Little Girl x Scoop x Evil Eye


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Due to a particular incident, High school student -Sumihara Tsuguto- ended his life with hatred and regret.

He was supposed to die but when he awoke to his senses, he found himself in a mysterious cave.

The lack of modern civilization. A mountain range that looked like thorns piercing the sky.

A place clearly different from Earth, An encounter with a little girl, Becoming aware of a strange energy dwelling in his eyes. Now starts Tsuguto story–This is a different world adventure woven by a boy with a bad look and a little girl holding a shovel.

Associated Names
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Scoop Scooper Scoopest with Maganou
Youjo to Scoop to Maganou
スコップ・スコッパー・スコッペスト with魔眼王 (WN)
幼女とスコップと魔眼王 (LN)
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Date Group Release
10/25/21 IIRX101 v2c18
10/16/21 IIRX101 v2c17
10/14/21 IIRX101 v2c16
10/03/21 IIRX101 v2c15
09/30/21 IIRX101 v2c14
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08/13/21 IIRX101 v2c12
08/02/21 IIRX101 v2c11
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06/18/21 IIRX101 v2c8
06/13/21 IIRX101 v2c7
06/04/21 IIRX101 v2c6
05/26/21 IIRX101 v2c5
05/16/21 IIRX101 v2c4
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Alchyr rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: v1c19
Not much so far, the intro is very slow as it introduces the world, but it shows some promise. It'll probably be quite a while before the story actually gets anywhere.

As of now - pretty average
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LexingtonThe3rd rated it
September 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I must say, this series is most definitely better as a manga because the authors style of writing us confusing.

And I can read tr*sh of the counts family and even that makes sense after getting used to it but this?

After reading all current chs I still barely make out what they're saying.

... more>> Sadly this seems to have been abandoned by the author (Unless the information is outta date) but has thankfully been picked up in manga form

But Given how slow releases are it seems itll take yrs before it finishes, especially if they expand the world view and what not, otherwise it may stay as a tight nit story barely breaking the triple digit ch mark or just staying in the double digits

But its definitely something to keep an eye on, MC is badass enough and throw in a lil sheep loli that's as adorable as can he and im game for whatever goes down, save for how absolutely ignorant the heroine is, I know she's 9 but have some awareness for christ sake <<less
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