Life With A Sister


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Before he realized it, he was in a different world.

A former Japanese office worker woke up in the body of a baby.

It seems he’d been reincarnated in a different world…

Although he was born into a noble family, his mother was a concubine, so his official status was that of a commoner.

To such an individual, there was one person he wants to protect.

She was his younger sister from the same mother.

And his sister seems dead-set on never letting him go…?

The life of a reincarnated and his beloved sister begins.

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TheYellowFlash rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: c4
I'm reading the raws of this novel (chapter 547). And in one sentence... it's AMAZING!!! It has so many sweet and heartworming scenes in addition to the depth that the story has.

Things to note:

    • The story has some sad scenes but it's by no means tragic.
    • The MC is not extremely OP (he's quite strong though) but his power is so unique and useful.
    • He's not antihero but he values his family above others.
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fear80 rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c547
First 30-40 chapters are great.

It was interesting enough for me to read the raws MTL.

Almost 600 chapters in, MC and sister are still below 8 year olds. The plot points which were interesting to me like the interactions with the princess & the main house are still in the beginning stage. Only one that's resolved is the magician exams arc but that also happened across 400 chapters.

... more>> Most of the time is spent on filler arcs.

These filler arcs have sub plots - go to X region and resolve something. There is character development but novelty quickly dies down because of the age.

This novel is a TRUE slice of life in a sense if you're into that but again character interaction would have been more interesting if the MC's were a bit older after 150 or so characters. <<less
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zekagu0 rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c260
one of those web novel the push the age limitation of how kids works, I will not buy it already if the kids are at least 8 years old but from age 2 - 5 years old with multiple kids acting like teenagers is just plain s*upid. The premise of little sister is already annoying and the author just written the sister just plain annoying and basically her job is to cry if the MC is out of her sight with no individual characteristic and you know its bad when... more>> all the kids and way too mature at age 4 and have some bs going around on them for motivation. This kind of things are okay at the start of the novel but if the author want to write the whole novel at age of 6 then write the characters more age appropriate cuz writing harem on a middle age man with toddlers is beyond creepy already. At least the world building is enjoyable so 3 stars for that. <<less
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BigDaddyWaluigi rated it
May 18, 2021
Status: c36
This novel is so f*cking boring that I would be more entertained if I read Amy Schumer autobiography and at the end I would probably just bleach my brain.

The story progresses as fast a god damn snail (I'm not saying that the updates are slow I'm saying that the plot line moves so slow), Phe's interaction with Al is the same sh*t everytime it practically gets annoying at some parts.

Yes, I see that it has a slice of life genre I am fully aware. However its 90% Life and 5%... more>> Story and 5% Phe being attached to Al like a f*cking barnacle on the side of a ship.


Would not recommend <<less
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Lady Mew
Lady Mew rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: c21
I snapped, I couldn't take the little sister anymore. I understand that she is a child but MC is a child too. They spend every moment together is too much. The only time MC is alone is when he goes to the bathroom. I can't stand an MC that can't set at least one boundary and the mother is spending her days reading romance novels instead of raising her children. Most of the store is like 90% about MC interaction with his sister. There is magic but you don't even... more>> get to know how magic works with the MC. I'm okay with a slice of life but this one isn't for you if you can't tolerate reading about a MC that basically has no time to be by himself. If he talks to anyone his sister interrupts and being away from her for even a short time she acts like it's the end of the world. <<less
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pandamonius rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: c30
While I've enjoyed reading this so far, it does constantly irritate me in one aspect. The author has obviously never been around children and has no clue how 2, 3, 5, and 8 year-olds think. I'm not talking about reincarnators either... those have an excuse. Instead, he takes a 2 year old and writes her as if she were 15 and overwhelmed by raging hormones. He takes 5 year-olds and writes them having conversations that no 5 year-old could possibly follow (again... not talking about the reincarnator). This is one... more>> thing that almost every LN/WN that involves children does very poorly in, but this series is probably the worst I've read so far in this one aspect. I get that you want the MC to be a kid, and that you have no way to push dialog forward without giving him people he can talk to on the same level, but it's beyond absurd unless you want to pretend every child in that world is born with an IQ over 200. Putting dialog aside, it's morbidly disturbing to read about a three year old basically writhing in throes of passion when her 5 year old brother kisses her cheek.

Honestly, this series would have been a LOT better if it had jumped to their teenage years after the first few chapters.

If you ignore the fact that the author has never seen a kindergartener before, the story is entertaining and quite enjoyable. <<less
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Shellman rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: c8
MC's sis changed the limits of how annoying a character can be. I couldn't even start pay attention to the story anymore. Have no idea how anyone can actually read this shit. I'm out.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
diegolsp rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c37
This novel has such short chapters and it goes so slow that I forget what happened in the last chapter for when the next one comes out.
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Oblos rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: c135
Translator did their best but the story is just boring.

Biggest thing, as mentioned by others, is that they are all still like... 5 years old and we are around 20% into the series as a whole. At this rate, the author isn't going to get to even a basic high school romcom til 4 digit chapters.

I think its just okay after that. It was a bit bland but had its charm, the setups for yandere (s) were there but with 0 timeskips you really stop giving a sh*t about every... more>> individual task and detail the MC got up to. I think maybe 70 chapters could bave been sawed off with "I worked at the forge until the next exam" or "While practicing my craft, I sold X and Y thing to the merchant firm" with nothing of value being lost (despite how much I like the smithing scenes). Most slice of life reincarnations tend to meander or sprint, and this one is firmly meandering at an average pace some would blush at.

Overall, this is not an awful series, but it sure challenges your attention span. Might be something to check in on sometime later. <<less
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animefan61082 rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: --
I like the story and all that, waifu are good. But what's I hate the most it the MC, he has the power to kill pretty much all the human, he can even kill the old man who he hate. Like literally he has the power to do what ever the f*ck he wants, and yet he doesn't. This is what I hate the most like kill him or leave that place and move on how hard is it author literally.

[Update] and maybe spoiled warning.

Im at chapter 625 in... more>> raw. I quit, it annoying, the MC is super annoying he doesn't want to do stuff but yet he still does it. He also know that he can beat anyone but yet he doesn't do it. I hate this type of character. Like bruh can you do something. Like author do something. Also like he could've still kill the old man, like literally the MC want to protect his family, want to do something for them and many more, ECT. He doesn't do it. He does but I don't see him leaving the house, I don't see him do something about it. Like I feel bad for the ice or snow spirit mei. Like bruh if you don't the same mistake do some about it. Overall I quit, I might just read it fast to finish it and do something else. Like I pretty much scroll and look at the words and move on. It got boring and annoying.

Also the sister is not annoying, well A little bit. But not much. If you have a baby sister of 5 or less year old they too are annoying in real life. So idk why many hate her. <<less
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Dobber1k rated it
December 14, 2022
Status: c82
... a lot. Do I like the premise? Sure. It's wholesome. The MC is showered with love, discluded by some. It's really slow. Reaaaaaaly slow. Every female the MC meets holds some sort of affection it seems. Well 7-10. Characters are rarely introduced. And they either love or hate him. It seems every male has a favorable opinion of him, and he's special. Just ask his sister. There's really not a lot of character growth to be told, and it's portrayed as he is always growing but chapter wise there's... more>> only really a few where he grows and learns. As of this point he has moved up 3 times in testing and his life is "always" progressing toward his goal.


the writing sometimes is super confusing. "My sister is sister is complaining about me holding character A's hand. So I hold my sister and (have a 35 sentence internal dialogue) I really shouldn't do it, and I blah blah blah with character a while thinking about my sister"... then 3 seconds later he's holding character A's hand while holding his sister and now she isn't mad about it. Stuff like that happens constantly. He says I must be stronger constantly always talking about supporting his family and protecting them but makes minimal strides towards it at least thru what's written. What does happen must be going on in the back ground. He needs money to do all this but only to this point has made 2 items. Which we don't even know the goal amount. Or how much he has actually made. After learning this "root of all magic" the 4 elements you really don't get updates anymore. 20 chapters ago he was supposed to start learning swords and martial arts but it still hasn't shown except for strength training. You never get a read on his power limit. Only that it's larger than normal. 80 chapters and we don't know why his teacher wants to teach him. Why his mother and her are friends in the first place. Why his step mother "really" hates them. Never met the step sister only her name.

I mean let's be honest. There's so much filler of internal dialogues and his sister saying the same thing over and over that we haven't gained anything really. Don't get me wrong I Do like this story, but it's if you cut the sister babble. The internal dialogue which includes the repeat information this story would be about 15 chapters at this point. I don't dislike dialogue like this,

but we have so many mystery's that to this point and they still havnt been solved. Really none.

we don't understand emblems. The 4th princess. Money. His father. His family. His love interest. Able (except like the bare min.). Mana amounts. Magical tools. The degrees of (all) ranking. Spirits. The gods. His origins (they are so mysterious. His sister, her feelings, why they all seem super young, his mothers temperament, will his step mother really kill them? Who will be the actual yandere in this story or will they all be lol) So many mysteries.

is it written well? Yes I think so. Is it filled with useless junk? Yes I think so as well. Will I read it and enjoy it? Yes I will. I just wish there were about 50 chapters or progressing the story. He skipped from like 6mo. To 2 then to 5. I want leads to the mysteries and background info. The story is interesting and I hope as it goes it'll slip in these things instead of taking a slice of life route never showing these things that make the story good.

also I wish that he wasn't so wishy washy he's constantly saying something, internally dialogueing something and then doing the opposite, Or like I mentioned earlier he will say something, and do something then within several sentences it's happening anyways.

im only giving 3 stars because the filler tbh. Otherwise it's 4 if it was filled and progressed and the characters would show their growth easily 5 stars. Also in the tags it says in*est, but fits wholesome at this point, and if it were I'm pretty sure it would take 400 chapters for him to become a teen and to it to progress to that point... unless she r*ped him. He shows a strong aversion and even in this world where it's fine he doesn't show more than a brotherly love for his sister. Or his mother in her loneliness where she developes feeling for her son honestly could be a thing. We only hear about the father he really doesn't show up in the story but about 2-3 times. And his visits even don't play a part in the story only that they happen and the kids never see it. Somehow even tho the mother is up her kids butts she some how has the opportunity to produce kids. Makes you wonder. Mystery? Minute man? Who knows.

the things that are definite are.

1. He loves his sister, and she loves him

2. He is heavily fixated on able's ears

3. His mother loves him and his sister to the moon.
4. His sister has a house high amount of magical power 5. able has a strong reason for being around the MC.

6. able is a transcendent being

7. they are technically commoners

8. MC makes every female blush.

the reason I bring this up? You will see it about 5 times a chapter without fail. And some of the only information that is shuffled around <<less
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RayREI rated it
April 1, 2022
Status: c21
I find this novel enjoyable so far. Though I do admit it is a slow novel with little action going on so if you're here for that I wouldn't recommend it.

The reason I won't give this a higher rating is ironically because of the sister. Despite the name of the novel, I can't help but think it would be better if he didn't have a sister. I mean sure with the yandere tag and the name of the novel I should've been ready for this. I don't mind clingy characters... more>> and I also don't mind yanderes... much. But this... this is way too much. Honestly the only reason I'm still reading this is because of the princess and Abel


Like, if I want to read creepy stuff I would've search for exactly that. I'm not here to see a slice of life with such a heavy yandere element. I mean I suppose she hasn't actually done anything too bad, but just imagining her growing up with that kind of mindset and possessing such high potential ability. Make me fear for the MC's future. Not to mention reading about a child not even a 5 years old yet having that kind of reaction to a kiss on the cheek and the MC sees nothing disturbing happening is disturbing in its own way. Especially since the MC is not a naive child but an adult that should've recognize the warning signs.

While I enjoy the story and the MC's relationship with the other characters, the nice feeling I had when reading it is somewhat ruined by the frequent mention of the sister's emotional dependence towards the MC because of him saving her life and basically connecting with her soul back when she was still in his mother's womb and him viewing that as something normal/cute and however unintentionally (because he doesn't want to see her cry) worsening that problem by encouraging that behavior


I can't help but wonder why the author chose this kind of sister. I mean life with a sister doesn't mean that you need to create a yandere sister right? If the author wants a clingy sister then they could make her clingy without giving them such a highly creepy element to the relationship.

Simply put, I would've enjoyed it more if they don't have such a twisted brother-sister relationship. A relationship that is better off be put on the beginning of a novel with a horror tag. <<less
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BobrykRori rated it
May 18, 2021
Status: c36
This story is very similar to Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu, but less interesting. How much Slice of Life in that plot? 90% and only 10% about another things...

It can be interesting, but now... I can`t see anything good in this story yet.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Boogle rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: c33
It's a COMPLETE Slice of Life novel, about a genius (due to having the mind of an adult) child (5 year old) having fun with his family. A brocon yandere younger sister, a doting young mom, a wise (thousand+ year old) loli elf.

It's a nice novel to read to pass the time. The world is actually interesting on the surface, just enough that it doesn't distract from the Slice of Life moments.

If this took place while he was already 12 at least, I would have given it a 5 star.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nightune rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c24
I actually come here to read a slice of life without cooking, planting, etc... as It's main focus. I don't about others but This novel pass as time waster for me. It's not good but also not bad enough as a Japanese isekai novel.

A tip for those who want to read this novel you must first read at least one novel where the main heroine (not the "part of the harem" heroine) is a yandere since the personality of the MC's sister is like a yandere-in-making since the things that... more>> she says are misunderstand by those who doesn't read yandere novels as annoying <<less
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