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The Soaring Dragon Continent is a world of summons, you can only become strong if you become a summoner! Yue Yang, an average high school boy, was suddenly transported into this world. When he woke up, he was greeted with a lot of worried faces and found out that he had assumed another person’s identity. Turns out he’s the good-for-nothing third son of the Yue Family, who had just recently drowned himself because of a failed engagement. Unlike the third son of the Yue Family who was useless in summoning, Yue Yang succeeded in making a contract with a summoning grimoire on his first try, even when the other guy failed for the past fifteen years. Others would have a headache making contracts with beasts afterwards, but countless beasts tried to gain favour with Yue Yang instead, acting like a good kid before him.

Yue Yang the brat, however, didn’t feel grateful at all: “Scram, Mythical Beasts! Do you think you are cool like that? Go away from me now, I only like beautiful summons!”

Even when royal families approached him for his talents, the shameless brat replied, “I’m not interested in government stuff, I’m only interested in beauties!”

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Zhaohuan Wansui
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Draeghe rated it
May 27, 2016
Status: c252
This story is a sort of rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.

It's actually quite a funny story at times, there's plenty of humor... Especially the first 100 chapters or so (can't remember precisely, but basically before he got all gung-ho with so many girls at once) were quite fun.

Think the story kind of got downhill as of late (pretty much when he got into the school it got worse) with the weird cultivation/innate power/hero ranking things. Sure it's fun to read the main characters Antics... and the world the story... more>> exists in is somewhat interesting too.

But sometimes it's very confusing to read what exactly is going on, because the story shifts from one part to the other in absolutely no time. And to me this is a major drawback, it takes away a lot of the momentum the story has and leaves you wondering with "what the hell did I just read"/"what just happened"... and not in a good way. And the author has the tendency to do this just a bit too often.

It feels like he wants to tell you more and more about the world he created, and then describes something and explains it... and then leaves that part hanging with absolutely no follow-up whatsoever later on in the story. This actually happens a few times. If any of this stuff actually gets used later on (which I doubt), I'm sure I would've forgotten about it by then, since it just doesn't leave any lasting impact.

- Funny, plenty of humor. MC can be amusing.
- Interesting world
- Too many story shifts/sudden changes, which makes no sense. / makes it confusing to read.
- Cultivation system is all over the place. (no offense to those who actually like this) Some parts I do like, but some I don't.

I would've given it a 4, or maybe even a 5... if it wasn't for the confusing writing at times, which takes away the reading pleasure.
I hope I could purvey what I meant. <<less
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I lost hope in humanity
I lost hope in humanity rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c575
I love this Goddamm novel so much, it's freekin funny as hell even to the latest chapter (Idk about those people who said the comedy grew stale, I feel it's perfectly fine). I definitely recommend this novel to pretty much anyone, also I respect everyone's opinion on the novels, but I hate it when my favorite novel got shited on just because of this one little chapter over the overall novel, also don't bring morality into your reviews cuz that's just stupid (may I remind you this is not a... more>> fairy land when you could be happy and be the spoiled little shithead you are, this is a land where literally your life could be dictated by this random ass expert just because he's stronger than you). So in conclusion when you sh*t on a novel, it's plain and easy to point out, but until you can, stfu for the sake of my 2 minutes of me roasting you in real life for being a little bitch. Love you :) <<less
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THE MAN rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c70
Writing style is pathetically poor.

MC is a moron. I can go through with a MC who is despicable, shameless, mass murderer, rapist, weak or OP, guarded with thick plot armours. But I can't stand a dumb and indecisive MC.

There are comedy most of which are of low standard and cheap. I got bored by this cheap comedy.

Ranking system is a mess.

Author enjoys farting random, forced and unnecessary plots out of his butthole.

It was a headache reading upto 70 chapters. I can't take it more.
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c630
Love, love, love this book. Brings me back to Womanizing Mage, though YY is much slower in managing to get to home base with his girls. I am a big fan of the MC: OP, shameless, clever, and pretty courageous. The ideal MC. The girls are all pretty amazing as well, with each one stronger both physically and mentally than the other. The summoning system is pretty reminiscent of Pokemon, which is quite entertaining and pretty unique from the cultivation of most of these books.

Really enjoy the light-heartedness (so far)... more>> of the novel, though I am slightly put off by the fact that he has so many fights with people who are way above his capabilities and has to hide each time. Can't they space out their fights so that he can handle them?? I guess the author does this to stop him from seeming *too* OP, though that might just be me. Romance is pretty good, though I would have like it to be a lot faster (each girl takes at least a hundred chapters to be wifed). I would like to know what happens later in the novel, but the plot is pretty convoluted and the MTL is quite confusing, so I'll be waiting. Maybe if there are more chapters translated in the future I'll keep reading. Paused. <<less
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CN Reviewer
CN Reviewer rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: Completed
The MC's name is Yue Yang.


1. 1st half of story is good.

2. Lots of romance.

3. MC is OP!

4. Awesome enemies.


1. Not bad ending. Better than 90% of other novels.

Cons (Lots) :

1. 2nd half story in Upper Heaven Realm sucks.

2. The power levels are all over the place. One second an ant like character is getting crushed, next chapter, he's soloing the battlefield.

3. The s*x scenes are suppressed, i.e. "Little brother" or "knight charging into the battlefield and breaking through the lines".


The MC keeps saying he's hardworking, but he has the most cheats and hacks a MC can have. He also has 4 Godlike beings living inside him ready to save his life if he gets his ass kicked.


5. He never had s*x with the main wife.

6. He found out he wasn't related to his sisters, but there was no development to that.

7. The MC is SOOOOO OP, but he messes around too much, prolonging a fight he can win instantly to like 10 chapters.

8. The MC keeps letting the enemies go.

9. Too much: "He's so talented. If we don't kill him he's gonna end up being a disaster in the future!"

10. If the MC diligently cultivated alone without babying his followers and harem, the story would end in like 400 chapters no 1399.


There's a clan called Hundred Flowers Clan or something and all the children of theirs are female and when they wanted a male heir, one of the members, the MC's "mother", brought a child from the Immortal World to make him an heir. The MC was originally a True Dragon, but since they fused their bloodlines with his, he became human. He was the original MC, not the one that he reincarnated into.


Overall, I suggest not to read the novel. If you do want to, quit right after the Heaven Realm Arc ends, after he defeats the Sun King.
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es01 rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: c600+
The story is good on my first read. When I come back to read it again I've figured some annoying things.

I'll list pros and cons here in my spoilers so you can decide it yourself.



  1. The story is funny (especially creative funny joke in the first part)
  2. Plot is not bad which can connect to the other plot secrets.
  3. Usually author don't throw away his side characters (Still can see some in the late story)
  4. Grimoire system sounds cool and some of the system is really cool.


  1. Later in the story plot armored is not only on MC but everyone around him (Wives, friends and etc)
  2. It's not realistic but more on perfectionism on the story ex. Scarlet Emperor and his concubine was ambushed by MC but didn't retaliate to anyone of him or his family despite being a villian.
  3. Bao er and Ye shuang are really annoying and that is the point I started to think author is a pedophile where he give really plot armor to kids. (I peek into the last chapter of the story and found Bao er still there where he met Old Daoist and his mother which mean Bao er might have skill to survive to that point)
  4. ***This is the thing I hate the most in the story (of perfectionism). People around MC, some of them start from trash and they improve a lot with the arrogant attitude. They don't face any consequence and believe that what they're doing is the right thing. For example when Black hell king declare war on Soaring dragon continent. Instead of hiding and planning well they decide to stick with MC and disregard their family who might be in danger due to the relationship with MC and what annoyed me was author just make villain forget this point. (Maybe villian has no emotion and cannot even think of such a plan)
  5. Everything revolve around MC but he's indecisive and usually never plan something in advance. The only thing he plan is where to go next.
  6. MC said he doesn't care who his enemies are he will kill regardless of the gender or age but often time we see MC know who should kill or who shouldn't (and usually the people who he didn't kill are female) which is weird.
  7. Support on No. 4 almost everyone in the story is arrogant but they never change after you continue to read.
  8. Later in the story plot is not that deep and author just entirely forgot about grimoire system it's just level up and skill in wuxia way but not in MMO anymore.
  9. I remember there are time MC forgot which summon is the best. For ex. MC went to save his people who were stuck in other dimension and he needed to find them asap. They summon Tiger shark to trace blood instead of summon mice which can even trace Old turtle location.
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sgrey rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: c611
This novel is written by a drunken schizophrenic. The grades for the cultivation are not set up clearly, as well as how you cultivate. It becomes a confusing jumble of things that sometimes contradict each other and often don't make sense. The author sometimes forgets what he said before and then contradicts himself. The order of events are often not properly explained and is confusing. Sometimes characters would do something, but it was not clearly stated. And then the text would just assume that it happened without proper explanation.

MC is... more>> the worst of all. He is a degenerate moron. After he is transported, he didn't get memories of the guy whose body he overtook, so he basically lacks all common sense knowledge about the world. So what is he doing? Nothing. He just keeps repeating "oh, I lack common sense about the world" and that's it. And then he just gets a massive knowledge transfer out of the blue and becomes one of the most knowledgeable people in the world. Seriously, wtf? In addition, all his thoughts are nothing but girls and sex. This is not at the level of perverted protagonist, this is a level of degenerate. When he sees one of his girls dying, his first though was "oh, I have yet to take her virginity". I don't know if the author thinks it's funny, but this something only a psychopath would think. He just always lies and calls it "chasing girls". Very quickly his behavior becomes a block for the progress in the relationships and the novel. Also, the way chicks fell for him doesn't make sense. Not only he never always lies to them, cheats on them, he f*cking tries to r*pe a few of them several times, and the princess of the country at that. The only reason that does not happen is plot convenience: something happens as he is pushing the chick down and tearing he clothes off. Like someone shows up or some noise, etc.

Another problem I have with this novel is that the author is jumping around all the time. For example, the fight starts. Then the author says "the enemy holds some_powerfuls_sword" and will go tell the backstory about the sword for a large portion of the chapter. He does this multiple times about many different things. You end up reading multiple backstories during single event instead of reading about the actual event. By the time backstories are over, you don't even remember what was going on.

The novel is also filled with nonsense that you can often find in chinese novels. No logic and bunch of bullsh*t is presented as something good and even justifiable for MCs behavior. There is so much idiotic stuff where MC contradicts himself, it's just stupid.

One thing, there are some nice moments, which are surprising. Some of the humor is funny and the way he treats his monsters is way better, compared to the way he treats his women. <<less
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Madros rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: c529
It is getting worst an worst each time another girl enters the story. Due to the high number of the girls I sometimes forget some of them. This has also resulted in their low charecter develpement for the wives and no develpement for the male charectores.

It has become a stupid rule that the MC will lay with a girl if it is stated that she is beautiful. The author being a big pervert has ruined this book.
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bloggbigg rated it
April 10, 2017
Status: c453
I like this because it's a bit of a different perspective, and is mostly fun- but I do agree there's a lot to dislike to be honest. My main issue right off was with the MC, but he mostly settles down to an 'only occasionally excessively unreasonable' version (of a 'kindhearted' jerk) eventually.

The good:
- Frequently humorous
- Reasonably good attention to character development. Some slightly interesting characters (that aren't the MC).
- Has a plot (interesting though nothing exceptional)
- Has some interesting ideas on summoning, and (very... more>> indirectly) the nature of agency/free will.

The bad:
- MC is pretty much 20% a jerk with plot armor and luck not to be believed- oh, and he's OP. Very 'Gary Stu adventure'.
- Tons of repetitive 'descriptions' which are really bragging opportunities. You should be ok with being reminded:

-- How awesome the MC is
-- How awesome his accomplishments/titles are
-- How awesome his summons are
-- How awesome his grimoire is
-- How awesome the MC's gear is- as well as the gear of his summons

Needless to say, as the story progresses and these add up, more and more frequent 'updates' are needed, as well as 'reminders' when he faces notable enemies.

"This person's power feels like (whatever number rank) ! In terms of (where ranked among) that is more powerful than (list of powerful people met or legendary) " <- this is only a sentence- in the novel it will be 1-3 exhaustive paragraphs...

In short, LOTS of bragging. You think the MC is awesome? Here's a new strong person. Maybe you have a doubt about how awesome the MC is in comparison. LET ME REMIND YOU...

- This is a harem (which doesn't HAVE to be an issue), but 90% of the girls are pretty much lining up for him for no good reason. Also, for a harem, the target number of girls seems to be quite high and still increasing. The 'captured' number (at this point) isn't extravagant for a harem (it's low actually), so 'who knows?'. Anyway- the pacing in this regard and the balance to the action/etc isn't bad for a harem.
- Levels, Ranks, 'by more than ten times- (hundreds, thousands, etc) ': Author describes many things by rank or unnecessary exaggeration. Some of the exaggerations are obvious nonsense, while others leave you wondering if he's serious or not.
- Too many characters/groups: I shudder to think how many chars were created throughout the whole of this saga- but by c450, it's easily over 100 chars in 15 or so groups. As much as it's a complaint, it's not too hard to follow- just needlessly excessive.
- 'I invented everything': Another 'the MC is key to rediscovering/discovering methods to do many things' story. Everyone around him have been trying to overcome things for centuries and he just waltzes in and 'trips over' it. Repeatedly. Some of it's 'fine' since he gets 'lost knowledge' or a 'secret teacher', etc.- but the fact he has SO MANY THINGS... well, OP.
- Repetition: The author has a tendency to repeat things 2-6 times in a chapter and in various ways. A bit annoying. This is in addition to the bragging point mentioned earlier.
-Plot development: I should stress that the MCs progress is slightly 'part of an ongoing plotwise development arc', somewhat 'here's a new thing, it'll make the MC more awesome, just you wait', and just as much 'Oh, look at that neat thing the MC stumbled into and how beneficial it happens to be!'-- in short, if you want solid plotting- forget it. There is an overall arc, etc- but mostly things kind of happen. This isn't quite a 'pop-up events' or 'monster of the week' level of randomness (usually) - but there are sudden enough direction changes that it will make you wonder about some of the 'loose ends'.

The different:
- Dog-kicking: Surprisingly this becomes common as he 'abuses' his loyal 'pet' throughout the saga. All is not as it seems, so the authors need to stun all observers with his blatant 'heartlessness' ends up being more interesting and complicated.
- Other than the rare bits where he gives a different twist on the 'puppet wants to be a girl' story', most of the rest is standard 'RPG Magical Saga'- style developments.
- Seeing the 'Chinese culture elements' (devotion to clan/family/mother, need to have status, give others status, etc.) is quite interesting to me. I know these are fictionalized variants, but the undercurrent is there. <<less
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12300 rated it
January 27, 2017
Status: c405
It's so confusing! The MC gets his powers so randomly in which there is no real explanation of how he gets it. Most of the powers come from his overpowered body and lucky chances. Its too OP that it even influences the other characters such as his sooner or later to be wives. Besides all the nonsense in the story, I don't know why I can't stop reading this...
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Flores520 rated it
June 15, 2016
Status: c250
It is simply unique and refreshing, the MC is unlike other and the characters are quite funny. Some plot fluctuations are questionable, and at times quite inadequate. But in the end the novel is one of the best ones out there.
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Maleandar rated it
May 9, 2016
Status: --
AS of chapter 242 3/5. But must keep in mind this story is still in the development phase as is always the case of this genre. The first 97 chapters were basically a snooze fest, but after it starts to get much much better.

Once the Harem starts to develop, things lighten up, get interesting. The combat system is a mess. there are different ranks and each rank have different ratings. bronze, silver, gold, platinum and more beyond that. each has 10 ratings, you would think a gold 2 can kick... more>> a bronze 8 butt, but this is not the case....... do not ask why, just accept it and the headache will go away.

Humor is ok, at times funny other times lost in translation. The MC is perverted, and does at times take liberties with his girls, such as fondle or groping.

The thing that confused me the most is the MC is supposed to be a NEET, but he is very street smart, has a quick tongue and can argue/lie with the best, he is beyond bold and arrogant. Also one bad aspect is he sees everyone as an NPC, so killing male or female does not matter to him, yet his "new" family and his friends he protects with his life at any cost. To me a contradiction in terms of his view of ppl. I guess as the story progresses, his view slowly changes as he adapts to the new world and before he notices it, he is a part of it, but everyone once in a while he says something to the affect of "they are only NPC's".

The other confusing thing is, his entire harem all grew up together...... wtf? They basically lived like family together. However how he meets each and wins their affection is totally by chance (thus far as we know). Many mysteries are still being thrown at us at this stage of the story with almost no answers given.... so one must be patient for a while yet. <<less
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kedar080340119014 rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: --
This novel is a special case for me. In a sense, this novel has more negatives than positives. But still, somehow, I like reading it.
1) Hilarious situations which will make u laugh or at least smile. And there are lots of em.
2) The concept of using beasts as summons in combination with combat techniques is not a new idea but somehow in adding cultivation and martial arts to it, it gives a new spin to same old concept. Certainly not new but still somehow refreshing from usual... more>> xianxia crap.
3) Interaction between MC and harem members is interesting

1) Very Poor world building. Some of the things are too confusing. The relations between various kingdoms, sects and other associations is too vague. What the hell is Tong tian tower? Never explained. What are relations between the harem members? Vaguely touched upon. Who was poor guy's mother? Or Father? Never even touched upon (I know that they are probably a part of some greater plot point. But still some info would have been nice). In nutshell the world building is all over the place. Half of the characters that drop in have some deep relations with MC or his parents or his harem members but no info is ever given. 240 chaps in, we still don't know anything abt most of harem members or hell even the some of the family members of the MC till now. 2) No explanation on cultivation system: WTH is innate? How is different from the others?After all the battling and using grimoire multiple times against strong enemies along with his beast, why does he still remain at level 2 bravemen. His sister yue bing already went all the way up to Level 4 Hero. WTH!

In essence, the incredible lack of information on basic world building and characters and additionally poor explanation on cultivation system while constantly giving indication of some greater plot in background only gives rise to confusion rather than actually creating intrigue and interest. However, I would still recommend the novel for the enjoying the sheer antiques, bad assery and shameless behavior of MC for some laughs. Decent translation speed, excellent translation also add to the value. <<less
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funkmasterjo rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c624
I've read up til latest chapter.

Favorite series on this site.


  1. Good monster elements. Monster skills, monster types, monster evolution. BTW the MC's monsters either are babes or become babes within a reasonable amount of time. Other characters all have their own monsters and they have a good amount of details and backstory as well.
  2. MC does eventually get laid on screen and off screen so it's not all teasing.
  3. The relationships all seem meaningful.

    Even though it takes a while for him to get the princess in bed, it's because he's shameless so they're antagonistic for a while. Then she's shy. Then he got a different wife first so people aren't sure. Then again, another character comes in and she's more ready to have a relationship, so they get into it way quicker.

  4. There's a larger plot about the nation and his place in it.

    I.E. a war starts, or his clan is in trouble, or his mom or sister.

    It's very good that the plot goes back and forth between MC's own exploits and his efforts for other people.
  5. MC has a distinct personality
    1. Shameless
    2. Loves his family
    3. Loves the female leads (wives)
    4. Looks after his underlings/allies
    5. Prideful when he's not busy being shameless
  6. The pacing is pretty good.
  7. A lot of the conflicts feel emotionally grounded.
  8. Combat isn't just power level competition. There's tricks and intelligence and so on. It's displayed a lot of times that a smart monster is more valued and frightening than a strong one. And then the typing matchups are very powerful.

    I.E. Most demons should flee in terror from Thorny Flower Queen. Even when she was approaching final evolution, and not even there yet, they already started freaking out.


  1. Overarching stuff takes a long time to resolve
    • Still don't know what the Sword Goddess is after. Why is she teaching him. Is there even a reason or is this just something that she does because she's a Sword Goddess? This is a mystery from chapter 1.
    • What's up with his biological mom? Is she alive? In the MC's opnion, he didn't take over Yue Yang's body, he just looks like him. So why is he so compatible with his mom's stuff? There's lots of fan theories about this but nothing's been explained yet.

    1. A long time from Romance > Wives. But it did feel like they had a real relationship.
  2. Regeular DBZ effect. After a long time, he finally approaches level 10, then there's hevaen ranks so oh well, we have another 10 levels after this.
  3. It can be hard to understand the rankings.
    1. There's Grimoire levels. This is what's recognized as the MC's actual level, according to the universe he's in.
    2. There's innate levels. This is actually different to his level. MC starts as level one, Innate level one so it's confusing for a while. Innate level is like... the amount of profound mystic stuff. Whereas level is more like your power level. But level isn't really your power level, it's how much your grimoire has leveled up. If you don't deploy your Grimoire much then it doesn't level up much.
    3. There's Monster levels. There's also monster intelligence and humanity and ranks and stuff.
    4. Items also have levels
  4. There's no big reason for him to be a reincarnator. I guess it makes the writing easier and gives a different start off point. But he never uses modern knowledge, never talks about going back or his life back then, and it doesn't really affect him.
  5. Still hasn't laid hands on his monster girls yet. It's a lot of teasing since he decides early on he will only contract girl beasts that can become pretty girls one day.
  6. MC gains different skills, i.e. puppet skills, rune skills, and whatever. But he keeps picking up super powers that are all rare and most people don't even have one of these, but they all mean the same thing
    • Innate Invisible Sword Chi - It means huge attack power.
    • Super Power 2 - huge attack power. This one can also be used to refine things.
    • Super Power 3 - huge attack power. He can throw this one?
    • Super Power 4 - huge attack power. This one has a large charge time.
    • Forget it. MC specializes in huge attack power, ok. Let his monsters gradually pick up different kinds of skills. His monsters can learn to change terrain or change shape or whatever.
Things that are more about taste:

  1. It's actually even to or slightly less than 50% monsters. That is, most of the time Yue Yang just handles the majority of it himself and the monsters are backup.
  2. MC goes the whole story liking to be underestimated.
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Renjisea rated it
November 3, 2017
Status: --
I dropped novel completely when the MC just went and killed the 9 head dragon families and looted their baby without any reasons while usually claiming that he wants to protect his aunt in a sense of family which sound completely faked, as he keeps killing completed innocent conscious beings and destroying their families. It is the worst MC out of all Chinese novels, I have read. A completed hypocrite that way worse than any bad/anti protagonist/killing protagonist character I have even known of. If MGA MC was 100, this... more>> MC would be -1000.

The MC of this story got no valued whatsoever. <<less
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berdy rated it
October 6, 2015
Status: --
Main Character is a jerk in an uninteresting way. Stopped reading.
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RarestProGamer rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c212
Someone please tell me does this Novel really gets any better? I somehow managed to read more than 200 chapters yet the story so far is just bloated with side quests after side quests with non-stop mundane action that never ends, the plot always seems to be revolves around just battles for e.g MC needs to go to a place to get her sister back but instead of sticking to the main plot author first forces MC to make friends along the way, capture beasts, fight beasts, fight unnecessary enemies,... more>> meets a potential harem member, goes through series of trails in some tower while protecting his friends and then finally reaches his main destiny but only to end up not finding her sister, then finds some more baddies who are jealous of his beasts then randomly finds his sister who is about to be killed by the baddies then MC kills those baddies then there is just half a chapter for breather and then MC again goes on his quest to find some legendary items to make him and his sister stronger and THEN (You thought it finally ended, heh) MC returns home only to find his clan members are bullying his step-mother, after that he fights his way through the main clan building which lasts FOREVER you would think something as simple as going to the main clan house would take a chapter or so but god no.

-And the pattern just repeats, MC joins the school only to get a side quest by some teacher if he returns with an item she wants she would give MC an item that would make him stronger but that gets further and further delayed after MC finds ANOTHER person who ALSO gives him a side quest to find an item so that she can train him when he reaches 6th floor of tiang tower WHICH also gets delayed because of some random bullshit.

:And it is just endless cycle of boredom and monotony. The fights and battle aren't even that interesting in the first place as Author drags it for way too long plus it looks like Author can't seem to decide whether to make this a pokemon novel or strictly cultivation novel as at this point of the story MC is so absurdly strong due to lady luck whoring around him that he pretty much doesn't needs his beast as he seems to carry his battle on his own only except when someone is dying does he uses his beast!

Conclusion:- My main beef with this novel is at a certain point it's nothing but fights and we're not given any time to take in the world or relationships between characters, all the harem members are basically tsundere 101 that further drags the plot! <<less
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warfox02 rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: c553
I don't know why people flaming on Yue Yang (MC), he's a pervert alright, but his antics is quite funny. He is a cunning man. To his enemies he is to be feared but he is gentle towards his family. Those who rate this as 2star/1star but only read 100 chapters.. pffttt... Judging the book by its cover eh?

Overall this WN is good. I'll answer the critism of others.
  1. The MC is a huge perv.. Yeah he is, but to the girls he like, he created a connection between them, there are many beauties in the novel but not all of them were hit on by the MC
  2. The girls all fell in love with the super perv MC.. well they experienced life and death situation with him, he accelerated their cultivation and guide them properly.
  3. MC has too many enemies aiming at his throat.. of course duh.. you're at the world where strong eats weak.. imagine being strong then hearing news about a sprouting genius.. of course you'll dispose him before he become stronger than you.. and most of his enemies came from his parents (the real Yue Yang's)
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VvvV1225 rated it
July 27, 2018
Status: c425
It started quite well, but it turned quite bad after few hundreds chapters. For the following reason (from my pov)

The first reason: The slow pace is a killer for me, not that I mind fillers, however the way fillers are done will drive you nuts. As they are written withing the plot advancement, too many empty paragraphs in chapters.

The second reason is: The MC has way too many enemies, scheming against him all the time, while the MC's allies are useless.

The third reason and the most important one: I... more>> feel like this novel is a nest for retarded people. The author doesn't care about the character development nor about the plot, he will just bend the event in a way that will require more chapters (plot hole), regardless if the decision are stupid or not, which affect the overall IQ and EQ of the characters. <<less
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August 6, 2017
Status: c484
This series cracks me up. It's a very interesting story about being stuck in another world, with a unique power-up system not seen in most novels. The TL does a good job of making the jokes count and the fights interesting.
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