, they get married reluctantly.

Jiusi is very childish, Yuru is so on guarded. After a few hardships together (which is my fav part of the novel) they got closer and become each other support (even life).

I love how they love and protect each other, Jiusi try to climb as... more>> high as possible as an official so nobody can mess with Yuru, and Yuru tried to collect money as many as she can so Jiusi can live his life happily like before.

So happy this one finally get to be translated, they just announce the drama starring Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi. <<less
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Apr 18, 2024
Status: --
Begging on my hands and knees for someone to pick this up 😭 they’re so cute and supportive of each other and I really like them as a couple. I’ve bought the whole series on the original site so for any translators balking at the price, please pm!!
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Aug 12, 2023
Status: Completed
From the descriptions I made of this novel (in my list), I'm sure that I enjoyed reading the story very very much.

Today I found a c-drama called "Destined". I felt the plot very familiar, even though I still haven't finished watching (not yet 10 episodes). (Edited: I've finished all 40 episodes)

Anyway, I looked back at my lists, and I'm so excited to find this novel again. No wonder the plot seems familiar.. And it was even one of my favourites.

Truthfully, I have vague memories of what's coming, but I look forward to see the words turned into actions in the drama.

... more>>

I remember that the FL and ML got along like friends at first, but as time goes on, they faced many adversaries and challenges that forced them to grow up, to take on heavy responsibilities.

Along the way, they could only depend on each other, and their relationship is so strong, that their trust and loyalty to each other make the story so beautiful. They separated for some times but they plan their best so the other can come back safe.

There was even one time where the FL was taken hostage and the ML planned to save her by showing clumsiness and impulsiveness. ML's wisdom was usually hidden behind his recklessness. (I'm not sure if this plot was really from this story because it wasn't in the drama. I'll have to re-read the novel^^)

Edited: There were a few plots that were changed in the drama. I remember that FL's mother was saved from the start, and they had no interaction with the FL's family after their move. And there was a heavy plot regarding the building of the Yellow River Dam. Also, the villains in the novel were truly chilling and terrifying. The main villain had a bigger appaling plan to bring down all of the country.

Finally, I remember a lot about the FL, but I know that the ML was the character I'm fully happy with.

I may forget many things in the story, but I know it's a heartfelt one, and I plan to re-discover it through "Destined". I hope the drama does not disappoint. I will come back again to update after I finish watching~

In the mean time, this novel is definitely a recommended reading for all 🌈

Edited: "Destined" is a remarkable piece. All the actors portrayed their characters exceptionally well. Some may find some things in the drama questionable, but if you've read the novel, you'll breeze through the plot familiarly. I really like the FL & ML in the novel & drama. I'm glad to find both~ 🍒 <<less
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Sep 12, 2022
Status: --
I knew it!

The first time I read the synopsis, I got hunch that this kind of writing style is obviously the style of my favorite author, MoShuBai!

I read all the author's works. Started from Grand Princes. I don't doubt the quality of this novel. That's why I won't write long review here. All aspects in this novel, start from plot and character building, everything is polished well. Not into a perfect masterpiece, but for me, it's a high quality.

I will shamelessly recommend this novel to all readers... Give this novel... more>> a try, and perhaps you will like the author just like me. <<less
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Oct 05, 2022
Status: Completed
An EPIC masterpiece! Unlike other novels that glosses over the struggles experienced during times of uncertainty, this novel delves into the stories of individuals who are forced to reach limits beyond their own expectations for survival and for a better future for everyone. Our main leads undergo extraordinary character growth without losing their core values and both have incredible strength to withstand the struggles they face through being hunted down, becoming refugees, and dealing with unceasing political turmoil. Just when you think you've reached the end, the novel leads you... more>> down into a further depth with more political plots and schemes.

All the characters are written with great depth and have their individual strengths and backgrounds. This novel made me laugh but mostly cry due to the difficulties the characters face and the heartfelt words they share. The main couple is one that pulled on all my heartstrings. It has never been easier to believe in the love and trust shared by two individuals in a novel.

I can only wish for the drama team to do this wonderful novel justice. <<less
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Sep 09, 2023
Status: Completed
I cannot recommend this book enough. The storyline keeps you hooked and the characters are so well rounded and loveable. The FL is smart, capable and brave. The ML goes through a big character development, he's likable from the beginning but he goes on to become admirable. Their chemistry and love story is heart warming. They are equals in the relationship. They support, rely on, and trust each other through all the difficulties they face.

The side characters are very flesh out too. I felt as much invested in them as... more>> the main characters. Everyone in the novel has their strengths and weaknesses, which make them seem more human. One thing I felt the author did really well was blur the line of good and bad. Good people can do bad things, it's all a matter of where your interest and consideration lies. The last extra chapter rounds off the whole novel well and was sweet. (I read the book in Chinese) <<less
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Aug 22, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a very rich and complex story that shows the growth and achievements of two unrelated people whose disagreement escalated in ridiculous ways to force a marriage arrangement.

The female lead is amazing: clever, strategic and kind. She did not grow up in a secure situation and spends a large portion of her life plotting to make herself the perfect wife candidate to keep herself and her mother safe. Through the story she grows beyond that single ambition to stretch the limits of her capability and own her power.

Our male... more>> lead is the adored only son of two very rich and indulgent parents. They may shake their heads at his silly childish antics but they idolize his purity of intention and innocence more than his character growth. The ML is the kind of immature bully who puts crickets in someone’s desk and tries to always beat their adversary in games. He’s not promiscuous, cruel, a drunkard, or a gambler who exceeds his means.

It would be hard to exceed his means Case and point: he goes to brothels to play cards.


The various greater world events that shape this story are equal parts thrilling, heartbreaking, realistic and thoughtful. Many of the secondary characters, heroes and villains, are unique and unlike anything you find in typical historicals.

My only major criticisms of the story is a very limited number of walk on characters who felt like weakly executed canon fodder and the pacing of their romance is very slow where you get the feels early but they take longer to do anything. Make no mistake: this is very romantic. It just takes a while.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a thoughtful politically fueled character driven adventure romance. <<less
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Dec 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Great novel! This is an entirely different genre from the usual. I appreciate the change from the cliche plots. The story is about a young couple (merchants) climbing up the ranks during a chaotic, war-torn period of changing dynasties. They do it because it's the best way to protect themselves and other people in such chaotic times. The romance is slow burn and very much enemies to friends, friends to lovers. I didn't feel the romance a lot because their friendship and loyalty to each other was so deep by... more>> the time they fell in love.

An unfavored fabric merchant's daughter, Liu Yuru, has plotted most of her life to get married to her best friend's scholar brother for the sake of ensuring a nice, respectable future for herself. She made sure to look like a perfect elegant lady, learning everything she should according to his interests. Everything was going well, the marriage had been discussed. Then, she had a bloody dream about the downfall of the city's richest merchant family, the Gu family, which seemed to have no connection with her so she didn't think much of it. Later on, the only son of the Gu family, a well known good-for-nothing dandy made a joke about marrying her as a petty revenge, his parents heard about it and arranged a marriage for him with Yuru's greedy father.

Both are unwilling. Yuru is devastated. He's rebellious. This is the start point. Kudos to the author for making the protagonists so realistic in their feelings. Especially Yuru, a fifteen year old girl in such a helpless situation, all her efforts went down the drain and her dreams were broken, how could she not break down? The one who comforted her and gave her the advice she needed was her mother-in-law. She cried all her tears, thought a lot, asked around about the situation and ultimately decided to break the pot, abandon her gentle persona and do whatever was needed to get the life she wanted. Dandy husband? Okay, since the marriage was already done she could only find a way to get what she wanted from this man. So she picked up a knife, went to look for him at a brothel (no worries, he wasn't doing that kind of stuff) and expressed all her grievances and demanded he repay her with achievements for the future he had ruined.

Their life was full of ups and downs. But both were good people and it made them into an inseparable team, they found a purpose, an identity and their own ambitions.

My only complaint is that the author forgot about the parents after the initial arc, they were rarely mentioned and didn't have a real role. It dragged a little during the last part and I despaired for these poor children who couldn't get any peace but I do recommend it. The friendship was well done. The FL and ML also had a deep bond. The politics made sense. The plot was inspiring and thoughful. <<less
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Sep 01, 2022
Status: Completed
Completed this novel long ago via MTL. Found this gem when searching Mo shu bai other novel

Really recommended this, I like the FL ML slowburn romance. Their character growth, especially ML. From a dandy to a gentleman (but he can act decissively when the situasion need him to do that). FL from being virtous (to get a good husband) to being herself who more courageous but still lovely

This novel OTP is really good and perfect for each other just like a puzzle that complete each other

... more>>

i love how the ML respect and protect FL even before he like her romantically


The villain.. What to do, I hate him but can't help pitying him for his life experience

I'm looking forward for the drama adaptation. <<less
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Aug 31, 2022
Status: --
This was such a beautiful story. It's rare to find a story where the couple are like friends rather than people who got married and are unable to be vulnerable in front of their partner (especially the MLs of historical novels). It always makes for the best kind of stories being able to see the couple interact like they've known each other their whole lives.

Another reason why I loved this is because it gave 2 of my favorite tropes; enemies to lovers / friends to lovers

Also the friendships displayed throughout... more>> the novel really added to the story with taking the spotlight away from the main couple. (I may or may not have cried a little bit for the side couple)

While I'm happy it's a HE I really with there were a few extra chapters <<less
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Aug 31, 2022
Status: --
I MTLed a decent chunk of the story a while back.

It's very well-written and developed, and the summary pretty much sums it up.

It's very much a slowburn enemy (or antagonistic) to soulmates type relationship. Watching them grow together and learn to put down their defences and become better people for each other.

The relationship actually stays platonic for quite a while but it's definitely platonic soulmates and it's just waiting for the relationship to fall in place. I just love how much they want the other to have a good life... more>> especially after enduring so much hardship and suffering.

The side characters also add decent flavour.

It's not a smooth sailing ride but the journey and their growing relationship makes it worth it.

*Might edit if I finish it <<less
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Oct 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Love the novel! This time both ML and FL are commoners (no nobility no royalty) and the whole novel is about their growth together. It was great to read about their struggles and their slow burn romance. Both characters are flawed but very humanely so. What’s so admirable and extraordinary about both is their willingness to choose each other and believe in each other every time they face an obstacle. #Couplegoals all the way. Plot is still court politics focused. Individually both characters are not the type I like to... more>> read but their combo is really lovable. MTL is readable. <<less
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