Limitless Dream


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Arthur was the ruler of a world where he possessed everything.

The king dreamed of becoming a slave.

In the dream, he became a shabby and insignificant laborer named Han Seo Jin.

He worked nonstop in a factor, like a machine.

After waking up from the long dream, the king fell into a state of confusion.

Was he a slave dreaming about being a king?

Or was he a king dreaming about being a slave?

Which one was the dream? Which one was the reality?

「Your majesty. Everything within the dream is a lie. Please do not forget about this.」

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리미트리스 드림
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07/14/19 Bum Translations v2c1
07/06/19 Bum Translations v1c6
06/30/19 Bum Translations v1c5
06/26/19 Bum Translations v1c4
06/24/19 Bum Translations v1c3
06/17/19 Bum Translations v1c2
06/17/19 Bum Translations v1c1
01/28/17 otterspacetranslation c15
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12/21/16 otterspacetranslation c8
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knifeandko rated it
December 20, 2016
Status: c7
This is a decent novel about a king, who was cursed to dream about being a modern korean, who works on a factory. The king remembers his dream, but the Korean guy doesn't know about the king. And if he dies in a dream, then it's final death of the soul for him. Oh, and the "modern" protagonist has cancer.

The plot is interesting so far, translation is good. The tone of the story is somewhat dark, however it's not without hope. I can't say that it's a masterpiece, but it... more>> deserves to at least try it. <<less
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