Living in the Last Days


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Before rebirth, Xia Man had been wondering, when did Qu Zhen begin to hate her?

Was it when she foolishly followed behind her and constantly talked while eating? Or when she would always clumsily break the gifts she was given? So she started hating her?

Did she think such a person was not worthy of being her friend at all? Doesn’t deserve the sunshine?

Right! Sunshine or whatever, it can only be her Qu Zhen!

Xia Man always felt that the friendship between the two was like Qu Zhen’s alms to herself, never equal.

Xia Man didn’t understand what Qu Zhen meant until she died.

“I thought I never missed it. Now I understand that I’ve never been right.”

Qu Zhen, in a sense, died by Xia Man’s hands, not from a zombie.

Qu Zhen, you could never have been right after doing something wrong. You should never fall in love with a person with a distorted personality.

After Xia Man was reborn, she only wanted one thing.

She wanted those who used her to hurt Qu Zhen to die rather than to live!

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Living in the Apocalypse
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katydid rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c1
I'm still at the first chapter, but so far it's well written with an interesting premise. Not sure why the reviews are so low!
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ivanlyw7 rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Fair warning:- The author rushed the story near the end as she got tired of the novel.

A story about MC with plant powers + space powers in a post apocalypse reincarnating back into the past and swears not to repeat the same mistakes and be a burden to ML..... then spends half of the time relying on ML for everything and never standing up for herself.

So since she's relying on ML for everything, you would think they would have normal conversations about the previous future right? No they don't. She... more>> just keeps everything silent.

Their relationship is awkward if anything, with both sides unconditionally loving but never opening up fully to one another. Despite the ML's unconditional love, which is never explained.

The plot is rushed the last few chapters and the author's scramble to complete the novel is apparent, throwing in plot points just to 'clear up' the premise for her reincarnation, which in itself makes no sense:


A dragon reincarnates her because the saviour of the world is someone close to her. Then for some reason becomes a kid and stays by her side behaving like one and literally doing nothing else.

Surprise surprise, its the person who abused her in the previous life, who suddenly appears in the last 10 or so chapters, kidnaps her, blackmails her, frames her and forces her to break up with ML, then putting a double in her place. (???)

She then realises he has the protagonist halo, somehow suddenly deduces that some black crystal he gets is the cure for the zombie apocalypse, miraculously gets it from some random passerby on the roadside and saves the world.

Yea the story is really rushed.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sora-chi rated it
August 13, 2019
Status: c4

I've read this till the latest chapter. So far, pace for this novel are so-so. It was still building up the characters and backgrounds.

What I've read intrigued me how would this author continue the story; which direction would it go, given that the female lead really doted on the protagonist. And it's apocalypse world.

... more>> The translation for this one is quite acceptable. It's not too great but not too shabby either. There do grammar mistakes or that some sentences didn't fit in with the context. But, still readable.

Reckon this for those looking for yuri + apocalypse (zombies) genre. :) <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
natsuluv rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Ok. There are several reasons I rated this 5 stars. One is that I’m probably just desperate for yuri. I’m a lesbian and most of the novels on here are bl or het. It’s not bad and I enjoy both but as a lesbian I also like being able to relate to the characters. I read the first chapter that is translated and I enjoyed and wanted more so I went ahead and mtl-ed the rest. The first half is my sh*t liek I love the MC and FL. They’re... more>> so cute together and you know they’re also friends and it was so warm reading the interactions. Of course there’s also angst on the mc’s part for what happened in the past but I think it’s realistic like I would also react the same way if it were my fault my best friend died because of “misunderstandings” from my part. There are a couple of side female characters I love. There’s this one dude in love with the FL who was really annoying but I also found it relatable like the kind of guy I’ve encountered irl who knows you’re gay you’ve told him or you’re clearly in love with a woman and he’s still all like butthurt idk. Also like how the MC is t super op like she’s got her cheats but it comes with its own consequences until she levels more up ig. The things that really disappointed me but didn’t actually bum me out as much as it usually would have was :


um the ending was really frickin abrupt like I had to read it three times to even understand. And so much is left unexplained. I ended up imagining my own ending because I still loved the characters but I was sooo wtf. Like ok what happened to their adopted daughters!!! Don’t just tell me they made a great base f*ck off. And I loved that girl that google translated her name as flowers but then she really disappointed me how she ended up being the traitor and then had no repercussions or explanation. It’s like the author didn’t get into all this cause she got tired of this story and wanted to move on like oh well at least the main couple still officially got together and were so cute and in love like I’d still like to read an English translation of this *sobs* please someone. Also disappointed that the MC didn’t get her awesomeness acknowledged like they kept underestimating her But I know they did it so she wouldn’t be coveted or in danger sighs


The mtl version was more or less readable tho some chapters made me have to read them several times to get it. Tldr; this mostly got a 5/5 stars because I love this cp and their adopted daughters, and I’m a sucker for the survival zombie apocalypse some people get powers trope. <<less
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