Lolibaba -Enjoying the Daily Life of a Mercenary From the Age of Six-


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In the last battle between the Rowen kingdom and the Doubah alliance, the mad queen of the mercenary nation of Morian, Belladonna has perished.

The battle between the two powerhouses had thrown the world into chaos; countries crumbled down, people starved and rebellions started to occur. Bandits started to become commonly seen and demonic beasts could freely ravage villagers to their desire with the declined military power.

That was when mercenaries started to become an important existence to the world.

Our story begins at the little town of Yark. A young little girl brought dozens of heads of wanted criminals to the mercenary association, causing uproar. This was the beginning of her journey.

Her name was Bela Heiroh, a six years old little girl destined to fight in countless battles. Earning money from bounty and wars and buying s*aves with it, she started building her mercenary group anew. As her name spread through the world, she dyed everywhere she passed through with blood.

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Lolibaba´s Robot -Enjoying the daily life of a mercenary from the age of six-
ロリババアロボ ー 6歳からの楽しい傭兵生活 ー
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brawl113 rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c6
Great story, fairly generic as far as the whole "Person dies and becomes a younger person and lives their life." thing goes. Very similar to Katahane No Riku in many ways, 10/10 would keep reading this novel. Still, it's a very interesting story and the MC is OP from the beginning. I love stories like this one.
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slay_mithos rated it
July 22, 2016
Status: c11
The style and story telling is weird, but not "tr*sh" kind of weird, just unlike the usual.
It's not making it too hard to understand, but it will take you a few chapters to get used to it.

The translation is fairly good too, I wasn't stopped at every phrase by grammatical errors, heavy misspelling or incorrect words, but there are a few lines that cut right in the middle without the rest of the phrase anywhere (just a few cases, I think I saw 2 or 3 of those in... more>> the 11 chapters).

Also, it seems like there is a chapter missing between 10 and 11, because 10 ends with the appearance of multiple enemies, while 11 starts with the whole battle over and the protagonist cleaning up and mentioning things about the previously mentioned enemies being dead.

The story itself follows the usual tropes, reincarnated person (in the same world this time) becoming really powerful from childhood (the main character is 6 years old and is fighting like a high rank expert already), you more or less know if someone will have any significance pretty much as soon as they are introduced and so on.

(spoiler from the chapter 0)

On the plus side, the overpowered nature is not from a gamy element or a godly artifact, but from extremely high battle experience in the same world in her previous life.


Despite this sounding like a generic and boring novel, and suffering from many of the problems those have (lackluster descriptions, fairly shallow characters), the story is delivered at a nice pace, and for once we have a genuine murderous main character that doesn't hide behind "they were mean to me, that's why I am right in killing this whole clan".
It is a plus that she doesn't seem completely crazy too.

Anyway, it's definitely not perfect, but the story so far is interesting and I can't wait for the new chapters to come, so I'm giving it 4 stars for being above average. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 2, 2016
Status: c22
GIANT ROBOTS. Well, maybe medium-large sized robots. I think you could probably fit most of them onto a truck trailer if they crouch. Still MAGIC ROBOTS! Even the generic dwarves and elves get spiced up since they can summon racial MAGIC ROBOTS. And a delightful jerk that pilots them! Watch a little girl pilot the little girl equivalent of a robot and murder everyone while going "HYAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Also, it is refreshing that the reincarnation is happening in setting, rather than having some earthling go to magic robot world and have him... more>> stumble his way around. Nope. Little girl is more than familiar with what she is doing. She doesn't need any cheats (well, other than reincarnation, I suppose), she just takes the small weak robot and owns you like a soul level 1 run dark souls player using a broken sword that just chain ripostes you all day. It is also worth noting that this series has an upgrade system rather than a leveling system- murder other magic robots or giant monsters, and you get magic added to your robot's pool. Spend the magic to upgrade parts of your robot. Or you could just steal parts from other robots and have someone graft it on for you. Oddly, while having a big, high level robot may seem nice, it is also noted as troublesome, since old robots tend to get 'habits' in how they move, which can make it hard to use them the way you want to. <<less
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silvericemint rated it
August 30, 2016
Status: c22
It's a really good book. The language the MC (6 year old) is a bit foul. But she is a very likable character. It's a great novel.
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Potatos rated it
September 11, 2016
Status: --
Great novel, a lot like Katahane No Riku and I'm not going to say more because the other reviews have already said everything. I would like to comment though, that the author or at least the MC is homophobic. It's not a big part of the novel so I don't care that much, but y'all should watch out for that if you don't like homophobic people.
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