Living in Another World by Commissioning 〜Healing Mage’s Relaxing and Fluffy Manpower Agency〜


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It is a story about a man who died of overworking as a corporate s*ave and was reborn in another world. However, he doesn’t want to work, so he buys s*aves and makes them work.

He heals cheap female s*aves with his healing magic cheat and makes them work as adventurers or laborers.

His dream is to spend his lazy days at his theater, which he built with his earnings, watching plays all day long.

Associated Names
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Isekai de Uwamae Hanete Ikiteiku: Saisei Mahotsukai No Yurufuwa Jinzai Haken Seikatsu
異世界で 上前はねて 生きていく (詠み人知らず) 〜再生魔法使いのゆるふわ人材派遣生活〜
異世界で 上前はねて 生きていく~再生魔法使いのゆるふわ人材派遣生活
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LTigh rated it
June 1, 2022
Status: c25
Yet ANOTHER one of those "yeah, it's a pretty promising premise, but an abortion of an execution" novels.

Started out about a tensei'd dude building his empire with some minor, ostensibly low-powered cheats (that get amplified due to his perspective as an Earthling from modern GLORIOUS NIPPON), but somewhere along the line it loses the plot and we find out the guy's a weird Theatre Otaku which begins his slide into social death and weird not-romance romances with Onee-sans which somehow make the story less "fluffy" than the author keeps insisting... more>> that the story is.

I felt brain cells dying after chapter 20 and I think I'm much dumber for having exposed my consciousness to this drivel.

I wound up reading this because I mistook the artist for the writer (artist was the one who did Sono Mono, Nochi Ni), and decided to take the chance. Yes, this was entirely my fault. Can't for the life of me figure out why the artist decided to grace this sub-par work, but then again, a paycheck's a paycheck. <<less
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February 22, 2023
Status: c108
1. Ok, first of all: it's NOT a s*ave harem novel. MC has one wife and never had plans to have concubines.

He buys disabled female s*aves because they're cheaper.

He heals them ... more>>

(sometimes from near death state, one of the first had most of her internal organs removed and was kept "alive" by magic)

, and has them work in various fields, giving them benefits better than most commoners have (bigger allowance, free days, equipment, right to marry who they want). Some get to semi-retire: while they're still under the s*avery contract due to a need to prevent company secrets from leaking out, they're treated as free people, with the right to have normal wages and live anywhere in the city.

MC doesn't have a messiah complex: he knows he's using them for profit, but due to his memories from his past life he also doesn't want anyone to have a miserable work-life balance and/or die from overwork like he did.

2. "Different Social Status" is a great tag. The world is extremely stratified.

As the translator puts it: "Great Nobles > Noble Family > Noble (Mage) >>>>>>>> Commoner (mage) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Commoner"

The mages are mostly nobles, and can literally do anything to commoners. If a noble were to kill a commoner "by mistake" and dirtied his clothes with their blood, the commoner's family would probably get billed for cleaning them. They also keep all knowledge of magic to themselves, lest the lessers learn something.

MC is an unusual commoner mage, who even gets into a magic academy, and he's despised for it by most of the old nobility. That's why despite his revolutionary discoveries he has to credit them to a noble, because if he had too many achievements he would risk being killed, or kidnapped and forced to work in some underground lab as a s*ave. Even when he marries a noble as "first generation" he's still considered a commoner. Luckily by that time he has allies, whom he made

by restoring the magic organ to veterans who burned it out, making them unable to use magic. Something that never reached the ears of the military before he met his future wife suffering from the same condition, since no one in the academy bothered to report that a dirty commoner can do it, while nobles, including his "rival" in healing, can't


3. The story is nothing to write home about. It's mostly MC discovering something or recreating it from his former life, starting a new business,

avoiding treason charges for developing his synthetic magic crystal factory

and flirting with his shotacon wife. Some chapters are devoted to his s*ave's lives, and those show the hidden brutality of the world and mundane reasons why they were ens*aved.

There's no real overarching plot, but it's a slice of life novel so that's expected.

I'd judge the novel as a 3.5/5. It's nothing special, but it reads easily. <<less
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Dizzcity rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: c36
This is a wonderful slice of life. Exactly what it says on the tin - a relaxing and fluffy manpower agency. Reminds me a lot of Kuma Kuma Kuma and Isekai Nonbiri Nouka. An OP protagonist who moves only for their own interests and wants a simple life, but inadvertently changes geopolitics.
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TeddyWestside rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c36
Another great pick by SHMtranslation. They always somehow pick the comfiest stories with interesting world building. The current translated chapters are still limited but I'm hooked with it. My only problem would be the time skips but in this case, time skips would be necessary although I wish it was fleshed out more.
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Kagefij rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: c27
This is an OP, fluffy, slice-of-live kind of story. Perhaps similar in genre to say, Kuma Kuma Bear.

So far there's no real overarching story. The story many times feels random and some characters which seemed important became just background characters quite quickly. It feels like many things brought up were not fully explored.

Nevertheless, it was quite an enjoyable read for me and thus I'm giving it four stars.
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GusSan rated it
June 1, 2022
Status: c25 part1
It's not a bad novel, I gave 3 stars because it's a very niche one that if is just aligned with your tastes, you will enjoy it and if not, doesn't have something special to say "wow".

We have a non combatant, non nobility protagonist with an s*ave female harem, with an over the top healing power which is not recognized except by a few.

He's also misinterpreted by near everyone and for now there is a bit of romance.

Is a good ride to pass time, but doesn't have anything special, nor... more>> the world nor the history or the characters. <<less
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September 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Not much to say here. MC is lazy, and kinda a tr*sh person. His internal thoughts are mostly self aggrandizing BS.

sure, he saves and heals s*aves, great, but that’s the extent of the plot here. He’s becomes exactly what he complains about, a lazy corporate head passing all work and effort over to others
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