Little White Lotus’ Record of Courting Disaster


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Bai Youyou, bound by the little white lotus system, has always been very sincere to do the task, but one day Bai Youyou found that the female lead actually wants to bring her down. ———— Bai Youyou: Crying

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5 Reviews

Feb 19, 2021
Status: Completed
So this story is one of opposites attract, except to an extreme level of good vs bad.

It's basically the personification of good and innocence turned human (MC) x a being that devours evil to grow stronger/survive (FL). All of the FLs we meet are just copies of the original FL who is bound to one place by the main system.


In response to another review where they didn't go past the 4th world, there's 10 worlds in total and the inklings of what's actually going on doesn't get revealed until the 6th world. Can't say it's "romanticization" of abuse and obsession since the FL is not even human and she's clearly a bastard, along with how the setting is extreme enough where you can be completely disconnected from the real world. One being the identities of the MC and FL and the other being the clearly exaggerated plot of each world that can't be emulated in real life.

With that aside, the best part about this story is how big of a dichotomy between how the FL acts before and after she falls in love. She's clearly a bastard who's a thorough villain, but can't help but be gentle to the MC. Disclaimer that it's a process before that happens since she still has to fall in love with the MC first. Before then she's definitely borderline yandere with sociopathic tendencies.

The worlds are also interesting and have the full course of interstellar, xianxia, entertainment circle, campus life, battle royale, ancient China, and supernatural. There's also some connections between worldlines that keep the story interesting, for example a latter world might be a sequel to a previous world but focused on different people. One especially made me go "WTF? She used to be WHO?" Tbh this applies to one other world but I think the first instance was the most mind-blowing.

The personalities of the two leads are also really entertaining to read. The FL is an out and out Big Bad Boss, while the MC is the complete opposite. I ended up not being annoyed much by the MC since her identity makes sense to me with how she's portrayed. She's basically like a kitten you want to look after.

This isn't a story you want to model your relationship after, but it's extremely entertaining to read. It also becomes really sweet in the later half once things get settled.
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Feb 13, 2021
Status: --
One of those novels that romanticize abuse and obsession. Couldn't get past the 4th arc. Maybe there's a reason the FLs are like that but I couldn't stomach reading it anymore so I wouldn't know. MC is pretty useless and FLs are all blackened to an extreme level.
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Jul 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was a really pleasant surprise and made me very excited to read through. I think I can describe it as my guilty pleasure, I know the FL is blackened and evil, but she loves MC very much and would go all the extra miles for her.

As a transmigration novel it never felt boring, but rather refreshing. Each world was different from the other worlds, except for a few overlapping themes and settings. We get to see so many different settings, from school romance to xianxia, historical, battle royal,... more>> "overbearing president", scifi, entertainment industry or even a ghost story. As you can see: very diverse. While having 170 chapters (and two extras), no chapter or world felt too long, also because the chapter length was rather short.

MC is very naive, but also good-hearted and pure, which is a contrast to the FL who can be very possessive and cruel. However this contrast is what makes the two opposites attract each other and this couple dynamic intriguing. To my surprise MC never felt annoying and I liked how the author made her

being autistic even though I'm not sure if it's a true representation. I've barely read any stories with autism but it was a good change of pace.


What I can emphasize is that this is fiction and not reality. Yes, there's some abuse and if you don't like to read about it at all, stay away from this novel. Otherwise just don't think too deeply and enjoy our two gay disasters finding each other again, no matter in what world they are, and show their deep affection to the world.

Also I started to read the author's other works because I like yuri novels with a "bad" FL and because I liked this novel so much. <<less
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Jul 25, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is good if you don’t expect sweet and sugar, that is. If you take note of the main characters background that has a big influence on the plot and is okay with it, this is good stuff 👌🏻

To begin with, I’ll try to « counter » previous reviews on different sites.

Yes, Bai Youyou is innocent and naive to the extreme, and rely A LOT on her brother and his teaching.

BUT keep in mind that Youyou is autistic, she was cast aside from her entire family because of her... more>> disability, and only her brother Bai Qu took care of her, taught her how to speak, the meaning of every feelings she felt, how to react under common situations, but she still has cognitive impairment and cannot react like we do. She is indeed simple minded because she cannot understand implied meanings and believe people easily, and she ends up crying because she’s overwhelmed when she doesn’t know how to react to situations Bai Qu didn’t teach her.

You have to take this side of Youyou before reading so don’t complain about how naive and easily deceived she is, and how much she depends on her brother since he’s always been the only one understanding her.

Now to the Female Lead.

Firstly, while every world is featuring a different female lead, like in many quick transmigration stories the soul is the same so the essence of all female leads is similar.

The female lead is a complete yandere, psychopath, possessive and obsessed to the extreme, and a twisted woman who has only one person in her mind, Youyou.

Like, the entire world can burn if it allows Youyou to be hers.

Heck, she even thought about killing Youyou so she cannot belong to anyone else 💀

When you know this about Female Lead, and still decides to read, you cannot complain about her actions, this is how the author wants her character to be and act, you can’t expect her to be an innocent little sheep after meeting Youyou or anything.

Hang on the first 5 worlds, because we finally learn what’s going on in the 6th, Shura City.

Then all the behaviours of Female Lead will make much more sense and you will even start to empathise with her, despite her previous actions.


Female Lead is called Wuyou, and every female leads are copies of her she made to be close to Youyou since she cannot leave Shura City. She is a being that was created by the accumulation of all the bad thoughts and intentions of everyone in the world, she feeds one them so of course she is tainted with evil and everyone avoids her. But one day thousands of years ago, she met Youyou’s first life, who was basically the incarnation of good, so she were her natural opponent of course. However, she fell for her HARD, and so when she died, she split her soul to accompany her through all her lives, so Youyou will never be alone like in her first life.
That is love as it’s finest.

Though as a being of pure evil, love is expressed by possession and obsession, like she admits herself.

And it’s sad how she wishes her main body could be with Youyou instead of copies without memories, but she cannot leave Shura City unless her soul is completely stable and she doesn’t need to feed on bad thoughts anymore, which happens in the last chapter, and you cannot help but be happy for her because girl tried really hard to convince herself that it’s okay, her copies are still her, even if she cannot experience it first hand at least Youyou won’t fall for other souls, but she’s still sad 😭


Once you take everything into account, the story is actually quite good, the characters are consistent, Youyou is very cute and endearing, so that even psycho women like the female leads can’t help falling in love with her ☺️

I only put 4 stars because I felt like the end was too abrupt, a few more chapters back to the real world would be better to have the full understanding of their current lives. <<less
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Mar 16, 2022
Status: c28
I went into this thinking it's like "The Vicious Supporting Female Character And The White Lotus Female Lead" but yeah... it was pretty disappointing for me.

... more>>

the MC doesn't change names but the FL uses different names and has different personalities in each world though she's toxic in all of em, which I don't really mind since this is very exaggerated, and not meant to be taken literally. And I admit it's my kind of entertainment, but the FL being different in every world turns me off a lot... (though someone said that the FL is just copies of the original but the personality is pretty different and they use different names)

The MC is entertaining, though her obsession with her... brother? Is really concerning. Which is also a turn off. Like, she will compare any person to her brother, thinks of her brother in every goddamn chapter, though saying it's because she's sheltered can be a valid reason, it's still weird to read.

And every single being who comes in contact with MC and suddenly falling in love with MC is a bit... bland. Though it really matches the "white lotus" stereotype, I personally think Nie Zhen'er from the title mentioned above is a really good example.


I went into this with very high expectations but multiple stuff turns me off from it so I have to rate this a bit low. Reading the first world is enough for me. <<less
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