Liu Li Loves Jun


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An Junyue, a modern-day cultivator who got thrust into another world when the time-space fabric ripped during a duel between his Shifu (master) and Shibo (master-elder uncle).

Liu Li, a thousand year old fox who wanders the world searching for his lost sister.

One is a handsome and elegant youth with a gentle appearance like that of jade, but whose personality is actually reserved and composed.

The other is a beautiful and seductive fox demon with a fiery temper that can bring down cities.

With no previous connection between them, their fates intertwine when they decide to raise a toddler together.

A corrupt monk, a fake Taoist, a carefree prince, a warm-hearted rabbit demon…. Every incident binds the two of them together, unable to unravel the thread.

How does the love-struck Liu Li ensnare the slow and unwary An Junyue?

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2 Reviews

Sep 29, 2020
Status: c13
I stopped reading at chapter 13


Trigger Warning...

... more>>

A r*pe tag should be added to this. The ML Liu Li pissed me off to no end. He used his demonic power to hypnotize and r*pe Jun who thought he was dreaming. He bullied a baby who they both adopted and considered their son because he was close to Jun, separated the baby from Jun using an excuse of having a caretaker to further his own selfish wishes. He acted jealous when Jun saved and attempted to heal a r*pe victim (omg the description of the poor bunny body after was horrific) and disrupted his even healing his injuries. I have no idea what this author was thinking however I find the fact that they chose to use jealousy over compassion or even pity in this situation did not advance the plot or even show character growth. It was simply distasteful and I instantly gave up. Had Liu Lu character been less jealous and annoying, I would have enjoyed this story as the plot is not a bad one. I truly fine Liu Li to be a detestable character and do not recommend this story at all

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Sep 19, 2020
Status: Completed
In my humble opinion, I think this novel is so refreshing and so addicting! Maybe bc it catered to everything that I ever wanted to read in BL novel and more. The summary barely hints at all the sweet/hot scenes that leaves hearts in your eyes 😍. The translated chapters so far have not even covered anything but the first hint (chap 7) of the beginning of the main CP's love story. Guess who was the one who fell in love first? 😜 Just saying, that person's going to be... more>> infatuated with the other and that's how their love story got kicked off! (Jk, I'm oversimplifying it, you just have to read it)

1. A beautiful, BALANCED, 1000/10 relationship. No STEREOTYPES here. Like, why can't a top be gentle and elegant (just like the immortal cultivates in other novels that just so happen to be the bottom, but An Junyue is the top; so now do you see why I live this book?). Another ex. Would be kinda like that 2nd or 3rd male lead character level of gentle and caring in lots of novels) But way better bc he's like that to others too, not just including Liu Li. That's why he is so unique. And why can't I find a novel where the bottom is the more initiating/passionate/dominating side of the relationship (Liu Li proves that bottoms can also be a little bit charmingly tyrannical when it comes to his love love story 😏 you'll love it) Don't get me wrong tho, An Junyue is just, not as showy as Liu Li when showing his love in comparison to Liu Li (aka he doesnt normally act bedroom matters, hint hint (I actually mean kissing and getting handsy, which would've lead to more but Junyue would stop him) in front of others.

2. The relationship between the Liu Li and An Junyue is so full of that molton love that isn't so imbalanced between the top and bottom. Lots of BL novels make me cringe bc of the overused tropes: weak/innocent/beauty that makes people want to possess them/the charming that makes the top wanna dominate them/OPness of the top/gradually over-dependency of some level on the top (one of the worst would be the bottom didn't have a say, but the top stealthily stepped in without consultation) Communication and healthy love are the way to go, people! You'll see it a lot in this novel!

3. Great and complex relationships between main and side characters (I wish I can spoil, if I hadn't already) but yeah, it's definitely there if you can MTL it sinc translations are not there yet.

4. I've saved the best for last! To be honest, I've always wanted

to see An Junyue be ****** during my read and, there was a big surprise at the very end of the novel: two extras that fulfilled my dream!

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