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“When Song Xi heard that people around her described Qiao Zhisheng as someone who was tyrannical, domineering, and wicked, she thought calmly, “Oh, that’s my husband.”

When Qiao Zhisheng heard that people around him described Song Xi as an angel in white and the best doctor who was kindhearted, he thought calmly, “That’s definitely not my wife.”

As the saying went, “”when two foxes fight, the wise one wins; when two wolves fight, the cruel one wins. When a couple fights…whoever gets out of bed first wins.”””

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Farika rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: c386
So far this novel is good and really slow burning romance. Sometimes I just wanna skip those chapters. At this chapter they only just made friend with on off relationship, all the times because misunderstanding.

The ML literally you call cold ML. He really seldom to speak, his face always indifferent.

No major conflict appeared because, MC could always solved it with talking to ML.

... more>> Edit at 1011 :

At chapter 400, finally they together ~

And why this novel so long although the conflict not so much complicated ?? Because we have like 3 or 4 side couples that has dialogue about their stories. (From they meet until dating)

Finally I'm skipping chapters.. <<less
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