Like Me A Little Longer


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Shou is that kind of softie, liking to cry and act coquettish with the Gong, even liking the Gong’s little foolishness.
Gong is responsible for spoiling, coaxing, teasing and bullying him.

– Can you like me a little longer?
– I will always like you.

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3 Reviews

New BlTransmigra
Dec 05, 2023
Status: Completed
It's short, it's cute, it's nice, it's smutty, good short read that can always be re-readen before bed


our shou is kind of an introvert that open ups for those close to him, and gong only smiles for him and encourages him to not deny himself

I bet that if this story was made longer there would surely be many bittersweet moments before they get toghether

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New Butter fiend
Nov 28, 2023
Status: Completed
5/5 stars. This is such a sweet story and does such a good job of detailing the progression of the relationship over time.

There's no fanfare, little drama, just a slice of life of two people who love each other.

There are several explicit scenes in chapters 9-12, but if you're not interested, the end of chapter 8 feels like a natural resolution to the story and the remaining chapters are mostly just physical with a tiny storyline woven in.
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Apr 08, 2023
Status: Completed
Sweet and mellow love story at first and then there was a lot of sweaty "exercise". There's barely any angst and no love rivals so it makes it an easy read

The smut is descriptive but KnoxT website does warn ahead of time in the chapters that have it.

Shou, Yu Jia Xing, met and was protected by Gong, Jing Fu Yuan, in high school. YJX liked JFY since their senior year. JFY liked YJX their first year of university. JFY is the one who makes the first move in changing their relationship from friends to lovers. Decisive gong! Yay!

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